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Kel'Thuzad-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Abn  Kel'Thuzad-US2450
2Bailamostar Girls Should Be HealersKel'Thuzad-US2217
3Jordon  Kel'Thuzad-US2188Not updated
4Moraton Girls Should Be HealersKel'Thuzad-US2172Not updated
4Môraton Girls Should Be HealersKel'Thuzad-US2172
6Reykos Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2169
7Madeinworgen Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2166
8Mistÿ Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2157
9Hansol  Kel'Thuzad-US2152
10Xenatar Girls Should Be HealersKel'Thuzad-US2149
11Naz Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2144
12Dhorothy Altered StateKel'Thuzad-US2141
13Gìöváññí  Kel'Thuzad-US2131Not updated
14Ceroz Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2129
15Bobxsr Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2124
16Redtroz THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2123
16Skunkbunker Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2123
18Nethervortex Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2121
19Ðreams Girls Should Be HealersKel'Thuzad-US2120
20Bailamos  Kel'Thuzad-US2107
21Aerodactyl Girls Should Be HealersKel'Thuzad-US2105
22Sandoith Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2086
23Nazhaze Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2082
24Starflame Girls Should Be HealersKel'Thuzad-US2071
24Generállee Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2071Not updated
26Motivating Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2063
27Emonerd Rainbow CupcakesKel'Thuzad-US2060
27Brewzbanner  Kel'Thuzad-US2060
29Poison Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2055
29Velati Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2055
31Starlordx Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2054
32Baraik Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2048
33Cuteboi ReminiscenceKel'Thuzad-US2042Not updated
33Bobx Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2042
35Astraslol Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2040
36Balancedrood Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2039
37Asmongold IndestructibleKel'Thuzad-US2033
37Kãy Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2033
39Cloudypwna Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2030
39Inbi Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2030
41Chéat PvP VendorKel'Thuzad-US2028
42Steewie Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2025
43Rabxx Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2024
44Slussh Girls Should Be HealersKel'Thuzad-US2023
45Staticxztko Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2022
46Lynxzilla ReminiscenceKel'Thuzad-US2017Not updated
46Drmolestarz  Kel'Thuzad-US2017Not updated
48Cuicatl IndestructibleKel'Thuzad-US2012
49Borbizzleqt Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2009
49Redtro Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2009
51Lobster Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2006
52Meww Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2005
53Weedoo  Kel'Thuzad-US2004Not updated
54Commissar Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2003
54Globalwave Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2003
56Djmattswagx  Kel'Thuzad-US2002Not updated
57Whirlybird Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2000Not updated
58Roundhere Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1999
58Aelarn Chaotic IntentKel'Thuzad-US1999
58Lpman THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US1999Not updated
61Darreese Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US1998
62Dotaboyswag Girls Should Be HealersKel'Thuzad-US1994
62Hallahalla club moneyKel'Thuzad-US1994
64Ssjbaby Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1993
64Lightnitup Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1993
66Shiftyy Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1992
67Norqtx Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1989
68Mejoshealz  Kel'Thuzad-US1986Not updated
68Velatibaby Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1986
70Maddik Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1985
71Trebeky Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1984
72Ðim eNeRGy GamingKel'Thuzad-US1983Not updated
73Narqatix Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1979Not updated
73Reykøs Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1979
75Shifflol club moneyKel'Thuzad-US1978
75Sheldonm THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US1978Not updated
77Jét THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US1977
77Dizzyx Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1977
79Gânkstr Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1975
80Cöbaine Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US1974
80Bandít Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US1974
82Skiddlybop Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US1973
82Clydexd hey girl wats yo real idKel'Thuzad-US1973
84Rebelqt Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1972
85Tamonx Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1971
86Saosin Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US1970
87Tamon Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1969
87Jamminhammer GehennaKel'Thuzad-US1969
87Thornicates Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1969
90Lafonday  Kel'Thuzad-US1968
90Friend hey girl wats yo real idKel'Thuzad-US1968
92Discobarbie Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1967
93Spliffx Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US1965
93Assâssìn  Kel'Thuzad-US1965Not updated
95Sodeep Promethium GamingKel'Thuzad-US1964
95Crepper PvP VendorKel'Thuzad-US1964
97Spanksv Momento MiniKel'Thuzad-US1961
98Chococutie Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US1959
99Brolyreppin THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US1958Not updated
99Wickedstyle CC and CapKel'Thuzad-US1958

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