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Kel'Thuzad-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Generatata THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2559
2Swelite  Kel'Thuzad-US2504
3Sheldon Guilty PleasureKel'Thuzad-US2498
4Bjol EU smelly swine countryKel'Thuzad-US2487
5Bòby  Kel'Thuzad-US2483
6Fronkeyjr Just Tryna Get HighKel'Thuzad-US2479
7Lpman THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2465
8Tjom EU smelly swine countryKel'Thuzad-US2464Not updated
9Madeinworgen Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2460
10Tamon Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2458
11Swoopzy Guilty PleasureKel'Thuzad-US2457
12Sheldonm THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2447
13Chiggatko LeggoKel'Thuzad-US2436
13Exumbra CrusadeKel'Thuzad-US2436
15Noahdaly Guilty PleasureKel'Thuzad-US2430
15Starlordx ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2430
17Mversus WORLDSTARHIPHOPKel'Thuzad-US2426
18Meowkin  Kel'Thuzad-US2425
19Globalwave THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2419
20Dreamsx one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2417
20Kjah Stormwinds Most WantedKel'Thuzad-US2417
22Véngèful ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2416
22Slizzed EnergyKel'Thuzad-US2416
24Bobxsr Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2415
25Skunkbunker Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2411
26Heuheuhuehue THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2410
27Tianait Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US2409
28Cryogenik l a m eKel'Thuzad-US2408
29Hipzdontlie ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2407Not updated
29Deithortwo Eternally NocturnalKel'Thuzad-US2407
31Mutìny Altered StateKel'Thuzad-US2406
32Bobx Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2403
32Kryxy THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2403
34Mÿsticxone Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2397
35Jimmyvel Stormwinds Most WantedKel'Thuzad-US2395
36Magnusz THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2392
36Slizzedagain EnergyKel'Thuzad-US2392
38Bailamos one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2391
39Twinksingh Crooks N CastersKel'Thuzad-US2390
39Katsoura  Kel'Thuzad-US2390
41Velati ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2388
42Môraton one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2383
43Deithor These Haters Love MeKel'Thuzad-US2382
44Feardotcôm l a m eKel'Thuzad-US2378
45Ogpurpz one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2377
46Bruhgly  Kel'Thuzad-US2376Not updated
46Timé PvP VendorKel'Thuzad-US2376
48Arishiki Crooks N CastersKel'Thuzad-US2372
49Mysteryshots These Haters Love MeKel'Thuzad-US2366
49Sjm THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2366
51Polishqt Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2364
52Dhorothy Altered StateKel'Thuzad-US2363
52Soex Guilty PleasureKel'Thuzad-US2363
54Nachash PrototypeKel'Thuzad-US2360Not updated
54Redfîsh These Haters Love MeKel'Thuzad-US2360
56Xenatar one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2356
57Asbur THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2353
58Reykos ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2347
59Jadeshaw one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2344
60Dietcokes  Kel'Thuzad-US2343
61Sandoith ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2341
61Adorbsxo FRIENDSHIP lS MAGICKel'Thuzad-US2341
63Hanto  Kel'Thuzad-US2340Not updated
64Arsina Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2339
65Velato ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2337
66Brewszy  Kel'Thuzad-US2336
67Arielqt THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2332Not updated
68Astraslolqt Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2331
69Chicchi THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2330
70Discobarbie one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2329
71Airiolas NAO GamingKel'Thuzad-US2326
72Meww ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2324
72Meatballcity ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2324
74Mistÿ Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2323
75Mannars Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US2322
76Jrmintsx wow is a ggKel'Thuzad-US2316
77Màssa These Haters Love MeKel'Thuzad-US2314
78Emily one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2313
78Vapøurs  Kel'Thuzad-US2313Not updated
80Pheyx THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2311
81Pcedeeznutz My little PWNieKel'Thuzad-US2310
81Sizwally Guilty PleasureKel'Thuzad-US2310
83Rèadér Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US2309
83Endofdreams Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US2309
85Lightnitup Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US2307
86Redtroz THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2306
86Skottie Crooks N CastersKel'Thuzad-US2306
88Otpp Eternally NocturnalKel'Thuzad-US2305
88Weatherby Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2305
88Ietsdance ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2305
88Enej HeartbreakersKel'Thuzad-US2305
88Jordon  Kel'Thuzad-US2305
88Swaglionx l a m eKel'Thuzad-US2305
88Mýsterperez These Haters Love MeKel'Thuzad-US2305
95Flopzx  Kel'Thuzad-US2304Not updated
95Cyalatr  Kel'Thuzad-US2304
95Gânkstr  Kel'Thuzad-US2304
98Yolo IM A WHALE OROOWWOOKel'Thuzad-US2301Not updated
98Evomurda Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2301
100Epsiløn Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2300

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