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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mal'Ganis-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Phildk VigilMal'Ganis-US2550Not updated
2Zkzxkakzxkxz  Mal'Ganis-US2548Not updated
3Zark  Mal'Ganis-US2542Not updated
4Slipnslide  Mal'Ganis-US2521Not updated
4Someratx KapowMal'Ganis-US2521Not updated
6Derivatíve  Mal'Ganis-US2512Not updated
7Bruhgly KapowMal'Ganis-US2511Not updated
8Bubbzbaby Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US2499Not updated
9Nessper okMal'Ganis-US2458Not updated
9Roxyz you cant sit with usMal'Ganis-US2458Not updated
11Slysteelfist HawaiiFiveOMal'Ganis-US2446Not updated
12Joru Dunk SquadMal'Ganis-US2438Not updated
13Hitmanknight Erma GerdsMal'Ganis-US2429Not updated
14Zac Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US2423Not updated
15Sallust Serious CasualMal'Ganis-US2410Not updated
16Ogfizzer KapowMal'Ganis-US2386Not updated
17Iapdancex you cant sit with usMal'Ganis-US2356Not updated
18Injecktx Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US2355Not updated
18Roundthree KapowMal'Ganis-US2355Not updated
20Trashcanjoe  Mal'Ganis-US2350Not updated
20Fadezz KapowMal'Ganis-US2350Not updated
22Novx  Mal'Ganis-US2345Not updated
23Kik Wheelchair GangMal'Ganis-US2343Not updated
24Ubiquitously KapowMal'Ganis-US2340Not updated
25Monkzz  Mal'Ganis-US2338Not updated
26Displacerx  Mal'Ganis-US2329Not updated
27Jaydee Wheelchair GangMal'Ganis-US2328Not updated
28Impassivel Wha Gwan DoeMal'Ganis-US2324Not updated
29Ratwrangler The Deep SouthMal'Ganis-US2316Not updated
30Rhylix The Deep SouthMal'Ganis-US2314Not updated
31Kantcatchme PlagueMal'Ganis-US2309Not updated
32Budabutz  Mal'Ganis-US2300Not updated
33Bounceit  Mal'Ganis-US2297Not updated
34Spiteful  Mal'Ganis-US2294Not updated
35Tahoekush  Mal'Ganis-US2290Not updated
36Jonjonesx KapowMal'Ganis-US2284Not updated
37Virtok KapowMal'Ganis-US2279Not updated
38Zunniyaki KapowMal'Ganis-US2270Not updated
39Virtego KapowMal'Ganis-US2262Not updated
40Kelnish BoyfriendsMal'Ganis-US2259Not updated
41Dogbats The Deep SouthMal'Ganis-US2254Not updated
42Tukaituau  Mal'Ganis-US2247Not updated
43Zem The Deep SouthMal'Ganis-US2246Not updated
44Ragusalsa  Mal'Ganis-US2245Not updated
45Boogienightz  Mal'Ganis-US2238Not updated
46Blitzkriegqt KapowMal'Ganis-US2237Not updated
47Foundmolly okMal'Ganis-US2235Not updated
48Cornerslave The Deep SouthMal'Ganis-US2230Not updated
48Ràïn KapowMal'Ganis-US2230Not updated
50Jieter Wha Gwan DoeMal'Ganis-US2229Not updated
51Dollfacelol  Mal'Ganis-US2226Not updated
52Fadezzlol KapowMal'Ganis-US2225Not updated
53Shuniqua Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US2224Not updated
54Runescape Wheelchair GangMal'Ganis-US2223Not updated
54Galehad  Mal'Ganis-US2223Not updated
56Cottonsééd  Mal'Ganis-US2218Not updated
56Slussh Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US2218Not updated
58Darkmaniac KapowMal'Ganis-US2216Not updated
59Drgreenthumz Döpe BoyzMal'Ganis-US2215Not updated
59Wizark KapowMal'Ganis-US2215Not updated
61Zijak KapowMal'Ganis-US2214Not updated
62Zealsie VigilMal'Ganis-US2209Not updated
63Truecarnage Wha Gwan DoeMal'Ganis-US2207Not updated
63Pikka KapowMal'Ganis-US2207Not updated
65Bootyyclap KapowMal'Ganis-US2205Not updated
66Xrakeo Surrey JacksMal'Ganis-US2203Not updated
67Critorus  Mal'Ganis-US2202Not updated
67Moomoovelli Wha Gwan DoeMal'Ganis-US2202Not updated
69Adõlfus pssy powerMal'Ganis-US2200Not updated
70Kennyp  Mal'Ganis-US2199Not updated
71Takingd KapowMal'Ganis-US2198Not updated
72Wreaxhavok PlagueMal'Ganis-US2193Not updated
73Ziffyx  Mal'Ganis-US2192Not updated
74Partlycloudy KapowMal'Ganis-US2189Not updated
74Chucknasty Döpe BoyzMal'Ganis-US2189Not updated
76Driftingz  Mal'Ganis-US2188Not updated
76Fuskx you cant sit with usMal'Ganis-US2188Not updated
78Basedgodqt Bucket hat gangMal'Ganis-US2187Not updated
79ßozy KosmosMal'Ganis-US2185Not updated
80Krukkx BoyfriendsMal'Ganis-US2184Not updated
81Berzerkman Welcome to StrangelandMal'Ganis-US2180Not updated
82Doappy AFK AGAINMal'Ganis-US2179Not updated
83Bolteon  Mal'Ganis-US2178Not updated
84Punchofdeath ExilesMal'Ganis-US2177Not updated
85Fancykek  Mal'Ganis-US2175Not updated
86Hamelin Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US2173Not updated
87Injecktionx Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US2172Not updated
87Twërk  Mal'Ganis-US2172Not updated
89Arkimus KapowMal'Ganis-US2170Not updated
89Shieldtauren KapowMal'Ganis-US2170Not updated
91Piru KapowMal'Ganis-US2166Not updated
92Necroplz KapowMal'Ganis-US2164Not updated
93Oceangrave SeraphMal'Ganis-US2162Not updated
93Clydel  Mal'Ganis-US2162Not updated
95Onyx KapowMal'Ganis-US2161Not updated
96Meldred BoyfriendsMal'Ganis-US2157Not updated
97Extremeist  Mal'Ganis-US2154Not updated
98Morphinmojo SimplexityMal'Ganis-US2153Not updated
99Furrywall KapowMal'Ganis-US2152Not updated
100Zuj VileMal'Ganis-US2149Not updated

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