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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kil'jaeden-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Thinkchair Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US2553Not updated
2Babyjace Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US2546Not updated
3Skylordsdad chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2521Not updated
4Fountaiin Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US2501Not updated
5SnuglbunyXYZ chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2411Not updated
6Bøømer CarnageKil'jaeden-US2406Not updated
6Prãystãtion AlphasKil'jaeden-US2406Not updated
8Snugglebunny chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2405Not updated
9Garrosh To Be DeterminedKil'jaeden-US2404Not updated
10Bigsxxy FAIKil'jaeden-US2403Not updated
11Bananabbc chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2388Not updated
12Phreakzilla FAIKil'jaeden-US2381Not updated
13Papaxsmash RequiemKil'jaeden-US2378Not updated
14Chiyna AFK at FarmKil'jaeden-US2373Not updated
15Puppies chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2372Not updated
16Newdruid Silly Hats OnlyKil'jaeden-US2341Not updated
17Civilrights chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2312Not updated
18Bruhbear Silly Hats OnlyKil'jaeden-US2310Not updated
19Monkestyle Rather Be PvPingKil'jaeden-US2289Not updated
20Pandapj chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2284Not updated
21Voh chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2282Not updated
22Apex  Kil'jaeden-US2280Not updated
23Zytax Fight On The FlagKil'jaeden-US2252Not updated
24Bolterino RoyalKil'jaeden-US2248Not updated
25Noxxion Forged in FuryKil'jaeden-US2234Not updated
26Lethalpurple Targaryen WarLordsKil'jaeden-US2233Not updated
27Treehustler chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2232Not updated
28Jamix chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2229Not updated
29Zev chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2228Not updated
30Kenbud InsomniaKil'jaeden-US2220Not updated
31Sleyin Dark DaysKil'jaeden-US2218Not updated
32Spaàaaàaaàce chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2216Not updated
33Dezrik  Kil'jaeden-US2211Not updated
34Gødrìc Fight On The FlagKil'jaeden-US2208Not updated
35Pragma Crit Happens PVPKil'jaeden-US2207Not updated
36Chucklesmash FAIKil'jaeden-US2204Not updated
37Unbalancèd BCUKil'jaeden-US2203Not updated
38Cathoray We Do It For The FansKil'jaeden-US2202Not updated
38Thiazine Bomb Squad EliteKil'jaeden-US2202Not updated
40Triptonic SHUT UP AND KISS MEKil'jaeden-US2201Not updated
41Tina chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2200Not updated
42Cronizer Permission DeniedKil'jaeden-US2192Not updated
43Mcdude  Kil'jaeden-US2191Not updated
43Glinkz RequiemKil'jaeden-US2191Not updated
45Embraceit Rather Be PvPingKil'jaeden-US2188Not updated
46Dórtic FAIKil'jaeden-US2186Not updated
47Cierci RoyalKil'jaeden-US2185Not updated
48Zulloa OverraidedKil'jaeden-US2181Not updated
49Shmiggle Crit Happens PVPKil'jaeden-US2179Not updated
50Klandon RequiemKil'jaeden-US2178Not updated
50Yorself RequiemKil'jaeden-US2178Not updated
50Vînthor RequiemKil'jaeden-US2178Not updated
53Niplordx chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2175Not updated
53Luqt To Be DeterminedKil'jaeden-US2175Not updated
55Colorcoded AFK at FarmKil'jaeden-US2174Not updated
56Pewpewqqx wintergrapesKil'jaeden-US2173Not updated
57Fløckaflame Tenth PlanetKil'jaeden-US2169Not updated
58Sarahshulk RoyalKil'jaeden-US2167Not updated
58Redcross RequiemKil'jaeden-US2167Not updated
60Parias Cereal KillersKil'jaeden-US2165Not updated
61Jésusonroids RoyalKil'jaeden-US2163Not updated
62Mcmanguy CarnageKil'jaeden-US2161Not updated
63Smirm Beach JusticeKil'jaeden-US2155Not updated
64Skinnyj Raid HouseKil'jaeden-US2154Not updated
65Kono chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2153Not updated
66Issue Dark DaysKil'jaeden-US2150Not updated
67Jizztko Sufficiently SlipperyKil'jaeden-US2149Not updated
68Gårth RequiemKil'jaeden-US2147Not updated
68Îsmäel Fort KickassKil'jaeden-US2147Not updated
70Michael  Kil'jaeden-US2146Not updated
71Ishadowyou RoyalKil'jaeden-US2145Not updated
72Drbadboy PhøenixKil'jaeden-US2144Not updated
72Dreadløcks chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2144Not updated
72Hayat CarnageKil'jaeden-US2144Not updated
75Fivefour chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2141Not updated
76Pilgrím RoyalKil'jaeden-US2139Not updated
77Kanaiqt TurmoilKil'jaeden-US2137Not updated
77Vulseron Real TalkKil'jaeden-US2137Not updated
77Barryskitty RoyalKil'jaeden-US2137Not updated
80Cleavagelol Be Water My FriendKil'jaeden-US2136Not updated
80Bekza RoyalKil'jaeden-US2136Not updated
82Energis Fight On The FlagKil'jaeden-US2135Not updated
82Vohxo chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2135Not updated
84Thugli RequiemKil'jaeden-US2134Not updated
85Nokyy Fight On The FlagKil'jaeden-US2132Not updated
86Subyz CarnageKil'jaeden-US2131Not updated
87Dortic FAIKil'jaeden-US2128Not updated
87Qudz chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US2128Not updated
89Chucklebolt FAIKil'jaeden-US2126Not updated
90Øptimize RequiemKil'jaeden-US2125Not updated
90Kittypaww Elite PvPKil'jaeden-US2125Not updated
92Chong Heaven N EarthKil'jaeden-US2124Not updated
93Wanding RAGEPACKKil'jaeden-US2123Not updated
93Liddia  Kil'jaeden-US2123Not updated
93Moosetackler  Kil'jaeden-US2123Not updated
96Hickbilly Fight On The FlagKil'jaeden-US2122Not updated
97Recount Rage Pillage MurderKil'jaeden-US2120Not updated
98Jjm RequiemKil'jaeden-US2119Not updated
99Tecknic FAIKil'jaeden-US2118Not updated
99Clawstitute  Kil'jaeden-US2118Not updated

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