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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mannoroth-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Vasku AchievementMannoroth-US2234Not updated
2Laxplr ReckoningMannoroth-US2207Not updated
3Tankat Warcraft AddictsMannoroth-US2193Not updated
4Lew Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2162Not updated
5Ghetlaf BDM IncMannoroth-US2156Not updated
6Constantine Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US2147Not updated
7Nexzy Stacked Like PancakesMannoroth-US2127Not updated
8Aastraa Savage FuryMannoroth-US2112Not updated
9Ævangelis BDM IncMannoroth-US2109Not updated
10Missionarie Dont Be Bads Be GladsMannoroth-US2108Not updated
10Ekkerz Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US2108Not updated
12Epicbeardman BDM IncMannoroth-US2101Not updated
13Thereckless Big Hits IncMannoroth-US2100Not updated
14Adwitiya Savage FuryMannoroth-US2092Not updated
15Schmoog  Mannoroth-US2091Not updated
16Aurorakitty Hello KittyMannoroth-US2086Not updated
17Duøtang Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US2084Not updated
18Akfórtyseven TnCMannoroth-US2071Not updated
19Strikér BDM IncMannoroth-US2069Not updated
20Rubmytotems Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2068Not updated
21Dropdk We Raid ArenasMannoroth-US2066Not updated
22Izah ReckoningMannoroth-US2061Not updated
22Satex Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2061Not updated
22Spitt Savage FuryMannoroth-US2061Not updated
22Alesel One Knight StandMannoroth-US2061Not updated
26Stull One Knight StandMannoroth-US2053Not updated
27Melisandrei One Knight StandMannoroth-US2047Not updated
28Rayes One Knight StandMannoroth-US2046Not updated
29Årya One Knight StandMannoroth-US2044Not updated
29Arixio AxiomcoreMannoroth-US2044Not updated
31Øßìwáñ BDM IncMannoroth-US2042Not updated
31Theldome Savage FuryMannoroth-US2042Not updated
33Jaärt BDM IncMannoroth-US2041Not updated
33Mavradon One Knight StandMannoroth-US2041Not updated
35Jashion We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2038Not updated
36Marggaery Whip It GoodMannoroth-US2037Not updated
37Galexiia One Knight StandMannoroth-US2034Not updated
38Vorst One Knight StandMannoroth-US2033Not updated
39Dazedwarrior Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US2029Not updated
40Lindsey ForesakenMannoroth-US2023Not updated
40Cryphoon  Mannoroth-US2023Not updated
42Freslos We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2020Not updated
43Doctapurp TnCMannoroth-US2018Not updated
43Owlcapone  Mannoroth-US2018Not updated
45Exzar Drunk TankMannoroth-US2013Not updated
45Hippodotamus AggroedMannoroth-US2013Not updated
45Endoriaxe Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US2013Not updated
48Jimminy We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2011Not updated
49Fireproofed Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2010Not updated
50Ghola ForesakenMannoroth-US2004Not updated
51Brodom We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2003Not updated
52Bigboomy One Knight StandMannoroth-US2002Not updated
53Sautéed One Knight StandMannoroth-US1995Not updated
54Styln ReckoningMannoroth-US1990Not updated
55Rhul Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US1988Not updated
56Jentastic Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1974Not updated
57Malfas One Knight StandMannoroth-US1968Not updated
58Swich One Knight StandMannoroth-US1963Not updated
59Danearys  Mannoroth-US1962Not updated
60Savyr Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US1959Not updated
61Rooka One Knight StandMannoroth-US1957Not updated
61Spherë Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US1957Not updated
63Plumpspoon Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1954Not updated
64Megahunt PlatinumMannoroth-US1952Not updated
65Lochlänn Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1951Not updated
66Neysa Eternal LifeMannoroth-US1949Not updated
67Boxmann  Mannoroth-US1946Not updated
68Larrson InfinityMannoroth-US1945Not updated
68Scythix Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1945Not updated
70Kahr Savage FuryMannoroth-US1944Not updated
70Brogrammer AggroedMannoroth-US1944Not updated
72Keegän Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1939Not updated
73Aleamental Savage FuryMannoroth-US1935Not updated
74Doushespoon Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1934Not updated
74Hippster BDM IncMannoroth-US1934Not updated
76Reetha terrible terrible damageMannoroth-US1923Not updated
77Futures ReckoningMannoroth-US1922Not updated
78Rëg Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US1919Not updated
79Jønes BDM IncMannoroth-US1917Not updated
79Lichbabe  Mannoroth-US1917Not updated
81Chaosshammy We Raid ArenasMannoroth-US1911Not updated
82Blytzed Im With StupidMannoroth-US1908Not updated
83Jigowattz BRB BOW FLEXINMannoroth-US1906Not updated
84Vanmorph AggroedMannoroth-US1903Not updated
85Frosticute Eternal LifeMannoroth-US1900Not updated
85Fuo Tree Fort ClubMannoroth-US1900Not updated
87See Sophisticated GraceMannoroth-US1897Not updated
87Søulz Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1897Not updated
89Èvií Whip It GoodMannoroth-US1894Not updated
89Jinuous  Mannoroth-US1894Not updated
91Llauz Morte DiventaMannoroth-US1893Not updated
92Ralf El DiabloMannoroth-US1886Not updated
93Stonéwall BDM IncMannoroth-US1883Not updated
93Risorge Stacked Like PancakesMannoroth-US1883Not updated
95Neothos AchievementMannoroth-US1881Not updated
96Dotìtup One Knight StandMannoroth-US1877Not updated
97Hippohotamus AggroedMannoroth-US1876Not updated
98Cokroach We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US1874Not updated
98Bownz  Mannoroth-US1874Not updated
100Ughlee  Mannoroth-US1873Not updated

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