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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Malfurion-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Revolol SerenityMalfurion-US2309Not updated
2Nascosto  Malfurion-US2161Not updated
3Pusha WORLDSTARMalfurion-US2064Not updated
4Jolïnär Kill SwitchMalfurion-US2059Not updated
4Cråb EntourageMalfurion-US2059Not updated
6Jinchuriki Sleight of HandMalfurion-US2052Not updated
7Lawlfall WORLDSTARMalfurion-US2001Not updated
8Ajaz Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US1995Not updated
9Gotdots Evolution of EntropyMalfurion-US1992Not updated
10Ocala SerenityMalfurion-US1975Not updated
11Dotdotbruce SerenityMalfurion-US1963Not updated
12Gyyron Sleight of HandMalfurion-US1939Not updated
13Lickapotamis Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US1925Not updated
14Yelnok SerenityMalfurion-US1922Not updated
14Cargus SerenityMalfurion-US1922Not updated
14Thanous Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US1922Not updated
17Raysiel SerenityMalfurion-US1912Not updated
18Brutalblade SerenityMalfurion-US1910Not updated
19Kokei Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US1906Not updated
20Hydrin SerenityMalfurion-US1904Not updated
21Skywàlker SerenityMalfurion-US1880Not updated
22Antrox Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US1877Not updated
23Selindia ChiaroscuroMalfurion-US1869Not updated
24Amp WORLDSTARMalfurion-US1864Not updated
25Narkweana Going CommandoMalfurion-US1851Not updated
26Skinaknaut Kill SwitchMalfurion-US1850Not updated
27Mascarade BirdIsTheWordMalfurion-US1847Not updated
28Blaidez Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US1837Not updated
29Stonefîst  Malfurion-US1823Not updated
30Juicydumplin Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US1818Not updated
31Cowsayshazoo Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US1817Not updated
31Imagodei SerenityMalfurion-US1817Not updated
31Killwind Eternal KnightsMalfurion-US1817Not updated
34Louser Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US1806Not updated
35Kaeloth Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US1802Not updated
36Outofslam Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US1800Not updated
36Kuuad Bat CountryMalfurion-US1800Not updated
38Sudn Forsaken FewMalfurion-US1799Not updated
39Georgian Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US1783Not updated
40Woopey Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US1782Not updated
41Fi Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US1781Not updated
42Lickapotimis Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US1776Not updated
43Ferus SerenityMalfurion-US1773Not updated
44Phoeñix Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US1758Not updated
45Caesarea SerenityMalfurion-US1730Not updated
46Guidance  Malfurion-US1722Not updated
47Lockedûp Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US1718Not updated
48Lluminite EntourageMalfurion-US1711Not updated
49Bulanar Going CommandoMalfurion-US1695Not updated
50Nevernude Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US1676Not updated
51Vakorda RumbleMalfurion-US1646Not updated
52Mànipulation Hit It and Crit ItMalfurion-US1638Not updated
53Ripandip Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US1633Not updated
54Ripir  Malfurion-US1621Not updated
55Litlemidgett DAMAGE INCORPORATEDMalfurion-US1612Not updated
56Smokinfatty Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US1587Not updated
57Magness Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US1575Not updated
58Coldcutcombo Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US1510Not updated
59Hünterrific Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US1500Not updated
60Woopzey Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US1494Not updated
61Nensuk Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US1480Not updated
62Opallesta Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US1458Not updated
63Ahlià Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US1457Not updated
64Hitgurl Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US1456Not updated
65Bjorg Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US1454Not updated
66Elladertia Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US1408Not updated
67Getsom  Malfurion-US1389Not updated
68Ellezoiy Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US1339Not updated
69Deathwynd Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US1318Not updated
70Gaardy Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US1152Not updated
71Zerg Bat CountryMalfurion-US1149Not updated
72Makednos GraystokeMalfurion-US1147Not updated
73Duskfury Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US1143Not updated
74Gottshammer Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US1142Not updated
75Wangdangg Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US1139Not updated
76Iaeshma Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US960Not updated
77Hugswithpaws Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US959Not updated
77Hoarmoan Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US959Not updated
79Theonehitrun Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US958Not updated
80Gretol Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US954Not updated
81Buladed Going CommandoMalfurion-US768Not updated
82Jooju Going CommandoMalfurion-US767Not updated
82Zooglea Going CommandoMalfurion-US767Not updated
84Highprince Arisen From ConflictMalfurion-US761Not updated
85Vraxius  Malfurion-US576Not updated
85Jengâ Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US576Not updated
85Crillai Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US576Not updated
85Garlogan Ride the LightningMalfurion-US576Not updated
85Sáryah Sleight of HandMalfurion-US576Not updated
85Theosophy SerenityMalfurion-US576Not updated
85Sassynsweet Hidden from the WivesMalfurion-US576Not updated
85Juicypally  Malfurion-US576Not updated
85Dotsnpets Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US576Not updated
85Draco Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US576Not updated
95Morpheus Lords of WarMalfurion-US384Not updated
95Gazinkzie Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US384Not updated
95Arnzan Bat CountryMalfurion-US384Not updated
95Beovine Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US384Not updated
95Fearspasm WORLDSTARMalfurion-US384Not updated
95Renewss Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US384Not updated

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