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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Khaz'goroth-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Eisnova ViciousKhaz'goroth-EU2375Not updated
2Gammaquant Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU2249Not updated
3Singularität Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU2218Not updated
4Cárhartt  Khaz'goroth-EU2180Not updated
5Diivinez Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU2156Not updated
6Korash Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU2138Not updated
7Tridix Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU2080Not updated
8Jincs Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU2069Not updated
9Hattríck  Khaz'goroth-EU2038Not updated
10Maveríck Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU2035Not updated
11Dreitastenyo ViciousKhaz'goroth-EU2026Not updated
12Sceptrez  Khaz'goroth-EU2021Not updated
13Superbasti Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU2020Not updated
14Easypriest Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU2005Not updated
15Kragoth Dunkle SchreiterKhaz'goroth-EU1994Not updated
16Eisblock Dunkle SchreiterKhaz'goroth-EU1968Not updated
17Sinorak Die Horde trägt RosaKhaz'goroth-EU1962Not updated
18Goldfíeld Kendo ShimaKhaz'goroth-EU1958Not updated
19Vegetâ Heroes of SilenceKhaz'goroth-EU1945Not updated
20Drakbolingar Mystical of PandariaKhaz'goroth-EU1939Not updated
21Nahèmia Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1938Not updated
22Meintyra Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1937Not updated
23Zirah Brut des VerderbensKhaz'goroth-EU1930Not updated
24Saalem  Khaz'goroth-EU1921Not updated
25Morisa ViciousKhaz'goroth-EU1918Not updated
26Lysean SchattendrachenKhaz'goroth-EU1916Not updated
27Twistmightýz pýromaniacKhaz'goroth-EU1913Not updated
28Darkthroné Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU1911Not updated
29Ghorinchai Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1908Not updated
30Hamburch Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU1867Not updated
31Saturas Dunkle SchreiterKhaz'goroth-EU1842Not updated
31Shadøwøfpain l Unbreakable lKhaz'goroth-EU1842Not updated
33Snowblind Warsong IncKhaz'goroth-EU1841Not updated
34Ketanest Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1838Not updated
35Svakon Dunkle SchreiterKhaz'goroth-EU1827Not updated
35Skyfâll Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU1827Not updated
37Tungdîl Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU1814Not updated
38Darkhunt EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU1813Not updated
39Détrox  Khaz'goroth-EU1811Not updated
40Hunterlaar Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU1809Not updated
41Kéhleyr Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU1804Not updated
42Amélîe Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU1795Not updated
43Shelendreja Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU1786Not updated
44Leridia Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU1769Not updated
45Lyseán Templer of BaalKhaz'goroth-EU1768Not updated
46Hopihalido HordnungsamtKhaz'goroth-EU1760Not updated
47Tallawinga Mystical of PandariaKhaz'goroth-EU1759Not updated
48Stejul Age of DestinyKhaz'goroth-EU1753Not updated
49Brenainn PhoenixKhaz'goroth-EU1748Not updated
50Ràx Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU1743Not updated
51Massacrina TimelessKhaz'goroth-EU1741Not updated
52Jupìter Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU1729Not updated
53Yakiny WüstenwühlazKhaz'goroth-EU1724Not updated
54Khazori Seven SinsKhaz'goroth-EU1723Not updated
54Hattrìck Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU1723Not updated
56Lynyerell Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1714Not updated
57Agilitas Die WandererKhaz'goroth-EU1708Not updated
58Spêctra TimelessKhaz'goroth-EU1703Not updated
59Thunderclâw DevilishAngelsKhaz'goroth-EU1695Not updated
60Asche Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1638Not updated
61Grimmy Legion of DoomKhaz'goroth-EU1545Not updated
62Kriegsherr SchattendrachenKhaz'goroth-EU1474Not updated
63Kiznatowryk Thori dalKhaz'goroth-EU1468Not updated
64Karnach Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1452Not updated
65Debbi Templer of BaalKhaz'goroth-EU1428Not updated
66Paininbane Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1338Not updated
67Xelsys Mystical of PandariaKhaz'goroth-EU1336Not updated
67Durzar EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU1336Not updated
69Kédor  Khaz'goroth-EU1330Not updated
70Amyrose Thori dalKhaz'goroth-EU1301Not updated
71Enkantada Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1299Not updated
72Ottoman the usual suspectsKhaz'goroth-EU1151Not updated
72Tobor Slayers CompanyKhaz'goroth-EU1151Not updated
74Urtgard Orden des LichtsKhaz'goroth-EU1150Not updated
75Proccya EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU1149Not updated
76Prodîgyz EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU1148Not updated
77Labedudel Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1145Not updated
78Anovella KnorkeKhaz'goroth-EU960Not updated
78Fenvâriz  Khaz'goroth-EU960Not updated
80Donhunter Kameraden AzerothsKhaz'goroth-EU959Not updated
80Turam Warsong IncKhaz'goroth-EU959Not updated
82Coletraín Die schwarze RoseKhaz'goroth-EU958Not updated
83Nájøx horiizonKhaz'goroth-EU957Not updated
84Zanjul Seven SinsKhaz'goroth-EU768Not updated
84Butterwampe HUNTER CLANKhaz'goroth-EU768Not updated
84Bazo Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU768Not updated
84Evnz Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU768Not updated
88Daron Age of DestinyKhaz'goroth-EU763Not updated
89Chandrâ EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU576Not updated
89Argenus Dark Children of CHU CHUKhaz'goroth-EU576Not updated
89Piruk Seven SinsKhaz'goroth-EU576Not updated
89Zwekloss Seven SinsKhaz'goroth-EU576Not updated
89Aldones Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU576Not updated
89Stealthpiffi Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU576Not updated
89Sâracen Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU576Not updated
89Ehlena Stolzes HerzKhaz'goroth-EU576Not updated
89Soulstone EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU576Not updated
98Dikè KnorkeKhaz'goroth-EU384Not updated
98Quaal  Khaz'goroth-EU384Not updated
98Diké KnorkeKhaz'goroth-EU384Not updated

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