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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Lordaeron-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Examinalis Knights of ExodarLordaeron-EU2320Not updated
2Dishout  Lordaeron-EU2277Not updated
3Kyritlol ButterLordaeron-EU2207Not updated
3ßuddy NíghtfallLordaeron-EU2207
5Kyrit Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU2153Not updated
6Lanceforfun Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU2136
7Kyritlawlz Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU2130
8Avocadolol Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU2127
9Frankdux NíghtfallLordaeron-EU2118Not updated
10Àrês Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU2103
11Ozrath NíghtfallLordaeron-EU2096Not updated
12Ryukiá Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU2091
13Ryun Misanthropic ArtLordaeron-EU2079
14Xodium  Lordaeron-EU2076Not updated
15Royjonesjr NíghtfallLordaeron-EU2072
16Erystof NíghtfallLordaeron-EU2056
17Restinpiecez DaydreamLordaeron-EU2032Not updated
18Miraculixbär Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU2027
19Quindon Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU2015Not updated
20Äneas Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU2009
21Logarî OldschoolLordaeron-EU2004Not updated
22Bluebanana Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU2003Not updated
22Fuggi Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU2003Not updated
22Cutêy Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU2003Not updated
22Líll Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU2003
22Tienti Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU2003Not updated
27Daephaeon Engel in ZivilLordaeron-EU2002Not updated
28Robsnbär Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU1999Not updated
29Nasiir Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU1993Not updated
30Sonjoe Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU1992Not updated
31Thanatös Knights of ExodarLordaeron-EU1964Not updated
32Æøÿ doors of perceptionLordaeron-EU1931Not updated
33Layntime DivinusLordaeron-EU1922
34Robsnn Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU1903Not updated
35Scero ImSorryLordaeron-EU1896Not updated
36Gojan Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU1883
37Lauratios  Lordaeron-EU1874Not updated
38Hørus Die dunkle SeiteLordaeron-EU1858Not updated
39Tohir Die dunkle SeiteLordaeron-EU1832Not updated
40Vânesa Illusive SilenceLordaeron-EU1830Not updated
41Augustinos de la SolLordaeron-EU1825Not updated
42Lánfear Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU1823Not updated
43Shamta Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU1816Not updated
44Avocadolawl Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU1809
45Lucide Dark DestroyerLordaeron-EU1801
46Prespirit Kingdom of LordaeronLordaeron-EU1784Not updated
47Chatinka doors of perceptionLordaeron-EU1768Not updated
48Daur Engel in ZivilLordaeron-EU1764Not updated
49Blackbanana Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU1762Not updated
50Baokhan Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU1754Not updated
51Sarthorius Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU1740Not updated
52Jatao UnitedLordaeron-EU1730
53Abinia Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU1721Not updated
54Grape TeletwinkiesLordaeron-EU1708Not updated
55Nosfaeon  Lordaeron-EU1700Not updated
56Ignoranzx doors of perceptionLordaeron-EU1697Not updated
57Beru Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU1688Not updated
58Darkbanana Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU1673Not updated
59Voxdeii de la SolLordaeron-EU1662Not updated
60Yoa Engel in ZivilLordaeron-EU1653Not updated
61Ormagöden  Lordaeron-EU1646Not updated
62Kerah De La LunaLordaeron-EU1643
63Vadános Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU1642Not updated
64Skylèr Fallen PhoenixLordaeron-EU1566
65Greenless ElunariLordaeron-EU1541
66Láthro Fallen PhoenixLordaeron-EU1532
67Allitöter Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU1531Not updated
68Roobbsn Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU1527Not updated
69Intáct ImSorryLordaeron-EU1522Not updated
70Warèk FrustShopperLordaeron-EU1514Not updated
71Màgic de la SolLordaeron-EU1447Not updated
72Vicetone Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU1341
73Amendola doors of perceptionLordaeron-EU1327Not updated
74Sciro StreichelzooLordaeron-EU1307
75Ajenn BlackhordeLordaeron-EU1303Not updated
76Riyuk NíghtfallLordaeron-EU1149
77Jagomil SkullLordaeron-EU959Not updated
78Kimily Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU958Not updated
79Saemix StormbornLordaeron-EU957Not updated
80Sarlak ExceedLordaeron-EU956
81Bigmäc Die Streiter AzerothsLordaeron-EU954Not updated
82Muccy NíghtfallLordaeron-EU768Not updated
83Galdoctil de la SolLordaeron-EU767Not updated
83Herdplatte Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU767Not updated
83Missdotalot Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU767
86Darkloart KSK PanderiaLordaeron-EU766
87Tjore  Lordaeron-EU576Not updated
87Innovindils Kingdom of LordaeronLordaeron-EU576
87Hopeful  Lordaeron-EU576Not updated
87Nirvânâ ExceedLordaeron-EU576
87Nod de la SolLordaeron-EU576Not updated
87Dakario NíghtfallLordaeron-EU576
87Lichtkegel Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU576
87Wârry Dead WalkersLordaeron-EU576Not updated
87Teufelskreis Lets get RidiculousLordaeron-EU576
87Arixón  Lordaeron-EU576Not updated
97Summervale NíghtfallLordaeron-EU575
98Varøkk VorherrschaftLordaeron-EU384Not updated
98Deathbanana Cambrischer OrdenLordaeron-EU384Not updated
98Ðespaír Hoher Rat der HordeLordaeron-EU384Not updated

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