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Kel'Thuzad-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Swelite EU smelly swine countryKel'Thuzad-US2512
2Bòby  Kel'Thuzad-US2504
3Panzerhenk EU smelly swine countryKel'Thuzad-US2487
3Bjol EU smelly swine countryKel'Thuzad-US2487
5Sheldon  Kel'Thuzad-US2465
6Winkaaääaäay EU smelly swine countryKel'Thuzad-US2464
6Tjom EU smelly swine countryKel'Thuzad-US2464
8Lurtéx EU smelly swine countryKel'Thuzad-US2437
9Exumbra CrusadeKel'Thuzad-US2436
10Starlordx ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2430
11Meowkin EU smelly swine countryKel'Thuzad-US2425
12Sheldonm THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2423
13Dreamsx one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2417
14Hipzdontlie ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2408
15Magnusz THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2392
16Velati ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2384
17Mejoshealz  Kel'Thuzad-US2373
18Lpman THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2372
19Dhorothy Altered StateKel'Thuzad-US2363
20Nachash PrototypeKel'Thuzad-US2360
21Asbur THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2353
22Môraton one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2351
22Kjah Stormwinds Most WantedKel'Thuzad-US2351
24Lottí Love SosaKel'Thuzad-US2341
25Reykos ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2340
26Arsina Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2339
27Lightnitup Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2335
28Madeinworgen Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2326
29Meww ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2324
30Kergok ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2321
31Gânkstr  Kel'Thuzad-US2319
32Meatballcity ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2318
33Tamon Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2313
34Kryxy THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2305
35Skunkbunker Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2304
36Ietsdance ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2303
36Arielqt THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2303
38Polishqt Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2299
39Sandoith ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2295
40Norqtx Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2291
40Feardotcôm l a m eKel'Thuzad-US2291
42Contest ImportedKel'Thuzad-US2287
43Nazhaze Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2285
44Mversus WORLDSTARHIPHOPKel'Thuzad-US2284
45Slussh one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2282
46Deithor Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2278
46Astraslolqt Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2278
48Colro ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2275
49Astraslol Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2272
50Peacedeznutz My little PWNieKel'Thuzad-US2267
51Vîrgînkîng Heavy HittersKel'Thuzad-US2263
52Mistÿ Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2262
53Borbizzleqt ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2259
54Baraik pick dicturesKel'Thuzad-US2255
55Weatherby Put Me In CoachKel'Thuzad-US2254
55Heuheuhuehue THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2254
57Kïtty Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2253
58Emotions THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2251
58Brolywhut THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2251
58Laurenray pick dicturesKel'Thuzad-US2251
61Inbi Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2250
62Chodedaddyxo Nation of ChaosKel'Thuzad-US2249
63Mejosheals Ill fap you sapKel'Thuzad-US2247
63Bombanos ImportedKel'Thuzad-US2247
65Timé PvP VendorKel'Thuzad-US2246
66Meowington Altered StateKel'Thuzad-US2245
67Crepper PvP VendorKel'Thuzad-US2244
67Màssa  Kel'Thuzad-US2244
67Xersei Eternally NocturnalKel'Thuzad-US2244
67Eraeaeae  Kel'Thuzad-US2244
71Xenatar one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2242Not updated
72Astrelo  Kel'Thuzad-US2240
72Yolo  Kel'Thuzad-US2240
74Mÿsticxone THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2236
75Trebeky Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2235
75Hanto Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2235
77Sickofthis wait what xpac is thisKel'Thuzad-US2231
77Kana Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2231
79Guiga  Kel'Thuzad-US2230
80Reykøs ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2229
80Sôcks Shogun KnightsKel'Thuzad-US2229
82Shiftyy Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2228
82Powersource No Half MeasuresKel'Thuzad-US2228
84Nachobucket  Kel'Thuzad-US2227
85Hottiepai Altered StateKel'Thuzad-US2226
86Vèngéful  Kel'Thuzad-US2225
87Arlakk one lesson per dayKel'Thuzad-US2224
88Ninjau ROOTBEERKel'Thuzad-US2223
88Arkamani Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2223
88Chatahoochie My little PWNieKel'Thuzad-US2223
91Totemtwist  Kel'Thuzad-US2222
91Velure Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2222
91Keepcryin Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2222
94Tàmon Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2221
94Deathlobsta Late Night CrewKel'Thuzad-US2221
94Marvel Toad ExplodeKel'Thuzad-US2221
97Endofdreams Sapped The TrinketKel'Thuzad-US2219
98Eulah THUNDER BUDDIÈSKel'Thuzad-US2218
99Newsroom Endless GamingKel'Thuzad-US2217
99Ziwix PrototypeKel'Thuzad-US2217

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