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Korialstrasz-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Rides TakenKorialstrasz-US2222
2Twankistan TakenKorialstrasz-US2079
3Contingency  Korialstrasz-US2065
4Daprodigy TakenKorialstrasz-US2034
5Sheepherd TakenKorialstrasz-US2031
6Admista TakenKorialstrasz-US1984
7Haunted TraumaticKorialstrasz-US1974
8Bamboohealer Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US1968
9Bluth TakenKorialstrasz-US1962
10Marieila RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1942
10Strikezone F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1942
12Frostya Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US1941
13Xffactor  Korialstrasz-US1940
14Lifetaper RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1927
15Rioshadow TakenKorialstrasz-US1922
16Holysorrow TraumaticKorialstrasz-US1912
17Canvasback RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1908
18Toteman P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US1907
19Halfjacket RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1905
20Korbar RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1901
21Gladrik RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1899
22Turuneyna RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1898
23Appleseed RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1895
24Krempuff RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1892
25Mianceden Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US1866
26Rammathorne  Korialstrasz-US1861Not updated
26Zenthar EliteKorialstrasz-US1861
28Racerx Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US1859
29Lillyn Tortugas CreedKorialstrasz-US1853
30Beartack is PowerlevelingKorialstrasz-US1840
31Pri We Raid NakedKorialstrasz-US1829
32Tomark RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1827
33Johnpaul RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1816
34Marzgurl F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1813
34Beamaged Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US1813
36Hotpants F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1812
37Omegamán Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US1811
38Challenger F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1808
38Poyo Kill SquadKorialstrasz-US1808
40Malimar The BridgeburnersKorialstrasz-US1805
41Deathrages TraumaticKorialstrasz-US1801
41Rakmer RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1801
43Mcshifty Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US1792
44Pantheman P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US1785
45Greenhead RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1777
46Amthea Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US1753
46Putasmd  Korialstrasz-US1753
46Ksina Kill SquadKorialstrasz-US1753
49Sergant Kill SquadKorialstrasz-US1751
50Nobuna F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1744
51Stonebound WorldstarKorialstrasz-US1735Not updated
52Sáintstephen Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US1724
52Bluesmash RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1724
54Kalimorr F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1723
55Töxicfire RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1721Not updated
55Jimothyy F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1721
57Wickidklown PVPKorialstrasz-US1720
57Chamberjr A Dying BreedKorialstrasz-US1720
59Wickidclown PVPKorialstrasz-US1719
60Linitha F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1718
60Opaimedshot  Korialstrasz-US1718
62Soulcairn F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1695
63Senix Tortugas CreedKorialstrasz-US1694
63Goburnone Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US1694
65Critdigger Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US1693
66Hellface F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1684
67Figgter F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1680
67Pàn P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US1680
69Ráze F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1674
70Zealott TakenKorialstrasz-US1673
71Martoth DistinctiveSoulsKorialstrasz-US1668
72Strokerz F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1667
73Hextör Forsaken SoulsKorialstrasz-US1666
74Beeutifull F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1665
75Thomasmerton Thorns and RosesKorialstrasz-US1657
76Riká Tortugas CreedKorialstrasz-US1642
77Cynedra Tortugas CreedKorialstrasz-US1601
78Korfang RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1590
79Bullrushingu PVPKorialstrasz-US1542
80Investigator TakenKorialstrasz-US1526
81Serialkillha F I L T HKorialstrasz-US1510
82Ubleed A Dying BreedKorialstrasz-US1501
82Kim Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US1501
82Twistedlava TakenKorialstrasz-US1501
85Dorâ TakenKorialstrasz-US1500
85Steviet Oath of TreasonKorialstrasz-US1500
87Ndnpride Kill SquadKorialstrasz-US1494
88Bloosom PVPKorialstrasz-US1483
89Antemortem  Korialstrasz-US1482
90Soco RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1338
91Frostyswag TakenKorialstrasz-US1326
92Kungpu TakenKorialstrasz-US1312
93Zaeha TakenKorialstrasz-US1152
94Lepho RUSTY NAILSKorialstrasz-US1151
95Birdofprey TakenKorialstrasz-US1149
96Hypnøtic TraumaticKorialstrasz-US1148
97Tymkillz P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US1145
97Mikeey TakenKorialstrasz-US1145
99Brainnagh P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US1143
100Boomudie TraumaticKorialstrasz-US1142

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