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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kazzak-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Mezmeri DnoKazzak-EU2541Not updated
2Maageek VanguardKazzak-EU2519Not updated
3Shibbx EnvyKazzak-EU2503Not updated
4Dreako CoachKazzak-EU2468Not updated
4Consecra VanguardKazzak-EU2468Not updated
6Exfendi Midnight ExpressKazzak-EU2464Not updated
7Shamadelic The Dragonfell TribeKazzak-EU2444Not updated
8Xleindot VanguardKazzak-EU2442Not updated
9Krayg Team TurtleKazzak-EU2417Not updated
10Mamadoge HornPubKazzak-EU2415Not updated
11Kàzck InclusionKazzak-EU2412Not updated
12Burkas Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2400Not updated
13Chousquared No RemorseKazzak-EU2348Not updated
13Chouharder No RemorseKazzak-EU2348Not updated
15Gároná  Kazzak-EU2339Not updated
16Kuttuna  Kazzak-EU2305Not updated
17Akke  Kazzak-EU2304Not updated
18Ladieslovez HornPubKazzak-EU2303Not updated
19Bamsebjörnxo Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2300Not updated
20Kappoqt Progress DeniedKazzak-EU2292Not updated
21Cutie Las Vegas BabyKazzak-EU2285Not updated
22Nigglesias vargflockenKazzak-EU2284Not updated
23Sambal Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2283Not updated
23Forteka XeonKazzak-EU2283Not updated
25Kravnos Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2281Not updated
26Zhaóo HornPubKazzak-EU2256Not updated
27Ezp  Kazzak-EU2250Not updated
28Rahz Cartoons and CerealKazzak-EU2249Not updated
29Nvrmind Pure BrutalityKazzak-EU2245Not updated
30Vulgar Pure BrutalityKazzak-EU2241Not updated
31Vedona Mental InsanityKazzak-EU2238Not updated
32Holypowered PerceptionKazzak-EU2226Not updated
33Kñas Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2218Not updated
33Lubemytotems Rank One Get OwnedKazzak-EU2218Not updated
35Phenomic ApexKazzak-EU2216Not updated
35Chatterbox ConnexusKazzak-EU2216Not updated
37Colossùs Revelation of TruthKazzak-EU2210Not updated
37Underdôg The ÐreamCatchersKazzak-EU2210Not updated
39Zzooxx LëgacyKazzak-EU2203Not updated
40Soursoul Midget MafíaKazzak-EU2200Not updated
41Rezinus Iron EdgeKazzak-EU2191Not updated
42Blopi Best Slackers EUKazzak-EU2190Not updated
43Smíerc Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2188Not updated
44Mattrixx R e v o l u t i o nKazzak-EU2187Not updated
45ßûbbles ConnexusKazzak-EU2183Not updated
46Coldwinter Pure BrutalityKazzak-EU2173Not updated
47Zews Pure BrutalityKazzak-EU2172Not updated
47Mubor Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2172Not updated
49Sinafey Iron EdgeKazzak-EU2169Not updated
50Veeton Konvict Gaming EUKazzak-EU2163Not updated
51Babydoge HornPubKazzak-EU2158Not updated
52Rashkebab Iron EdgeKazzak-EU2157Not updated
52Anarawen Iron EdgeKazzak-EU2157Not updated
52Hygnos Iron EdgeKazzak-EU2157Not updated
52Aphaia Iron EdgeKazzak-EU2157Not updated
52Jállurin Iron EdgeKazzak-EU2157Not updated
57Vallient Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2154Not updated
57Primarey Pure BrutalityKazzak-EU2154Not updated
59Pólífíllá Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2152Not updated
59Alatz InclusionKazzak-EU2152Not updated
61Aniar Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2148Not updated
62Narsqt WØRLDSTARKazzak-EU2144Not updated
63Idsacthat HornPubKazzak-EU2142Not updated
64Bayleigh HornPubKazzak-EU2141Not updated
65Børnunhøly Pure BrutalityKazzak-EU2138Not updated
66Antwon McDriveKazzak-EU2137Not updated
67Yolopomx HornPubKazzak-EU2133Not updated
67Spacehobo HornPubKazzak-EU2133Not updated
67Mohandar HornPubKazzak-EU2133Not updated
70Khauz EnvyKazzak-EU2132Not updated
70Prostylo Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2132Not updated
72Duskbringer EnvyKazzak-EU2131Not updated
73Søûlrëavër InclusionKazzak-EU2128Not updated
74Lehto Mental InsanityKazzak-EU2127Not updated
75Hulkku Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2126Not updated
76Dronah HornPubKazzak-EU2123Not updated
76Clawßeast Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2123Not updated
78Zocava EnvyKazzak-EU2120Not updated
78Atimontaná EnvyKazzak-EU2120Not updated
80Fantic ConsiliumKazzak-EU2117Not updated
81Evillight Gems are OutrageousKazzak-EU2116Not updated
81Oneton Juoda BaltaKazzak-EU2116Not updated
81Ðrox Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2116Not updated
84Ieeka HornPubKazzak-EU2115Not updated
85Deformer  Kazzak-EU2113Not updated
86Esa Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2112Not updated
87Bendower Iron EdgeKazzak-EU2111Not updated
88Trysheepme EnvyKazzak-EU2107Not updated
89Tsutsus R e v o l u t i o nKazzak-EU2104Not updated
90Robieqt Kick HordeKazzak-EU2103Not updated
91Toxozet HornPubKazzak-EU2102Not updated
92Runketass HornPubKazzak-EU2098Not updated
93Deførm  Kazzak-EU2097Not updated
94Zafirah  Kazzak-EU2096Not updated
95Aarabasta Pumped PvPKazzak-EU2091Not updated
95Raycato Legandery Of KsaKazzak-EU2091Not updated
97Luciean Midget MafíaKazzak-EU2086Not updated
98Deform  Kazzak-EU2085Not updated
98Elumie VanguardKazzak-EU2085Not updated
100Hèx ConnexusKazzak-EU2084Not updated

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