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Mannoroth-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Maureenn AchievementMannoroth-US2372
2Adbur Savage FuryMannoroth-US2331
3Neckred Loud PakMannoroth-US2321
4Laxplr  Mannoroth-US2207
5Madeen The Gentlemen ClubMannoroth-US2201
6Tankat Warcraft AddictsMannoroth-US2193
7Lew Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2162
8Ghetlaf BDM IncMannoroth-US2156
9Constantine Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US2147
10Nexzy  Mannoroth-US2127
11Vasku AchievementMannoroth-US2125
12Dontblink The PitMannoroth-US2114
13Xunknown SnPMannoroth-US2113
14Aastraa Savage FuryMannoroth-US2112
15Ævangelis BDM IncMannoroth-US2109
16Ekkerz Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US2108
17Missionarie Dont Be Bads Be GladsMannoroth-US2102
18Epicbeardman BDM IncMannoroth-US2101
19Thereckless Big Hits IncMannoroth-US2100
20Missdots Full CapacityMannoroth-US2099
21Adwitiya Savage FuryMannoroth-US2092
22Schmoog Eternal LifeMannoroth-US2091
23Larken The ComediansMannoroth-US2088
24Moonglare Whip It GoodMannoroth-US2087
25Aurorakitty  Mannoroth-US2086
26Duøtang Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US2084
27Holylolx BDM IncMannoroth-US2083
28Rihn BOSS STATUSMannoroth-US2082Not updated
29Droodz Vengeful AddictionMannoroth-US2071
30Strikér BDM IncMannoroth-US2069
31Rubmytotems Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2068
32Dropdk We Raid ArenasMannoroth-US2066
33Whité Full CapacityMannoroth-US2065
34Izah  Mannoroth-US2061
34Satex Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2061
34Spitt Savage FuryMannoroth-US2061
34Alesel One Knight StandMannoroth-US2061
38Dudetwink We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2057
39Toolong BDM IncMannoroth-US2056
40Stull One Knight StandMannoroth-US2053
40Heeals Full CapacityMannoroth-US2053
42Muck  Mannoroth-US2048Not updated
42Raine The Gentlemen ClubMannoroth-US2048
44Melisandrei One Knight StandMannoroth-US2047
45Rayes One Knight StandMannoroth-US2046
46Årya One Knight StandMannoroth-US2044
46Arixio AxiomcoreMannoroth-US2044
48Øßìwáñ BDM IncMannoroth-US2042
48Theldome Savage FuryMannoroth-US2042
50Jaärt BDM IncMannoroth-US2041
50Mavradon One Knight StandMannoroth-US2041
52Kayter Pew Pew Lazer SharksMannoroth-US2039
53Jashion We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2038
54Marggaery Whip It GoodMannoroth-US2037
55Mistlol AggroedMannoroth-US2036
56Galexiia One Knight StandMannoroth-US2034
57Vorst One Knight StandMannoroth-US2033
58Dazedwarrior Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US2029
59Lindsey ForesakenMannoroth-US2023
59Cryphoon RisenMannoroth-US2023
61Freslos We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2020
61Butterballs Whip It GoodMannoroth-US2020
63Owlcapone One Knight StandMannoroth-US2018
64Akihara Incurro NoctisMannoroth-US2017
65Hippodotamus AggroedMannoroth-US2013
65Endoriaxe Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US2013
67Jimminy We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2011
68Fireproofed Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2010
69Ellamist  Mannoroth-US2009
70Ghola ForesakenMannoroth-US2004
71Brodom We Godzilla Your JapanMannoroth-US2003
71Zzed Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US2003
73Butaraga BDM IncMannoroth-US2002
73Ghanks Savage FuryMannoroth-US2002
73Bigboomy One Knight StandMannoroth-US2002
76Ookami One Knight StandMannoroth-US1995
76Sautéed One Knight StandMannoroth-US1995
78Mistahpimp Do You Even Lift BroMannoroth-US1993
79Styln  Mannoroth-US1990
79Lvlonedruid AchievementMannoroth-US1990
81Goboomsucka  Mannoroth-US1988Not updated
81Rhul Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US1988
83Ît Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1983
84Vulppes Whip It GoodMannoroth-US1978
85Totemist One Knight StandMannoroth-US1977
86Jentastic Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1974
87Malfas One Knight StandMannoroth-US1968
88Gillah BDM IncMannoroth-US1965
89Drclonez Whip It GoodMannoroth-US1964Not updated
90Faxus BDM IncMannoroth-US1963
90Swich One Knight StandMannoroth-US1963
92Näzghûl Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1962
92Danearys  Mannoroth-US1962
94Drunkensheep ConvictionMannoroth-US1960
95Savis Whip It GoodMannoroth-US1959
95Savyr Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US1959
97Rooka One Knight StandMannoroth-US1957
97Spherë Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US1957
99Plumpspoon Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1954
100Oneshôt BDM IncMannoroth-US1953

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