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Lightning's Blade-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Alléria FLASHPOINTLightning's Blade-EU2198
2Tragoedia  Lightning's Blade-EU1990
3Khozgor Night CrusadeLightning's Blade-EU1965
4Leax PvPonysLightning's Blade-EU1898
5Verestrasz ParagonLightning's Blade-EU1880
6Ortodoxhi eXodusLightning's Blade-EU1828
7Shaadffs eXodusLightning's Blade-EU1802
8Dailaoo eXodusLightning's Blade-EU1800
9Luumu ParagonLightning's Blade-EU1790
10Saintone  Lightning's Blade-EU1784
11Lappe ParagonLightning's Blade-EU1758
12Adriel  Lightning's Blade-EU1754
13Perverted BattlegroundLightning's Blade-EU1719Not updated
14Wolferin Knights of NorthrendLightning's Blade-EU1703
15Tortop Angry Orgrimmar CitizenLightning's Blade-EU1689
16Silence eXodusLightning's Blade-EU1665
17Rammuss eXodusLightning's Blade-EU1642
18Qyu ChaoticLightning's Blade-EU1616
18Justak eXodusLightning's Blade-EU1616
20Onechan No More HeroesLightning's Blade-EU1497
21Aftertaste No More HeroesLightning's Blade-EU1318
22Skillgunnon  Lightning's Blade-EU959
23Sknd PvPonysLightning's Blade-EU958
24Dromph Night CrusadeLightning's Blade-EU767
25Thecrazyone  Lightning's Blade-EU576
25Barosanu ChaoticLightning's Blade-EU576
25Ölflaskan  Lightning's Blade-EU576
25Grolantor Night CrusadeLightning's Blade-EU576
29Hêádhuntêr ACSELightning's Blade-EU575
29Shimapan No More HeroesLightning's Blade-EU575
31Roye FLASHPOINTLightning's Blade-EU384
31Inseinz  Lightning's Blade-EU384
31Unclejo InfexiousLightning's Blade-EU384
31Watchandheal eXodusLightning's Blade-EU384
31Hyperionz Persona GrataLightning's Blade-EU384
31Päiviräsänen PvPonysLightning's Blade-EU384
31Deawyn ParagonLightning's Blade-EU384
31Skinface PANDEMICLightning's Blade-EU384
31Minimártha PANDEMICLightning's Blade-EU384
31Saintwut Creative GameplayLightning's Blade-EU384
41Tweener  Lightning's Blade-EU194
42Dritzzt BattlegroundLightning's Blade-EU192
42Ektelion eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192
42Freshstyle Guardians of BloodLightning's Blade-EU192
42Deathgate PANDEMICLightning's Blade-EU192
42Ønï eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192
42Raelgor SimulacrumLightning's Blade-EU192
42Croco eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192
42Txc TENLightning's Blade-EU192
42Kauladin eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192
42Crocos eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192
42Lagvictim Infinite FuryLightning's Blade-EU192
42Notricus eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192
42Slyrex  Lightning's Blade-EU192Not updated
42Oddy eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192
42Ischlo Kodos From HellLightning's Blade-EU192
42Bóó eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192
42Poisonhazard  Lightning's Blade-EU192
42Zumbas eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192Not updated
42Deadwarlox  Lightning's Blade-EU192
42Turalyo eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192
42Miracolix ChaoticLightning's Blade-EU192
63Piri ParagonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Zmooster EnhaseasonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Warga NazgûlLightning's Blade-EU0
63Jarmoxz EnhaseasonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Centar Dark MatterLightning's Blade-EU0
63Blitzkrieggr CAPS and s p a c e sLightning's Blade-EU0
63Emile D e n i e dLightning's Blade-EU0
63Alzu ParagonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Skrarup Heroes LeagueLightning's Blade-EU0
63Sleepless In WonderlandLightning's Blade-EU0
63Gnomegrinder Dead Gnomes Dont LieLightning's Blade-EU0
63Gugão  Lightning's Blade-EU0
63Hyperz MystLightning's Blade-EU0
63Grusomt In WonderlandLightning's Blade-EU0
63Huggawugga In WonderlandLightning's Blade-EU0
63Naildown EnhaseasonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Xenophics ParagonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Iiris ParagonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Luny ParagonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Jhazrun ParagonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Frostíe CAPS and s p a c e sLightning's Blade-EU0
63Gahro Lord Helmets Royal GuardLightning's Blade-EU0
63Ultrasavage  Lightning's Blade-EU0
63Arcu  Lightning's Blade-EU0
63Simpauttaja Dark Iron MononenLightning's Blade-EU0
63Linkx Bootneckers is AFKLightning's Blade-EU0
63Deathripper D e n i e dLightning's Blade-EU0
63Paradar ParagonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Svartlöga Dark MatterLightning's Blade-EU0
63Daewyn ParagonLightning's Blade-EU0
63Luis  Lightning's Blade-EU0Not updated
63Wõõdy  Lightning's Blade-EU0Not updated
63Ilodí ParagonLightning's Blade-EU0Not updated
63Roupas ACSELightning's Blade-EU0
63Enclave eXodusLightning's Blade-EU0
63Yazoo FLASHPOINTLightning's Blade-EU0
63Candid D e n i e dLightning's Blade-EU0
63Warhead ACSELightning's Blade-EU0

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