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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mannoroth-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Lopota Break ya NeckMannoroth-EU2214Not updated
2Minetu Break ya NeckMannoroth-EU2114Not updated
3Hansol EvokeMannoroth-EU2069Not updated
4Asmodý Green InfectionMannoroth-EU2043Not updated
5Vanbuuren InfluenceMannoroth-EU1902Not updated
6Skytonk PowerForceMannoroth-EU1878Not updated
7Ollowain The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU1876Not updated
8Killjou PowerForceMannoroth-EU1835Not updated
9Powerpala PowerForceMannoroth-EU1830Not updated
10Lòóna PowerForceMannoroth-EU1774Not updated
11Gwindir PatchworkMannoroth-EU1751Not updated
12Urlok We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU1749Not updated
13Heími EvokeMannoroth-EU1447Not updated
14Deliva  Mannoroth-EU1343Not updated
15Terok Legion of DawnMannoroth-EU1289Not updated
16Kaisumi PowerForceMannoroth-EU1148Not updated
17Vanhînten PowerForceMannoroth-EU960Not updated
17Leerdammer PowerForceMannoroth-EU960Not updated
19Surío  Mannoroth-EU958Not updated
20Heimì EvokeMannoroth-EU951Not updated
21Noble NobleMannoroth-EU768Not updated
22Randolaf PowerForceMannoroth-EU767Not updated
22Glare Heaven of HelpMannoroth-EU767Not updated
24Lupéng EvokeMannoroth-EU575Not updated
24Chichiqt Silvanas LegionMannoroth-EU575Not updated
26Efalock  Mannoroth-EU384Not updated
26Ascaiya WOWSZENEMannoroth-EU384Not updated
26Ludär PowerForceMannoroth-EU384Not updated
26Welcomecoco PowerForceMannoroth-EU384Not updated
30Marily We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU192Not updated
30Krawon Legion of DawnMannoroth-EU192Not updated
30Lovemonk PowerForceMannoroth-EU192Not updated
30Woschdi Why Not ZoidbergMannoroth-EU192Not updated
30Quaigonjin  Mannoroth-EU192Not updated
30Vrakor Klan MokvarMannoroth-EU192Not updated
30Arsaél  Mannoroth-EU192Not updated
30Hochno  Mannoroth-EU192Not updated
38Líghthammer EntropyMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Pfeíl We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Shenun Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Torkel  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Almonjin  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Bloodnîght EvokeMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Sahkarri Die SchichtarbeiterMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Karrion die legendeMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Aranton Heaven of HelpMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Wurrzag SchattenrabenMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Víctor  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Clayface Die SchichtarbeiterMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Wanev EvokeMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Bláírwitch The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Thÿrel Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Aegir MilklessMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Darkhalo  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Stulle Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Shanadoo EntropyMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Bluhskrien HostileMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Lunna Díâ dé lá mûèrtósMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Sybokk OdiFariGangstasMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Artilla  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Varesa Knights of AzerothMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Chapstick Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Prayêr The Iron GiantsMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Fireseeker We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Obîto  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Lumyna InsomniaMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Hausium  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Drklatschko SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Noorf SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Darkdemon MilklessMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Ryny  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Chaoswarrior MilklessMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Malfuri EntropyMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Baldora SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Weissbart The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Morderroth Kalimdor fried KodoMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Éxes  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Wuzzel  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Fússél Silvanas LegionMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Bloodysister SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Ferae  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Keara Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Hirrnie We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Kermond BlutsturmMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Hugolito EntropyMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Bälosch Schwarze AchtMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Kogah communis non grataMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Gimbi EntropyMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Gammelkopp BloodshedMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Mortivore InsomniaMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Firstdragon I Alianza DESTRUCTOR IMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Jagtfieber We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Múhkùh We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Skylai bites when picked upMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Felora Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Aks decimateMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Payá Lokale VerteidigungMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Grimrakk Verus AmicusMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Düwelchen SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU0Not updated
38Vénóm couRageMannoroth-EU0Not updated

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