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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Mal'Ganis-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Carm Fordragons ErbeMal'Ganis-EU2519Not updated
2Galôjo VanityMal'Ganis-EU2479
3Zersäger AccordMal'Ganis-EU2435
4Benticha VanityMal'Ganis-EU2431
5Move LawrenciumMal'Ganis-EU2430Not updated
6Cristiana AccordMal'Ganis-EU2392
7Nolis VanityMal'Ganis-EU2358
8Gianle AccordMal'Ganis-EU2357
9Tayet VanityMal'Ganis-EU2351
10Kyowaii  Mal'Ganis-EU2347Not updated
11Màrí epochMal'Ganis-EU2345Not updated
12Cristiano AccordMal'Ganis-EU2299
13Wazalol ApocalypseMal'Ganis-EU2290
14Lystrell AccordMal'Ganis-EU2286Not updated
15Lovegun AccordMal'Ganis-EU2283
16Eaneros conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2274Not updated
17Guarigione MAGNETS HOW DO THEY WORKMal'Ganis-EU2265Not updated
18Siliaz  Mal'Ganis-EU2261Not updated
18Januis GodOfWarMal'Ganis-EU2261Not updated
20Chills epochMal'Ganis-EU2260Not updated
21Nomian conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2258Not updated
22Arahàn conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2257Not updated
23Rroumea MAGNETS HOW DO THEY WORKMal'Ganis-EU2255
24Aerio conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2254Not updated
25Naruná YXMal'Ganis-EU2253Not updated
26Fîpsy Meine AltersvorsorgeMal'Ganis-EU2238Not updated
27Corpuseu Frozen ExperienceMal'Ganis-EU2234
28Døgblink  Mal'Ganis-EU2228Not updated
29Schorly AccordMal'Ganis-EU2226Not updated
29Shâdâr Frozen ExperienceMal'Ganis-EU2226
31Ðrimar Frozen ExperienceMal'Ganis-EU2225
32Verwüsterer Frozen ExperienceMal'Ganis-EU2221
32Vaqu YXMal'Ganis-EU2221Not updated
34Effixss MAGNETS HOW DO THEY WORKMal'Ganis-EU2220Not updated
35Escobane  Mal'Ganis-EU2219Not updated
36Beyzur Frozen ExperienceMal'Ganis-EU2218
37Effixz Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2214Not updated
38Felua conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2208Not updated
39Daenerys VanityMal'Ganis-EU2206
40Glorey conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2205Not updated
41Keks VanityMal'Ganis-EU2202
42Kleinunddumm conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2198Not updated
43Villosa Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2188Not updated
43Fweddyfwesh Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2188Not updated
45Xiera A Round of CompassionMal'Ganis-EU2181Not updated
46Resu epochMal'Ganis-EU2180Not updated
47Xardárs Imbalanced AGMal'Ganis-EU2173Not updated
47Saliri epochMal'Ganis-EU2173Not updated
49Vaqux Imbalanced AGMal'Ganis-EU2172Not updated
50Nintyseven A C EMal'Ganis-EU2164Not updated
51Bystrell AccordMal'Ganis-EU2162Not updated
52Elementixs Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2160Not updated
53Ðÿøæ be Water my FriendMal'Ganis-EU2157
54Fayzen Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2154Not updated
55Beondale Solid CoreMal'Ganis-EU2148Not updated
56Esoterix epochMal'Ganis-EU2147Not updated
57Kloppit SpielzeugsoldatenMal'Ganis-EU2146
58Gley conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2144Not updated
59Nyka epochMal'Ganis-EU2140Not updated
60Gorik Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2139Not updated
60Celmyrahz MAGNETS HOW DO THEY WORKMal'Ganis-EU2139
60Naxnian NQQB SQUADMal'Ganis-EU2139Not updated
63Skeero DrahtzieherMal'Ganis-EU2138
64Electroxyz  Mal'Ganis-EU2136Not updated
65Speédy epochMal'Ganis-EU2135Not updated
66Ramipril Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2134Not updated
67Krassearmê BlackhawkMal'Ganis-EU2133Not updated
68Illâine AccordMal'Ganis-EU2132
69Lesus Red ArmyMal'Ganis-EU2131Not updated
69Lìghtbolt epochMal'Ganis-EU2131Not updated
71Bluntster epochMal'Ganis-EU2127Not updated
72Lyxía Frozen ExperienceMal'Ganis-EU2121
72Donots GrandMastersMal'Ganis-EU2121Not updated
74Primê Royal INCMal'Ganis-EU2120
75Æquia Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2115
76Sculminator epochMal'Ganis-EU2114Not updated
77Raynos MAGNETS HOW DO THEY WORKMal'Ganis-EU2106Not updated
77Glorias conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2106Not updated
79Reagar Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2103Not updated
80Davyjonez Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2101Not updated
81Ghuldor MythMal'Ganis-EU2096
82Balê A Round of CompassionMal'Ganis-EU2094Not updated
82Skuzzle A Round of CompassionMal'Ganis-EU2094Not updated
84Gleyria conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2092Not updated
85Xenum epochMal'Ganis-EU2090Not updated
86Mortimar conjuringMal'Ganis-EU2089Not updated
87Lylandris My Favourite SinMal'Ganis-EU2088Not updated
88Fadeaway Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2085Not updated
89Blumenkìnd Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2084
90Appstore NQQB SQUADMal'Ganis-EU2083Not updated
91Jkblink MAGNETS HOW DO THEY WORKMal'Ganis-EU2080Not updated
92Bishop A Round of CompassionMal'Ganis-EU2078Not updated
93Peterlol Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2077Not updated
94Roxer FrontschweineMal'Ganis-EU2071
94Sedrîck HarlequinsMal'Ganis-EU2071
96Hänz Imbalanced AGMal'Ganis-EU2070Not updated
97Anomalia epochMal'Ganis-EU2069Not updated
98Cashmaster Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2068Not updated
98Nìdalee Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU2068Not updated
100Hitboxx LawrenciumMal'Ganis-EU2067Not updated

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