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Llane-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Møp  Llane-US2434
2Sweg  Llane-US2348
3Malv  Llane-US2286
4Insäne  Llane-US2195
5Malvagio  Llane-US2120
6Adodis JudgementLlane-US2087
7Netherbound  Llane-US2053
8Kouki NemesisLlane-US1990
9Relei Knights of the Dark SunLlane-US1951
10Shamikaze  Llane-US1943
11Purpleblood NemesisLlane-US1937
12Ghuldilocks Battle TestedLlane-US1918
13Nelfdruid  Llane-US1917
14Krisika The SardaukarLlane-US1915
15Mysteryia The SardaukarLlane-US1907
16Manic  Llane-US1905Not updated
17Redwing The SardaukarLlane-US1891
18Cle no procsLlane-US1873
19Kùng DeathstrokeLlane-US1868
20Ficci dat pilot doeLlane-US1859Not updated
21Legaion FuseLlane-US1852Not updated
22Lanalith Heroes Rest LodgeLlane-US1850
23Mordieu PvP AcademyLlane-US1847
24Jerail PvP AcademyLlane-US1839
25Tipdrill EpignosisLlane-US1832
26Zhanti FuseLlane-US1828
27Lulstunnedqt  Llane-US1825
28Pandaface The SardaukarLlane-US1821
29Dalejones PvP AcademyLlane-US1820
30Bearlock SeveredLlane-US1811
30Celada PvP AcademyLlane-US1811
32Redrayne FuseLlane-US1810
32Mestealth Outlaw JusticeLlane-US1810Not updated
34Stilltraxx PvP AcademyLlane-US1808
35Jagermeilter FuseLlane-US1807
36Juggernot PvP AcademyLlane-US1804
36Aravel FuseLlane-US1804
38Frostshox NotédLlane-US1803
38Dotdropnroll  Llane-US1803
40Drdeag PvP AcademyLlane-US1800
41Ishan Wizardz of OzzLlane-US1798
42Derra dat pilot doeLlane-US1797Not updated
43Kaytos PvP AcademyLlane-US1793
44Fliehen Iron CircleLlane-US1791
45Pyraelia FuseLlane-US1788Not updated
46Fuzzyface The SardaukarLlane-US1784
47Holylightqt  Llane-US1778
48Zhydra Blood BrotherhoodLlane-US1775Not updated
49Anatomy PvP AcademyLlane-US1773
50Mimsy FuseLlane-US1772
51Tänker PvP AcademyLlane-US1769
52Emylann BlackDeathLlane-US1768
53Frikasee PvP AcademyLlane-US1767
54Dirtball  Llane-US1754Not updated
55Silentsteps PvP AcademyLlane-US1753
56Smellface  Llane-US1747
56Elcx PvP AcademyLlane-US1747
56Slugger PvP AcademyLlane-US1747
59Shadowcritz PvP AcademyLlane-US1746
60Ákris FuseLlane-US1744
61Geliton FuseLlane-US1742
62Skalm PvP AcademyLlane-US1740
63Voodew PvP AcademyLlane-US1736
64Pixels PvP AcademyLlane-US1732
64Eatmygummy Iron CircleLlane-US1732
66Nillaewe SeveredLlane-US1725
67Bloodlis PvP AcademyLlane-US1719
68Joowansum Red HammerLlane-US1717Not updated
69Arielisa SerendipityLlane-US1715
70Twiglymcgee Double TapLlane-US1714
70Hitmonlee PvP AcademyLlane-US1714
72Blacklegs  Llane-US1710
73Swaiy PvP AcademyLlane-US1708
74Mortanna  Llane-US1703Not updated
75Thing PandamoniumLlane-US1699
76Sargeknight FuseLlane-US1696
77Izcar PvP AcademyLlane-US1695
78Evildeag PvP AcademyLlane-US1693
79Munstadin Tribal MoonshinersLlane-US1691
79Amalae Tribal MoonshinersLlane-US1691
81Feylan FuseLlane-US1688
82Bigbreh PvP AcademyLlane-US1685
83Evildream PvP AcademyLlane-US1679
84Unholyshnike PvP AcademyLlane-US1674
85Suëde  Llane-US1673
86Evilincarnat NotédLlane-US1669Not updated
87Bubbleöseven FuseLlane-US1662
88Agronn FuseLlane-US1661
89Diffuse FuseLlane-US1656
90Narsisa FuseLlane-US1651
91Clankliand  Llane-US1644
92Dougyfresh SeveredLlane-US1641
92Camtheram United We Stand AloneLlane-US1641
94Gümper TeufelhundenLlane-US1640
95Bisdak AegisLlane-US1636
96Kît  Llane-US1627
97Scarlott FuseLlane-US1623
97Skullÿ  Llane-US1623
99Lockmeupp The WolfpackLlane-US1618
100Thebunghole FuseLlane-US1616Not updated

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