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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Medivh-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Imadanmdruid HaloMedivh-US2193Not updated
2Waifu HaloMedivh-US2129Not updated
3Koria HaloMedivh-US2111Not updated
4Adouken HaloMedivh-US2076Not updated
5Senpai HaloMedivh-US2070Not updated
6Sandara  Medivh-US2037Not updated
7Teagan Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US2026Not updated
8Devalsminion GravityMedivh-US2009Not updated
9Rasik HaloMedivh-US1971Not updated
10Kaizo GravityMedivh-US1969Not updated
11Jin  Medivh-US1960Not updated
12Decyde TrismegistusMedivh-US1950Not updated
13Titus DisturbiaMedivh-US1915Not updated
14Kaileigh Dark TrinityMedivh-US1880Not updated
15Adam HaloMedivh-US1865Not updated
16Kazecap Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US1852Not updated
17Jane Strength in HonourMedivh-US1786Not updated
18Isareth HaloMedivh-US1782Not updated
19Blayn Shattered FatesMedivh-US1776Not updated
20Krysy Dark TrinityMedivh-US1764Not updated
21Wipeebs HaloMedivh-US1725Not updated
22Penguinteeth Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US1656Not updated
23Battlecattle ChosenMedivh-US1563Not updated
24Chlores Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US1533Not updated
25Snugglestabs Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US1428Not updated
26Skullchopper DisturbiaMedivh-US1150Not updated
27Audres SinisterMedivh-US1149Not updated
28Valaren HaloMedivh-US1148Not updated
29Failtank HaloMedivh-US960Not updated
30Frizzlefry ChosenMedivh-US959Not updated
31Nevets Hand Of GodMedivh-US956Not updated
32Liek DisturbiaMedivh-US768Not updated
32Kograhmor ChosenMedivh-US768Not updated
32Execütie HaloMedivh-US768Not updated
32Shanro MotíonMedivh-US768Not updated
36Dátch HaloMedivh-US767Not updated
36Arkniz WeWillFailMedivh-US767Not updated
36Traaera HaloMedivh-US767Not updated
39Wahful Dark TrinityMedivh-US576Not updated
39Lindzy Primal MightMedivh-US576Not updated
39Meebzasaurus Messengers of DeathMedivh-US576Not updated
39Madsharks HaloMedivh-US576Not updated
39Beerbucket SinisterMedivh-US576Not updated
39Adams HaloMedivh-US576Not updated
39Patïent ChosenMedivh-US576Not updated
39Snipexx VeroMedivh-US576Not updated
39Shimzor ChosenMedivh-US576Not updated
39Shamboslice Shattered FatesMedivh-US576Not updated
49Oceantime ExilesMedivh-US575Not updated
50Blackheals Haunted SoulsMedivh-US384Not updated
50Tigor Strength in HonourMedivh-US384Not updated
50Stealthyx ChosenMedivh-US384Not updated
50Natum HaloMedivh-US384Not updated
50Shadowburn HaloMedivh-US384Not updated
50Pbjsamich DisturbiaMedivh-US384Not updated
50Tennelqt ChosenMedivh-US384Not updated
50Harumii DisturbiaMedivh-US384Not updated
50Peaarl VeroMedivh-US384Not updated
50Bricksmash DisturbiaMedivh-US384Not updated
50Snuppy  Medivh-US384Not updated
50Hatemonger ShanghaiedMedivh-US384Not updated
50Bloodbubblez Leaders of LoyaltyMedivh-US384Not updated
50Porksoda ChosenMedivh-US384Not updated
50Grizztime ExilesMedivh-US384Not updated
50Slôvak Shattered FatesMedivh-US384Not updated
66Shadowglade HaloMedivh-US192Not updated
66Nimeria FluxMedivh-US192Not updated
66Neýtiri Shattered FatesMedivh-US192Not updated
66Telshien Dark TrinityMedivh-US192Not updated
66Freiyr Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US192Not updated
66Kaydeethree Shattered FatesMedivh-US192Not updated
66Agalone ExilesMedivh-US192Not updated
66Moirasha Shattered FatesMedivh-US192Not updated
66Dinju Kind of a Big DealMedivh-US192Not updated
66Farora HaloMedivh-US192Not updated
66Forbid ChosenMedivh-US192Not updated
66Fleance Strength in HonourMedivh-US192Not updated
66Tarianmorgan DisturbiaMedivh-US192Not updated
66Maia End GameMedivh-US192Not updated
66Sudowudo HaloMedivh-US192Not updated
66Wulfed  Medivh-US192Not updated
66Imperius  Medivh-US192Not updated
66Kashmiir ChosenMedivh-US192Not updated
84Zannen Haunted SoulsMedivh-US0Not updated
84Tono Red DragonsMedivh-US0Not updated
84Shaeen ExilesMedivh-US0Not updated
84Ellisidle Shattered FatesMedivh-US0Not updated
84Geman DragonfireMedivh-US0Not updated
84Kurinah Shattered FatesMedivh-US0Not updated
84Molinator ChosenMedivh-US0Not updated
84Icca ExilesMedivh-US0Not updated
84Reddrake Haunted SoulsMedivh-US0Not updated
84Solaerys HaloMedivh-US0Not updated
84Zionus HaloMedivh-US0Not updated
84Cyfuri ImperiumMedivh-US0Not updated
84Korak Strength in HonourMedivh-US0Not updated
84Aedivhe Leaders of LoyaltyMedivh-US0Not updated
84Gelantria Shattered FatesMedivh-US0Not updated
84Daimyo Acid BurnMedivh-US0Not updated
84Zhuug Acid BurnMedivh-US0Not updated

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