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Mannoroth-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Maureenn AchievementMannoroth-US2292
2Adbur Savage FuryMannoroth-US2218
3Tankat Warcraft AddictsMannoroth-US2197
4Lew  Mannoroth-US2149
5Böss BOSS STATUSMannoroth-US2133Not updated
6Dontblink The PitMannoroth-US2114
7Behindulook BOSS STATUSMannoroth-US2099
8Constantine Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US2096
9Rihn BOSS STATUSMannoroth-US2082
10Shambolic Basic CableMannoroth-US2076
11Elementez  Mannoroth-US2067
12Dropdk We Raid ArenasMannoroth-US2066
13Rubmytotems Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2064
13Whité Full CapacityMannoroth-US2064
15Izah ReckoningMannoroth-US2061
15Satex Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2061
15Aurorakitty  Mannoroth-US2061
18Dudetwink We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2057
18Spárk Full CapacityMannoroth-US2057
20Heeals Full CapacityMannoroth-US2053
21Mistlol AggroedMannoroth-US2050
22Freslos We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2049
23Muck  Mannoroth-US2048
24Epicbeardman BDM IncMannoroth-US2047
25Arixio AxiomcoreMannoroth-US2044
26Ooki  Mannoroth-US2041
27Xunknown SnPMannoroth-US2038
28Galexiia Full CapacityMannoroth-US2037Not updated
29Jashion We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2035
30Psifiend  Mannoroth-US2030
31Laxplr ReckoningMannoroth-US2029
31Owlcapone One Knight StandMannoroth-US2029
33Holylolx BDM IncMannoroth-US2024
34Neysa Eternal LifeMannoroth-US2022
34Etcetera BDM IncMannoroth-US2022
36Radiancce Berkeley BoysMannoroth-US2021Not updated
37Butterballs Whip It GoodMannoroth-US2020
38Jaärt BDM IncMannoroth-US2018
39Icecok Broken Wings And HalosMannoroth-US2013Not updated
40Strikér BDM IncMannoroth-US2012
40Melisandrei Loud PakMannoroth-US2012
42Fireproofed Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2010
43Offline  Mannoroth-US2006
43Busterbrwn One Knight StandMannoroth-US2006
45Thereckless Big Hits IncMannoroth-US2004
46Zzed Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2003
46Bigboomy One Knight StandMannoroth-US2003
48Rayes One Knight StandMannoroth-US1997
49Ookami One Knight StandMannoroth-US1995
50Alesel One Knight StandMannoroth-US1994
50Årya One Knight StandMannoroth-US1994
52Stull One Knight StandMannoroth-US1993
52Mavradon One Knight StandMannoroth-US1993
54Schmoog Eternal LifeMannoroth-US1991
54Vorst One Knight StandMannoroth-US1991
56Ghetlaf BDM IncMannoroth-US1990
56Styln ReckoningMannoroth-US1990
56Lvlonedruid AchievementMannoroth-US1990
59Rasoria Berkeley BoysMannoroth-US1977
60Gripnripn Whip It GoodMannoroth-US1973
61Chakkaa MalevolenceMannoroth-US1967
62Sharkhunter InfinityMannoroth-US1966
63Butaraga BDM IncMannoroth-US1965
64Drclonez Whip It GoodMannoroth-US1964
65Plumpspoon Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1963
66Savis Whip It GoodMannoroth-US1959
67Megahunt PlatinumMannoroth-US1952
68Vasku AchievementMannoroth-US1949
68Ît Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1949
70Missionarie Dont Be Bads Be GladsMannoroth-US1948Not updated
71Lochlänn Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1947
72Larrson InfinityMannoroth-US1945
72Scythix Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1945
74Katayani Whip It GoodMannoroth-US1942Not updated
75Safflower Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1939Not updated
76Krewellaedm  Mannoroth-US1938
77Totemist Full CapacityMannoroth-US1936Not updated
77Bagetha BDM IncMannoroth-US1936
79Cptnplanêt  Mannoroth-US1935Not updated
80Réhab AchievementMannoroth-US1934
80Aranmor  Mannoroth-US1934
82Adwitiya Savage FuryMannoroth-US1933
82Xno  Mannoroth-US1933Not updated
84Keegän Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1931
85Darkprinceii Do You Even Lift BroMannoroth-US1930
86Spasm Trinkets NothingMannoroth-US1928
86Énémý ConquestMannoroth-US1928
88Critiful  Mannoroth-US1926Not updated
88Chaosshammy We Raid ArenasMannoroth-US1926
90Rêvêrêncê Dont Be Bads Be GladsMannoroth-US1925
90Redace I Got A Big PvPnessMannoroth-US1925
92Maylene OhMannoroth-US1923
93Futures ReckoningMannoroth-US1922
94Larken The ComediansMannoroth-US1921
95Willferel  Mannoroth-US1920
95Hippodotamus AggroedMannoroth-US1920
97Rëg Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US1919
98Projectitan  Mannoroth-US1917
98Lichbabe  Mannoroth-US1917
100Carnage Sprinkle When We TinkleMannoroth-US1916

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