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Mannoroth-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Monaîs DjangosMannoroth-EU2253
2Îdøx ØBEY USMannoroth-EU2236
3Lôrâ DjangosMannoroth-EU2193
4Lorên DjangosMannoroth-EU2182
5Krolltock DjangosMannoroth-EU2135
6Jaylib DjangosMannoroth-EU2133
7Søxx DjangosMannoroth-EU2103
8Beiskaldí Nobody loves GnimoMannoroth-EU2094
9Nève half naked almost famousMannoroth-EU2093
10Sòphia half naked almost famousMannoroth-EU2065
11Neolas DjangosMannoroth-EU2048
12Khazøki ØBEY USMannoroth-EU2023
13Shaccoqt half naked almost famousMannoroth-EU2017
14Nouz defqoneOneMannoroth-EU2007
15Lôrêx DjangosMannoroth-EU2000
16Bloodman ØBEY USMannoroth-EU1957
17Shanokee Why Not ZoidbergMannoroth-EU1956
18Oiff no Skill just DopingMannoroth-EU1946
19Narlok BoandlkramerMannoroth-EU1930
20Oleân SeraphimMannoroth-EU1927
21Allegrá BoandlkramerMannoroth-EU1917
22Âaron belehrungsresistentMannoroth-EU1916
23Hamingjâ SeraphimMannoroth-EU1915
24Chakax Gute ReiseMannoroth-EU1913
25Laizer half naked almost famousMannoroth-EU1909
26Tocapi  Mannoroth-EU1905
27Skohl  Mannoroth-EU1896
28Dabär IllMannoroth-EU1879
29Ollowain The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU1876
30Vannhelsing EvokeMannoroth-EU1867
31Whakko minimal effortMannoroth-EU1821
32Jackelrock ALL HAIL THE MUFFINMANMannoroth-EU1812
33Xikascha  Mannoroth-EU1810
34Ânwn SeraphimMannoroth-EU1805
35Puter AmicumMannoroth-EU1803
36Díru minimal effortMannoroth-EU1800
37Maffin DjangosMannoroth-EU1794
38Hansol EvokeMannoroth-EU1793
39Taaz NorthwindMannoroth-EU1790Not updated
40Hyperclips TranquilityMannoroth-EU1789
41Epilepticjaq DjangosMannoroth-EU1787
42Gùldan half naked almost famousMannoroth-EU1784
43Chratis DistortionMannoroth-EU1778
44Tárion AmicumMannoroth-EU1777
45Erzelektor NorthwindMannoroth-EU1766
46Warvis is GodlikeMannoroth-EU1760
47Kaldorian minimal effortMannoroth-EU1717
48Reddévil defqoneOneMannoroth-EU1700Not updated
49Cneajna PatchworkMannoroth-EU1694
50Hârlekin REFORGEZMannoroth-EU1693
50Axxo DisasterpieceMannoroth-EU1693Not updated
52Neez AFK Bier holenMannoroth-EU1620Not updated
53Cheveyo Deâth NôteMannoroth-EU1615
53Avéry OOPS I CRIT IT AGAINMannoroth-EU1615
55Erzel NorthwindMannoroth-EU1600Not updated
56Sauna DjangosMannoroth-EU1583
57Primadonna is GodlikeMannoroth-EU1568
58Urlok We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU1534
59Protoje ØBEY USMannoroth-EU1520
60Habol half naked almost famousMannoroth-EU1517
61Smexxi Knights of the FightsMannoroth-EU1471
62Walim  Mannoroth-EU1468
63Djángo EngagementMannoroth-EU1453Not updated
64Heími EvokeMannoroth-EU1447
65Sesca NorthwindMannoroth-EU1423Not updated
66Neodrood  Mannoroth-EU1343
67Frakes Nobody loves GnimoMannoroth-EU1331
68Erzelina NorthwindMannoroth-EU1329
69Cerathic DjangosMannoroth-EU1313
70Brutallica half naked almost famousMannoroth-EU1150
71Beigyá DjangosMannoroth-EU1149
72Luderchen PowerForceMannoroth-EU1145
73Cuddlyhoney murderous frenzyMannoroth-EU1142Not updated
74Deathpriest ØBEY USMannoroth-EU960
75Neá DjangosMannoroth-EU959
75Beroth SeraphimMannoroth-EU959
75Vanbuuren InfluenceMannoroth-EU959
78Ryanah Knights of the FightsMannoroth-EU958
78Voy DjangosMannoroth-EU958
80Arturion Warriors of WarcraftMannoroth-EU957
80Xéraphine belehrungsresistentMannoroth-EU957Not updated
80Carnitin  Mannoroth-EU957
83Sindicate Master of ConfusionMannoroth-EU956Not updated
84Heimì EvokeMannoroth-EU951
85Rujabu Dead Poets SocietyMannoroth-EU768Not updated
85Jeylib DjangosMannoroth-EU768
87Randolaf Heaven of HelpMannoroth-EU767Not updated
87Glare Heaven of HelpMannoroth-EU767
89Hügelhans DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU766Not updated
89Tietan TranquilityMannoroth-EU766
91Aiofe  Mannoroth-EU626
92Carlitos Knights of the FightsMannoroth-EU576
92Diebasis Heaven of HelpMannoroth-EU576
92Gabagandi IllMannoroth-EU576
92Zeed DisasterpieceMannoroth-EU576Not updated
92Cefixim Mercenaries of the HordeMannoroth-EU576
92Vanhînten  Mannoroth-EU576Not updated
92Xevi Nobody loves GnimoMannoroth-EU576
92Nekro EntropyMannoroth-EU576
92Lisyra AmicumMannoroth-EU576

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