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Lightninghoof-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Skal  Lightninghoof-US2109
2Bicarb World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US2078
3Zerones  Lightninghoof-US2069
4Wense  Lightninghoof-US2068
5Huelock  Lightninghoof-US2054
6Pronton World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US2052
7Nythius Knights of AnarchyLightninghoof-US2049
8Pordaz  Lightninghoof-US2031
9Gromite  Lightninghoof-US2023
10Fuzywuuzy  Lightninghoof-US2017
11Bomlex World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1964
12Glinch World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1931Not updated
13Dbh World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1930
14Lemac BlackwaterLightninghoof-US1925
15Níghtsông ExecutivesLightninghoof-US1889Not updated
16Fuzzywazzy  Lightninghoof-US1850
17Whispree HexecutionerLightninghoof-US1845Not updated
18Orgarn World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1837
19Winkiepinky World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1827
20Glowinn World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1825
21ßrian World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1822
21Suziéq  Lightninghoof-US1822
23Jayrawk Netherguard ConsortiumLightninghoof-US1809
24Leethepally IncinerationLightninghoof-US1805
25Opzypfytious  Lightninghoof-US1802
26Naxima World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1799
27Higuy BlackwaterLightninghoof-US1797
28Seasea World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1793
29Reepher  Lightninghoof-US1791
30Siníster  Lightninghoof-US1784
31Jizen World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1776
32Sule Knights of AnarchyLightninghoof-US1775
32Kamouflage World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1775
34Oohnut  Lightninghoof-US1765
35Duped World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1762
36Shadowblaze World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1760
37Rujak BlackwaterLightninghoof-US1757Not updated
38Demonsouls World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1748
38Eliminated World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1748
40Noxxal Portal PatrolLightninghoof-US1747
41Picarones  Lightninghoof-US1746
41Comatoke Knights of AnarchyLightninghoof-US1746
43Ahsokka World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1742
44Tabai World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1738
44Melaste World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1738
44Spinnerette World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1738
47Bigt World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1733
48Ryrin World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1731
49Domonik World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1729
50Littletea World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1728
51Msspelled World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1725
52Leldoran World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1723
53Saräha World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1721
54Summerset World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1720
55Ahja Underworld ConnectionsLightninghoof-US1718
56Priestaz BlackwaterLightninghoof-US1716Not updated
56Krendal World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1716
58Pasithea Blood DivineLightninghoof-US1712
59Toofast World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1707
59Quione  Lightninghoof-US1707
59Proximal World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1707
62Missyb Knights of AnarchyLightninghoof-US1704
63Drizzyqt  Lightninghoof-US1699
64Djmcswiggins BadonkadonkLightninghoof-US1698
65Hoboshanker World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1693
66Gaarrnn Team YoloswagLightninghoof-US1689
67Jahovenaught World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1685
68Petdaddy World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1684
69Kammerin World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1679
69Fearsalots World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1679
71Erinwell World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1673
72Gaarnyolo Team YoloswagLightninghoof-US1666
73Slicer World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1662
74Reapser  Lightninghoof-US1658
75Valkius BlackwaterLightninghoof-US1657
76Beastlegs World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1651
77Capyou World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1645
77Shadowstòrm World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1645
79Broxingar World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1642
79Jahovenon World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1642
81Melchy World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1639
81Zunsett World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1639Not updated
83Aggrozor World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1638
84Bellavita World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1637
85Apollyeon World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1631
85Soupkitchen World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1631
87Bitebite World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1629
87Yolò Team YoloswagLightninghoof-US1629
89Tatsumi World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1619
89Kilavus World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1619
91Tancid World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1618
92Jawbraker World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1610
93Evelanna Vengeance and WrathLightninghoof-US1600Not updated
94Docteur Netherguard ConsortiumLightninghoof-US1595
95Seraphîna World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1593
96Onlyher World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1590
97Kayto  Lightninghoof-US1589Not updated
98Misfitfiend Netherguard ConsortiumLightninghoof-US1588
99Aendros World PvP is BackLightninghoof-US1583
100Opdruid  Lightninghoof-US1576

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