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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Kargath-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Synthicqt Fatal UnionKargath-US2441
2Scarlettx Fatal UnionKargath-US2169Not updated
3Frostftw Edge of RealityKargath-US2153
4Kyôsuke Edge of RealityKargath-US2135Not updated
4Sparkelss Edge of RealityKargath-US2135Not updated
6Arbormist LimitbreakerKargath-US2073Not updated
7Foedere Three Man WolfpackKargath-US2072Not updated
8Ibeatsteak LimitbreakerKargath-US2070Not updated
9Docky  Kargath-US2066Not updated
10Coolshades LimitbreakerKargath-US2050Not updated
11Pandacea  Kargath-US2014Not updated
12Catatonica BloodswornKargath-US2011Not updated
13Amateràsu  Kargath-US2007Not updated
14Huntershot ElectrotunedKargath-US2002Not updated
15Triggerlock Shadow and LightKargath-US1983Not updated
16Rentrilion  Kargath-US1971Not updated
17Peekahboo  Kargath-US1968Not updated
18Gradia BloodswornKargath-US1959Not updated
19Souljazz InsurrectionKargath-US1957Not updated
20Statty BloodswornKargath-US1954Not updated
21Naurato Rift WalkersKargath-US1950
22Wildestlands  Kargath-US1947Not updated
23Chrithelle Collateral DamageKargath-US1934Not updated
24Letria  Kargath-US1924Not updated
25Heàlz Legion RebornKargath-US1922Not updated
26Dekkaar Wolf Pack of OneKargath-US1909
27Aluqah Fatal UnionKargath-US1905Not updated
27Symbioses Edge of RealityKargath-US1905Not updated
29Topgamer Elysian DawnKargath-US1904Not updated
30Morzal Fatal UnionKargath-US1898
31Kamillía After DawnKargath-US1883Not updated
32Elivanska Holy SanchezKargath-US1881Not updated
33Gradio BloodswornKargath-US1876Not updated
34Bubblefètt Shadow and LightKargath-US1867Not updated
35Pazzomago Rift WalkersKargath-US1865Not updated
36Meanone LevelKargath-US1856Not updated
37Ãscend Edge of RealityKargath-US1851Not updated
38Dorlomin Shadow and LightKargath-US1838Not updated
39Bolo Fatal UnionKargath-US1834
40Beteljuice Corruptors of InnocenceKargath-US1831Not updated
40Teracova Legion RebornKargath-US1831Not updated
42Maxxus Shadow and LightKargath-US1830Not updated
43Excelcior Holy SanchezKargath-US1820Not updated
44Knicker Edge of RealityKargath-US1819Not updated
44Incipiam Three Man WolfpackKargath-US1819Not updated
46Athuum Wolf Pack of OneKargath-US1813Not updated
47Sábent  Kargath-US1805Not updated
48Killedhim ElectrotunedKargath-US1800Not updated
49Paisty Holy SanchezKargath-US1796Not updated
50Lolstormmin Rift WalkersKargath-US1786Not updated
51Morus  Kargath-US1780Not updated
52Brewslee Fatal UnionKargath-US1769
53Twuzqt Edge of RealityKargath-US1760Not updated
54Yoloswaggins ElectrotunedKargath-US1759Not updated
55Silvara InsurrectionKargath-US1746
56Sbdkiller Shadow and LightKargath-US1745Not updated
57Sinister After DawnKargath-US1723Not updated
58Toots That GuildKargath-US1722Not updated
59Gunnah Simply BeastKargath-US1716Not updated
60Greshtard TwistedKargath-US1701Not updated
61Alphaz Shadow and LightKargath-US1699Not updated
62Ihba Shadow and LightKargath-US1697Not updated
63Cieloazul InsurrectionKargath-US1696Not updated
64Cmills Three Man WolfpackKargath-US1687Not updated
65Twistedshock SanctuaryKargath-US1680Not updated
66Zaldreline ElectrotunedKargath-US1677Not updated
67Samavati Fatal UnionKargath-US1669Not updated
68Sickpuppy Shadow and LightKargath-US1667Not updated
69Dearjack Fatal UnionKargath-US1659Not updated
70Tulander Legion RebornKargath-US1656Not updated
71Inoj Shadow and LightKargath-US1653Not updated
71Teenybit That GuildKargath-US1653Not updated
73Lucrethe  Kargath-US1642Not updated
73Colemmety Collateral DamageKargath-US1642
75Aegyo That GuildKargath-US1632Not updated
76Wyzen Mercs For HireKargath-US1624Not updated
77Aero InsurrectionKargath-US1608
78Stormstrider Celestial BloodlineKargath-US1603Not updated
79Whartz Battle ForgedKargath-US1601Not updated
80Triggerdruid Shadow and LightKargath-US1599Not updated
81Asketill AntithesisKargath-US1582
82Ruperto That GuildKargath-US1579Not updated
83Invoked Shadow and LightKargath-US1550Not updated
84Betrthandel Corruptors of InnocenceKargath-US1549
85Brobocop Fatal UnionKargath-US1513Not updated
86Dremmyboi Fatal UnionKargath-US1511
87Watch Fatal UnionKargath-US1505Not updated
88Spìte After DawnKargath-US1483Not updated
89Metanya InsurrectionKargath-US1453Not updated
90Zalnar Fatal UnionKargath-US1331Not updated
91Amatillia Fatal UnionKargath-US1325Not updated
92Wickedsweets Shadow and LightKargath-US1319Not updated
93Belorequan Fatal UnionKargath-US1289Not updated
94Consentuals Fatal UnionKargath-US1152
94Drekmar Fatal UnionKargath-US1152Not updated
96Sømdk Edge of RealityKargath-US1151Not updated
97Riáult InsurrectionKargath-US1147Not updated
98Fatgasm TwistedKargath-US1146Not updated
99Daisÿ Edge of RealityKargath-US960Not updated
100Getatmebro Edge of RealityKargath-US959

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