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Mannoroth-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Tyco defqoneOneMannoroth-EU2214
2Asmodý Green InfectionMannoroth-EU2064
3Archania MercilessMannoroth-EU1914
4Archonqt MercilessMannoroth-EU1706
5Mûrder MercilessMannoroth-EU1517
6Barbash defqoneOneMannoroth-EU1496
7Bullrush defqoneOneMannoroth-EU1491
8Idoréck Green InfectionMannoroth-EU576
9Ascaiya  Mannoroth-EU384
10Marîs Babylon SurvivorsMannoroth-EU192
10Thunderpain  Mannoroth-EU192Not updated
12Wurrzag  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Sanftestrafe  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Salier Green InfectionMannoroth-EU0
12Duese Green InfectionMannoroth-EU0
12Shanadoo  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Bethruelen  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Monolith  Mannoroth-EU0
12Vievienne  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Kaíros  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Grimrakk Verus AmicusMannoroth-EU0
12Thunderwínd  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Ginjy  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Nalia Ars Vivendi VirtualesMannoroth-EU0
12Retsey  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Ðani  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Rdy defqoneOneMannoroth-EU0
12Ajûre Stairway To HeavenMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Lisena  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Ragnaz  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Surveya  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Ohjeeses  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Shâm  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Woldes  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Nental  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Tzee  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Sangarre  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Wargork Verus AmicusMannoroth-EU0
12Krümelchén  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Krustig Are U ScaredMannoroth-EU0
12Lenor  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Denion The Crash FamiliesMannoroth-EU0
12Snesch  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Machdoch NasgulsMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Masel  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Twinkyboy  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Mungô UnfassbierMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Candyy  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Schikedans NasgulsMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Luanna wipe outMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Critstone  Mannoroth-EU0
12Kopfgeldjäga  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Fortuna  Mannoroth-EU0
12Nicko EvokeMannoroth-EU0
12Sirandre Ars Vivendi VirtualesMannoroth-EU0
12Puper NasgulsMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Hansepeter  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Lucienna wipe outMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Laconicus  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Saxony  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Nassovia MercilessMannoroth-EU0
12Jevry  Mannoroth-EU0
12Kendi  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Thelonius  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Janola The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Nizeko  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Bloodsinner  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Lemramis  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Punica decimateMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Frîêdêlînâ  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Agna  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Neraydo defqoneOneMannoroth-EU0
12Knochi NasgulsMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Lersh  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Anuschka  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Skule Are U ScaredMannoroth-EU0
12Glokta  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Cravener Are U ScaredMannoroth-EU0
12Fantâ  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Glücksbärchi Verus AmicusMannoroth-EU0
12Galbâ  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Breadskilled  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Tasila  Mannoroth-EU0
12Imska Break ya NeckMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Trokahr Green InfectionMannoroth-EU0
12Lísena  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Tenarie  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Thorá InsomniaMannoroth-EU0
12Îndex  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Rindenmulch  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Eloua wipe outMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Sallyn  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Mamun  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Inoqui  Mannoroth-EU0
12Olukei NasgulsMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Axaeger  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Henkersbraut Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Tsukí PatchworkMannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Itrickyou  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated
12Nürbis  Mannoroth-EU0Not updated

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