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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Krag'jin-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Meckm I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU2359Not updated
2Kaikon noìrKrag'jin-EU2104Not updated
3Tamnos I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU1946Not updated
4Kyass EncoreKrag'jin-EU1938Not updated
5Thyrexian I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU1905Not updated
6Geilstheiler I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU1899Not updated
7Superlative AchchazuKrag'jin-EU1848Not updated
8Drazal Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU1833Not updated
9Fisty I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU1795Not updated
10Gonokokken Vienna HuntersKrag'jin-EU1773Not updated
11Pill Finis Coronat OpusKrag'jin-EU1771Not updated
12Mentu Resident EvilKrag'jin-EU1764Not updated
13Lazuri I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU1755Not updated
14Lassiter  Krag'jin-EU1712Not updated
15Chîlly  Krag'jin-EU1707Not updated
16Shadowlock AchchazuKrag'jin-EU1652Not updated
17Drazhul Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU1638Not updated
18Icatweazlei Finis Coronat OpusKrag'jin-EU1603Not updated
19Ragirik I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU1320Not updated
20Ângeló I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU1213Not updated
21Prozombie I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU1123Not updated
22Belíal VírusKrag'jin-EU959Not updated
23Iyama medium rareKrag'jin-EU955Not updated
24Rèi medium rareKrag'jin-EU767Not updated
24Atair I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU767Not updated
26Dutchli Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU576Not updated
26Brothertuck Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU576Not updated
28Zaixes Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU575Not updated
29Chrissek I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU384Not updated
29Ðanie noìrKrag'jin-EU384Not updated
29Rìvèn I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU384Not updated
29Splendor The GateKrag'jin-EU384Not updated
33Bijb I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU192Not updated
33Lilána The GateKrag'jin-EU192Not updated
33Tamee l Out Of Control lKrag'jin-EU192Not updated
36Minimaxine roOXxKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Dìcht noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Rázze l Roots lKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Amaja AlptröimKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Orphi noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Duwia EXECUTEKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Skorpi noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Nemui roOXxKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Recklessness roOXxKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Jâlla roOXxKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Kahlilein  Krag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Elchkuh noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Medeor AlptröimKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Adlerkralle CarrierKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Fumaro noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Mikhail roOXxKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Koksy I Cynetic IKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Scóre I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Marag mortal sinKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Titya noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Eisenhagel Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Ernte Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Dietèr The GateKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Zoit VinyamarKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Kodama Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Hellami noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Kôsmos Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Mâxîmus noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Alve The GateKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Vicma I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Neliah Blood VengeanceKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Dalore noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Andorax Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Treb Little FightersKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Dünnerhans AlptröimKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Elanys Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Legolizz noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Smuo noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Milò noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Bolga roOXxKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Gerisha Die ReisendenKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Thyson Poseidons ZornKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Hurri noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Landogar  Krag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Rokerij Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Nefradall Die MusketiereKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Jlow Insomnis EquitatusKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Furioso manus iraeKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Grandelbart The GateKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Suraija I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Coleris OmaLanKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Anaxagoras OM NOM NOM DELICIOUSKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Miobe Mythen of SilenceKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Brr Arma DeiKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Eynira noìrKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Bumba roOXxKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Alyssía Hello KittyKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Deedee CarrierKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Tharsonius The GateKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Çrush The GateKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Tînkabell roOXxKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Coolnes AlptröimKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Genkidamâ Requiem of IlluminatiKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Deiy The GateKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
36Nitronomic Requiem of IlluminatiKrag'jin-EU0Not updated

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