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Malorne-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Combojoint  Malorne-US2143
2Chargestun SynergyMalorne-US2044
3Octord StaticMalorne-US1907
4Angrybeefer Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US1902
5Kestra Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US1898
6Kitten The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US1895
6Heädshöt PvP Aint FreeMalorne-US1895
8Bejinnju PwnhubMalorne-US1890
9Váyne Bank Alts LoLMalorne-US1881
10Pattielocks SynergyMalorne-US1877
11Nephelai SynergyMalorne-US1876
12Sharkbaitt  Malorne-US1875
13Foetwenty SynergyMalorne-US1872
14Klaris Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US1866
15Lufflez SynergyMalorne-US1864
16Ihealulontim Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US1858Not updated
17Chubchub PwnhubMalorne-US1850
18Kaalg Forever HordeMalorne-US1842
19Scifyrex Bank Alts LoLMalorne-US1834
20Posterize Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US1832
21Crysis Bank Alts LoLMalorne-US1815
22Elchonch Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US1810Not updated
23Xoai Pwncakes and RofflesMalorne-US1808
24Schokomomoko StaticMalorne-US1806
25Waterlu BrancaMalorne-US1801Not updated
26Grishnok  Malorne-US1778
26Xshinra Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US1778
28Supboii SynergyMalorne-US1768Not updated
29Deadsin SynergyMalorne-US1765
30Deadeyesun SynergyMalorne-US1763Not updated
31Valdis A Violent ReactionMalorne-US1760
32Snugglethis  Malorne-US1755Not updated
33Coãch The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US1741
34Rorex BlacklístedMalorne-US1740
35Krzymajik  Malorne-US1730
36Zareb  Malorne-US1725Not updated
37Xylor Pwncakes and RofflesMalorne-US1720
38Mássácre Pvp GodsMalorne-US1716Not updated
39Kidoz The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US1709
40Telematros The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US1708
41Epicxeric  Malorne-US1696Not updated
42Barbariceric Pwncakes and RofflesMalorne-US1689
43Puunslayer  Malorne-US1675
44Luffles GankstasMalorne-US1673Not updated
45Swann SynergyMalorne-US1672
46Swanlake  Malorne-US1668Not updated
47Pheli BlacklístedMalorne-US1660
48Deadepiceric Pwncakes and RofflesMalorne-US1656
49Tanthalas BlacklístedMalorne-US1649
50Gillecomgain The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US1646
50Epicerica GankstasMalorne-US1646
52Ibringpain  Malorne-US1634
53Checkone Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US1631
54Widehole killers of the nightMalorne-US1625
55Telmatros The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US1617
56Assasinátion Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US1608
57Titanturtle WickedMalorne-US1607
58Pøl SynergyMalorne-US1604
59Narlock  Malorne-US1598
60Chubbchubb PwnhubMalorne-US1577Not updated
61Epiceric Pwncakes and RofflesMalorne-US1568
62Årçäñå  Malorne-US1550Not updated
63Nighttmaree Pwncakes and RofflesMalorne-US1516
64Trogdorxu PvP Aint FreeMalorne-US1504
65Bluewave BlacklístedMalorne-US1493
66Pooterscoot GritMalorne-US1490
67Veladim The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US1463
68Dåmien SynergyMalorne-US1439
69Havlik ELITE FORCEMalorne-US1402
70Seloppe  Malorne-US1389
71Drunkenteddy Pvp GodsMalorne-US1335
72Sékhmet killers of the nightMalorne-US1331
73Zomgimpzor The Alt GuildMalorne-US1326
74Eyeshot Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US1325
74Khronus Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US1325
76Hangsta  Malorne-US1324
77Nightangelz  Malorne-US1317
78Fatjay Pvp GodsMalorne-US1147Not updated
79Rargo Suit UpMalorne-US1146
79Issyss  Malorne-US1146
81Harlequîn Damage IncorporatedMalorne-US1130
82Executrix TortureMalorne-US959
82Rocklobster  Malorne-US959
84Taicheetos SynergyMalorne-US958
84Perfect  Malorne-US958
86Astrofizix  Malorne-US957
87Orchasm Suit UpMalorne-US954
88Ysandre Pvp GodsMalorne-US941Not updated
89Facerole  Malorne-US768
89Grishnakh killers of the nightMalorne-US768
89Mooseknucklê Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US768
89Zyltor Pwncakes and RofflesMalorne-US768
89Laboro Pvp GodsMalorne-US768
89Epikerik Pwncakes and RofflesMalorne-US768
89Mäz PvP Aint FreeMalorne-US768
96Tziko  Malorne-US767
96Grindolf Pvp GodsMalorne-US767
96Rokomah SynergyMalorne-US767Not updated
99Healeader  Malorne-US765
100Wargal Pvp GodsMalorne-US764

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