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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Perito WithOutlaWsLothar-EU2242Not updated
2Gyonas WithOutlaWsLothar-EU2214Not updated
3Lavonta InseparabilisLothar-EU2150Not updated
4Chronix Angel of WarLothar-EU1985Not updated
5Tantesue ArckanumLothar-EU1983Not updated
6Vráin Kämpfer der TiefeLothar-EU1946Not updated
7Mimimì InseparabilisLothar-EU1922Not updated
8Staticx  Lothar-EU1904Not updated
9Nexiss The PyromaniacLothar-EU1884Not updated
10Huehuehue Are you kidding meLothar-EU1880Not updated
11Rotnova WithOutlaWsLothar-EU1876Not updated
12Meleetios LeVeL uPLothar-EU1871Not updated
13Brovaz IrasciLothar-EU1869Not updated
14Persepone HypnoticLothar-EU1866Not updated
15Shâng PréstigeLothar-EU1862Not updated
16Xeniaa HypnoticLothar-EU1856Not updated
17Thyrus Mias ErbeLothar-EU1855Not updated
17Kocordi Mias ErbeLothar-EU1855Not updated
19Fas Rising MoonLothar-EU1854Not updated
20Starlite HypnoticLothar-EU1848Not updated
21Hatron InseparabilisLothar-EU1847Not updated
22Jazzmyn Kämpfer der TiefeLothar-EU1829Not updated
23Nadise IrasciLothar-EU1826Not updated
24Kalliste HypnoticLothar-EU1824Not updated
25Hempel Kämpfer der TiefeLothar-EU1820Not updated
26Sayez Angel of WarLothar-EU1819Not updated
26Thorgil Kämpfer der TiefeLothar-EU1819Not updated
28Tarylinn  Lothar-EU1815Not updated
29Alísea FnaticsLothar-EU1807Not updated
30Déâthnøte DeathnotecrimezLothar-EU1806Not updated
31Lunesy WithOutlaWsLothar-EU1804Not updated
32Maglight Origin of FireLothar-EU1801Not updated
33Jazzmynn Kämpfer der TiefeLothar-EU1796Not updated
34Pocahotass IllusionLothar-EU1789Not updated
35Galatea Vivere Militare EstLothar-EU1785Not updated
36Yunè Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1781Not updated
37Greysaint Kämpfer der TiefeLothar-EU1753Not updated
38Sawuska ExperíenceLothar-EU1745Not updated
39Lelahel  Lothar-EU1721Not updated
40Snakeseye EntropyLothar-EU1718Not updated
41Sumy Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1704Not updated
42Lotusbluete AddictedLothar-EU1701Not updated
42Boomkinz HypnoticLothar-EU1701Not updated
44Brautzilla GöttlichLothar-EU1686Not updated
45Klappstuhl Origin of FireLothar-EU1680Not updated
46Schubiduu mescalinLothar-EU1659Not updated
47Galadrïel  Lothar-EU1658Not updated
48Nastrovje IllusionLothar-EU1655Not updated
49Secondary Chaos InsideLothar-EU1652Not updated
50Deadlyblonde HypnoticLothar-EU1622Not updated
51Zuriaa The Judge of DarknessLothar-EU1615Not updated
52Ekzeone Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU1610Not updated
53Laserwar Set Sail for FailLothar-EU1597Not updated
54Xunì Set Sail for FailLothar-EU1595Not updated
55Adamas IrasciLothar-EU1591Not updated
56Soryna Set Sail for FailLothar-EU1583Not updated
57Brachat AddictedLothar-EU1566Not updated
58Nadua IllusionLothar-EU1561Not updated
59Swarmbrother Set Sail for FailLothar-EU1554Not updated
60Hankoantau Be EnrageLothar-EU1538Not updated
61Wémsér Eye of the DragonLothar-EU1519Not updated
62Lølerqui IrasciLothar-EU1517Not updated
63Dílara Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1515Not updated
64Heâlbot MathildaLothar-EU1501Not updated
65Fenluel  Lothar-EU1497Not updated
66Lakysa ExperíenceLothar-EU1445Not updated
67Nevgond Kämpfer der TiefeLothar-EU1339Not updated
68Ludo ArckanumLothar-EU1337Not updated
69Furanos Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU1306Not updated
70Gorec  Lothar-EU1151Not updated
71Carnicera Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1150Not updated
71Howaboutno Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1150Not updated
71Kelanji Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1150Not updated
71Ascyliá Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1150Not updated
75Varaugh Mias ErbeLothar-EU1149Not updated
76Holybella AddictedLothar-EU1145Not updated
77Dilara Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1136Not updated
78Swétti æternitasLothar-EU1132Not updated
79Obie Eleven DegreesLothar-EU960Not updated
79Kronò The LegendsLothar-EU960Not updated
81Angellight KoosaiLothar-EU959Not updated
82Kylena BloodhoofsLothar-EU768Not updated
82Äktschn Zirkel der WeisheitLothar-EU768Not updated
82Bloodiness InseparabilisLothar-EU768Not updated
82Legendärý The PyromaniacLothar-EU768Not updated
82Lìlu InseparabilisLothar-EU768Not updated
87Eeny March of the LonelyLothar-EU576Not updated
87Hannsei IrasciLothar-EU576Not updated
87Sawuski ExperíenceLothar-EU576Not updated
87Tamrâ No FearLothar-EU576Not updated
87Payned Aes SedaiLothar-EU576Not updated
87Khelynn InseparabilisLothar-EU576Not updated
87Ingrularis  Lothar-EU576Not updated
94Gjulia Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU575Not updated
95Mirraph Aes SedaiLothar-EU384Not updated
95Zwergri Angel of WarLothar-EU384Not updated
95Crøss Eleven DegreesLothar-EU384Not updated
95Tuskà KoosaiLothar-EU384Not updated
95Schlâchtvieh MathildaLothar-EU384Not updated
95Dtn Schlächter der SandeLothar-EU384Not updated

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