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Khadgar-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Healsforutoo Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US2143
2Angël BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US2128
3Chubbers Autumn EffectKhadgar-US2067
4Xude Enrage TimerKhadgar-US2054
5Immahuntard SunderedKhadgar-US2049
6Dotnrun Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US2040
7Stonebreaker  Khadgar-US2036
8Sudoxe Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US2026
9Âpollo Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US2022
10Guwapx SunderedKhadgar-US2020
11Alìnas Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US2017
12Drunkenmonky Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US2013
13Systolic Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US2006
14Aesculapius BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1999
15Emt Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1987
16Acceptance Flippity Floppity FloopKhadgar-US1986
17Predation Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1983
18Pyraice Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1980
18Vodkar BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1980
20Oxolase Enrage TimerKhadgar-US1971
21Kidcata Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1969
22Nolix Hördish Nut HöuseKhadgar-US1957Not updated
23Sheared Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1952
24Anunnakki Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1942
25Continuum BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1939Not updated
26Childplz SunderedKhadgar-US1931
27Chuckylarms DestinyKhadgar-US1923
28Johnnyblight VindicateKhadgar-US1919
29Physician Enrage TimerKhadgar-US1915Not updated
30Sargeen BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1913
31Naughtia Enrage TimerKhadgar-US1901
32Bolzep Exhibit XIIIKhadgar-US1890
33Kruzxx BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1889
33Xiza Enrage TimerKhadgar-US1889Not updated
35Shotput Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1887
36Dotsforyou Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1885
37Azedia Hördish Nut HöuseKhadgar-US1884Not updated
38Høøchie BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1883
39Lockbox Enrage TimerKhadgar-US1881Not updated
40Floow BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1877
41Kelto Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1874
42Doubledip BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1871
43Spurr Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1867
44Jackshow BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1857
45Daxea DestinyKhadgar-US1851
46Zexna Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1826
47Sodirty Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1825
48Redayes Sanguine SplendorKhadgar-US1820
49Holyweave Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1816
50Gatling Enrage TimerKhadgar-US1815
51Lyzair DestinyKhadgar-US1813
52Tøkakage Hidden SmokeKhadgar-US1811
53Shér SunderedKhadgar-US1808
54Kogazzi Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1804
55Zutar SunderedKhadgar-US1801
56Sled Council of EldersKhadgar-US1794
57Jetcircus Council of EldersKhadgar-US1791
58Alliman SunderedKhadgar-US1790
59Johnnygoods FallenKhadgar-US1782
60Abaiu SunderedKhadgar-US1780
61Shaylapurr Enrage TimerKhadgar-US1763Not updated
62Vraggen Council of EldersKhadgar-US1758
63Choadehammer Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1757
64Insídíous Enrage TimerKhadgar-US1748Not updated
65Besos The Penumbra SyndicateKhadgar-US1730
66Shoshin TheBrethrenKhadgar-US1727
67Downzy  Khadgar-US1726
68Vanhandian Council of EldersKhadgar-US1722
69Shobias Council of EldersKhadgar-US1705
69Girlpls SunderedKhadgar-US1705
71Kaschei Council of EldersKhadgar-US1700
71Havenfell Council of EldersKhadgar-US1700
73Kørkz Council of EldersKhadgar-US1681
74Brr Legion of LightKhadgar-US1671Not updated
75Spearpolish VoltageKhadgar-US1670
76Deathwarden Hidden SmokeKhadgar-US1668
77Fudwinkle SunderedKhadgar-US1658
78Mafa  Khadgar-US1657
79Morekills The Skittle Drop CrewKhadgar-US1647
80Badmagik The Skittle Drop CrewKhadgar-US1638
81Avectrite TheBrethrenKhadgar-US1627
82Fatboyflash The Skittle Drop CrewKhadgar-US1613
83Hrothwarl The Thunder DomeKhadgar-US1589
84Citlalpol BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1550
85Bakatati Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1523
86Irellia HavocKhadgar-US1511
87Nightriderr SunderedKhadgar-US1508
88Paikon Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1507
89Hâsh BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1489
90Misdirected Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1467
91Tankzerheals Experimental FurbolgKhadgar-US1448
92Wrathena Experimental FurbolgKhadgar-US1393
93Hott Little RascalsKhadgar-US1337
94Skyrik SunderedKhadgar-US1336
95Vaedon SunderedKhadgar-US1334
96Rozgrez Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1332
97Llòth Enrage TimerKhadgar-US1331Not updated
98Feline Legion of LightKhadgar-US1324
99Iskrå Age of ReasonKhadgar-US1313
99Lethchan Shadows of TrinityKhadgar-US1313

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