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Lethon-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Arrant HelloKittyIslandAdventurLethon-US2437
2Sgtslapaho ChampionLethon-US2146
3Birdie Lethon Logging CoLethon-US2050
4Takenotes  Lethon-US2014
5Moopanther ChampionLethon-US1976
6Hollypriest  Lethon-US1930
7Erieaná AbyssLethon-US1919
8Jchillz  Lethon-US1890
9Nazzlock RâdianceLethon-US1884
10Biomallz  Lethon-US1872Not updated
11Hotfrost ChampionLethon-US1871
12Funderstorm ChampionLethon-US1853
13Melubyou ChampionLethon-US1831
14Deadlinders ChampionLethon-US1820
15Fooko Dark LegendsLethon-US1813
16Moks ChampionLethon-US1770
17Vorala RascalzLethon-US1757
18Melubpanther ChampionLethon-US1747
19Kas ChampionLethon-US1742
20Parishealton Too Drunk To PvPLethon-US1726
21Shandia RascalzLethon-US1715Not updated
22Hooty AbyssLethon-US1702
23Deadlyshank EvílLethon-US1698Not updated
24Deadpanther ChampionLethon-US1638
25Goofyghost Little WilliesLethon-US1595
26Incromaton Too Drunk To PvPLethon-US1586
27Cozom Dark LegendsLethon-US1575
28Mellashton Little WilliesLethon-US1538
29Chuey RascalzLethon-US1524
30Baconstripz CthonicLethon-US1515
31Quag ChampionLethon-US1506
32Unleeshed Little WilliesLethon-US1498
33Blasticuss Little WilliesLethon-US1487
34Kirito  Lethon-US1483
35Gype Little WilliesLethon-US1466
36Imakilla The Blood PackLethon-US1463
37Brotherhealz Little WilliesLethon-US1441Not updated
38Faylinn Little WilliesLethon-US1376
39Hellzknight Sword Art OnlineLethon-US1330
40Resurrection The Blood PackLethon-US1315
41Frostiez AbyssLethon-US1300
42Rugik  Lethon-US1151
43Muffsmasher SanctuaryLethon-US1148
44Echo Unorthodox TechniqueLethon-US1146Not updated
45Yzf AbyssLethon-US1140
46Huutah  Lethon-US960
47Tooblunt ChampionLethon-US959
47Bravekeishin Little WilliesLethon-US959
47Grizzlybær SanctuaryLethon-US959Not updated
47Onepally Little WilliesLethon-US959
47Ghostfaced Rangers of SylvanasLethon-US959
47Moxess  Lethon-US959
53Regenerate Unorthodox TechniqueLethon-US958
54Levinthal Little WilliesLethon-US949
55Draxylcution Too Drunk To PvPLethon-US768
55Lunchurnot Unorthodox TechniqueLethon-US768
55Tibraz  Lethon-US768
55Etizo SanctuaryLethon-US768
55Grushdeva CthonicLethon-US768
60Tbear  Lethon-US767
60Ðeathstriké The Blood PackLethon-US767
60Arcath RâdianceLethon-US767Not updated
60Drestrong RâdianceLethon-US767
64Squatrack ChampionLethon-US766
65Emò Little WilliesLethon-US762
66Artt ChampionLethon-US576
66Fearfactory The Blood PackLethon-US576
66Adrennius  Lethon-US576
66Melubfear ChampionLethon-US576
66Baradorn CthonicLethon-US576
66Reflex Unorthodox TechniqueLethon-US576
66Fatnfurious CthonicLethon-US576
66Drmalls ChampionLethon-US576
74Nanakox EquilibriaLethon-US384
74Kàs ChampionLethon-US384
74Kiwilub ChampionLethon-US384
74Randis RâdianceLethon-US384
74Vìènná Dark LegendsLethon-US384
74Feralstomp Unorthodox TechniqueLethon-US384
74Abandinatîòn  Lethon-US384
74Flxmalicious ChampionLethon-US384
74Lovetap CthonicLethon-US384
74Handlez AbyssLethon-US384
74Thaumat hey im based godLethon-US384
74Bigsquishy AbyssLethon-US384
74Drmallz  Lethon-US384Not updated
74Lubjuice ChampionLethon-US384
74Wär Little WilliesLethon-US384
74Lizethee  Lethon-US384
74Nobodysfool AchieversLethon-US384
74Lexya  Lethon-US384Not updated
74Pandassuk HeartbreakersLethon-US384
74Shadòwburn  Lethon-US384
94Lubbly ChampionLethon-US192
94Variant AbyssLethon-US192
94Ulva Little WilliesLethon-US192
94Bloodprince Dark LegendsLethon-US192
94Lionsvein Well Timed RNG BROLethon-US192
94Magesky Little WilliesLethon-US192
94Burneheart Narcotics AnonymousLethon-US192

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