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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Kirin Tor-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Hersheys Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US2033Not updated
2Freezerburns NACHO GUILDKirin Tor-US1935Not updated
3Nikigoldgrab The AbominationKirin Tor-US1931Not updated
4Tondelevo The WarbringerKirin Tor-US1908Not updated
5Supérman Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US1893Not updated
6Lepergnome MC RaidersKirin Tor-US1859Not updated
7Fozgaté ComputerNerdsKirin Tor-US1855Not updated
8Visible Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US1846Not updated
9Boyrde Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1827Not updated
10Nighteyez Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1817Not updated
11Exava Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1816Not updated
12Eldudarino The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US1810Not updated
13Christìan Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1792
14Maximumpower Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1786Not updated
15Blòodymary  Kirin Tor-US1785Not updated
15Majikmaan UMFKirin Tor-US1785Not updated
17Nitecry Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1777Not updated
17Onaboat Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1777Not updated
19Chargenslash Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US1774Not updated
20Kláw Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US1772Not updated
21Relahtees  Kirin Tor-US1761Not updated
22Doobey Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1747
23Stickanmove Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US1742Not updated
24Fozgate  Kirin Tor-US1715Not updated
25Ianasis Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1713Not updated
26Fernés Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1698
27Pheen  Kirin Tor-US1688Not updated
28Ubikk Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1667
29Icyhotz Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US1661Not updated
30Dangle Angels of DarknessKirin Tor-US1650Not updated
30Darcya Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1650
32Gfÿ Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US1644Not updated
33Wickerboy Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1642
34Kola Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US1627
35Stompee The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US1614Not updated
36Leluna  Kirin Tor-US1608Not updated
37Dyrik Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1603Not updated
38Kenastrasza TBSGKirin Tor-US1601
39Oolline Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1594Not updated
40Terrorific Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US1581Not updated
41Fortressblue Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1553Not updated
42Evercrossed Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US1497Not updated
43Algiz The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US1462Not updated
44Sengalli Nodus SecundusKirin Tor-US1460Not updated
45Maybe Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US1337Not updated
46Sïrláñcëaløt Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US1328Not updated
47Fúrrÿ Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US1314Not updated
48Malphius Searing ShadowsKirin Tor-US1300Not updated
49Mirandara  Kirin Tor-US1285Not updated
50Winiethepooh DoomsdayKirin Tor-US1148Not updated
50Awsum  Kirin Tor-US1148Not updated
52Ïambeast TBSGKirin Tor-US1147Not updated
53Misslizzie THE MAD BROSKirin Tor-US1120Not updated
54Càster Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US959Not updated
54Shampwner Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US959Not updated
56Elbforaker Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US957Not updated
57Bigmoe Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US956Not updated
58Craving Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US955Not updated
58Hoshiomi Searing ShadowsKirin Tor-US955Not updated
60Flolin Malfurions RaidersKirin Tor-US954Not updated
61Hammerkills THE MAD BROSKirin Tor-US768Not updated
61Gryllus DoomsdayKirin Tor-US768
61Sibz Chess ClubKirin Tor-US768Not updated
61Baptizer Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US768Not updated
61Goob Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US768
61Kîtkat Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US768Not updated
61Clòüd Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US768Not updated
61Msoneshot Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US768Not updated
69Derpsalot DoomsdayKirin Tor-US767Not updated
69Smiete UMFKirin Tor-US767Not updated
71Arcteron Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US765Not updated
72Petpeeve  Kirin Tor-US576Not updated
72Haveshea Blacksky CompanyKirin Tor-US576Not updated
72Wolverain SuPeR NooBeRsKirin Tor-US576Not updated
72Solus Sons of ZeusKirin Tor-US576Not updated
72Êrrór Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US576Not updated
72Deathknelly Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US576Not updated
72Roarce Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US576Not updated
72Airres  Kirin Tor-US576Not updated
72Nerfmeharder The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US576Not updated
81Tsunadë Aces and EightsKirin Tor-US575Not updated
82Avari The Demonic StormKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Arlian FableKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Mumrit DoomsdayKirin Tor-US384
82Hosenheffer The Order of VengeånceKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Mako DoomsdayKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Biohazrdus Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US384
82Acteon DoomsdayKirin Tor-US384
82Zulina Pig and Whistle SocietyKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Skunkbear Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Keshet Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Hiwalani Firehammer ClanKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Useless Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Skullcarrier Blood Scarred SkiesKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Bontrager DoomsdayKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Juvo ILLUMINATEKirin Tor-US384Not updated
82Kendrianna Honored KnightsKirin Tor-US384Not updated
98Poru Angels of DarknessKirin Tor-US192Not updated
98Jumpsbax Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US192Not updated
98Vesscovo DoomsdayKirin Tor-US192Not updated

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