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Laughing Skull-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Jeff Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US2500
2Puffpuffpôôf The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2253
3Grendan nerdCREWLaughing Skull-US2209Not updated
4Nephílim The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2203
5Insens The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2202
6Koalafied Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US2198
7Applebough Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US2195
8Zunit Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US2193
8Birdfluu Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US2193
10Inumano  Laughing Skull-US2187
11Akolt  Laughing Skull-US2186
11Johnnyawesom VoidLaughing Skull-US2186
13Topic Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US2185
14Lyric Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US2179
15Evna Car RamRodLaughing Skull-US2174
16Karate VoidLaughing Skull-US2172
17Brandonslaa  Laughing Skull-US2158
18Flynn Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US2156
19Ihssndl Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US2155
20Firianna Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US2146
21Cloudninne Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US2139
22Mätty Big HealsLaughing Skull-US2129
23Docsavage VoidLaughing Skull-US2116
24Koality The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2111
25Taelon nerdCREWLaughing Skull-US2097
26Scroticus VoidLaughing Skull-US2077
27Tronbonne Something LegendaryLaughing Skull-US2074
28Hulklock  Laughing Skull-US2066
29Supermairo Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US2064
30Movnlikberny  Laughing Skull-US2052
31Soultaster The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2042
32Azarathh Brothers of DestruçtionLaughing Skull-US2039
33Sarumbra Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US2037
34Lucentia Big HealsLaughing Skull-US2035
35Fistweaving Ask About My Hard SwitchLaughing Skull-US2029
35Dasituation The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2029
35Similar The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2029
38Hishighness Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US2027
39Creàmy  Laughing Skull-US2015Not updated
40Tâÿste Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US2011
41Deathskeet The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2010
42Lucianfer The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2008
42Kresnik Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US2008
44Déathcharge Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US2005
44Prëcious The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2005
46Nugzzy ObsoleteLaughing Skull-US2004
47Dámakos Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US2002
48Orro The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US2001
49Bizniach Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US2000
50Grimsted Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US1999
50Cryptix The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US1999
52Mutants Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US1998
53Ryntoohigh ObsoleteLaughing Skull-US1995
54Stormguard Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US1994
55Enemi Team LiquidLaughing Skull-US1992
56Datsik The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US1990
57Fullytorqued  Laughing Skull-US1984Not updated
58Saltarrian VoidLaughing Skull-US1983
59Rastora Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US1975
60Jwoww The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US1974
61Ñømh The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US1970Not updated
62Àsylum Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US1967
63Hÿpèrnewb Ask About My Hard SwitchLaughing Skull-US1965
64Pewb Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US1963
65Pepsifresca Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US1960Not updated
65Virtues Team SwagLaughing Skull-US1960
67Souperstar Knights of HonorLaughing Skull-US1955
68Cerberas ThrillerLaughing Skull-US1952
68Kuangshuhan  Laughing Skull-US1952
68Inkling Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US1952
71Itchin Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US1948
72Ragestorm The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US1946
73Bootslol  Laughing Skull-US1943Not updated
74Lgbtforlife  Laughing Skull-US1939
75Shalata UNSPOKENLaughing Skull-US1933
76Liùkang  Laughing Skull-US1929
77Trademarked Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US1928
78Berzk Big HealsLaughing Skull-US1927
78Duskfall Ask About My Hard SwitchLaughing Skull-US1927
80Bondye VoidLaughing Skull-US1925
81Zna Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US1922
82Deadfire Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US1921
83Mlo Kin of AtheneLaughing Skull-US1918
84Insufflate nerdCREWLaughing Skull-US1917
84Kactusjack VoidLaughing Skull-US1917
86Ínklîng Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US1910
87Steviewønder Team SwagLaughing Skull-US1909
87Magestie The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US1909
87Boozyßrawler Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US1909
90Ðøç Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US1908
91Hawtbytes Ask About My Hard SwitchLaughing Skull-US1905
91Solarstorms EminentLaughing Skull-US1905
93Oskee  Laughing Skull-US1904
94Grimdemise The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US1902
95Cuhpkeyk Big HealsLaughing Skull-US1901
96Sott  Laughing Skull-US1900
97Silentstabs The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US1893
97Loog TwistedGamersLaughing Skull-US1893
99Dragonsfist The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US1889
100Acumen Ask About My Hard SwitchLaughing Skull-US1887

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