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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kael'thas-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Daetras EndersKael'thas-EU2324Not updated
2Gormark MystKael'thas-EU2290Not updated
3Maillat Le BivouacKael'thas-EU2217Not updated
4Overdriven Les LycansKael'thas-EU2214Not updated
4Awakened Les LycansKael'thas-EU2214Not updated
6Eminempls Les LycansKael'thas-EU2213Not updated
6Milaïs Les LycansKael'thas-EU2213Not updated
8Adhémar Les LycansKael'thas-EU2210Not updated
9ßlitz MystKael'thas-EU2202Not updated
10Veil Zun ZherisKael'thas-EU2148Not updated
11Blyse EternalisKael'thas-EU2144Not updated
12Endllessly Les LycansKael'thas-EU2108Not updated
13Mylady Les LycansKael'thas-EU2099Not updated
14Ayata Les LycansKael'thas-EU2096Not updated
15Creinlefou Les LycansKael'thas-EU2089Not updated
15Pitiépalédot Les LycansKael'thas-EU2089Not updated
17Kethy CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU2070Not updated
18Rôxör Les LycansKael'thas-EU2059Not updated
19Kaasa WrathKael'thas-EU2057Not updated
20Bênus Roxx and RollKael'thas-EU2043Not updated
21Ninesixone The HowlKael'thas-EU2041Not updated
22Alarka La Grande Banque CentralKael'thas-EU2037Not updated
23Hestiana StrenghtKael'thas-EU2036Not updated
24Itsoful Les LycansKael'thas-EU2032Not updated
25Neskq La Bande à NeskquiKKael'thas-EU2028Not updated
26Umea For the fourKael'thas-EU2022Not updated
27Magnaë EternalisKael'thas-EU2021Not updated
28Øpiüm CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU2016Not updated
29Jiixx sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU1996Not updated
30Zarzarg evolutionKael'thas-EU1982Not updated
31Allykealer Exile to freedomKael'thas-EU1976Not updated
32Jerrytreyfor Les LycansKael'thas-EU1974Not updated
33Perline RoyautEKael'thas-EU1959Not updated
34Stalactite Les LycansKael'thas-EU1957Not updated
35Tanithe Les LycansKael'thas-EU1948Not updated
35Zervan WrathKael'thas-EU1948Not updated
37Darkskoty MystKael'thas-EU1945Not updated
38Dignia Les LycansKael'thas-EU1944Not updated
39Neckbreaker AmicitiaKael'thas-EU1942Not updated
39Jiizutwø Les LycansKael'thas-EU1942Not updated
41Kalykeei Les LycansKael'thas-EU1935Not updated
42Yokozowner WrathKael'thas-EU1934Not updated
43Alélia CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU1923Not updated
44Akaa WrathKael'thas-EU1922Not updated
45Kharisma sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU1920Not updated
45Raggsockan FreaksKael'thas-EU1920Not updated
47Aaka WrathKael'thas-EU1917Not updated
48Snoopdean Les LycansKael'thas-EU1916Not updated
48Nrated Les LycansKael'thas-EU1916Not updated
50Ladrood Les LycansKael'thas-EU1913Not updated
51Warllord EternalisKael'thas-EU1912Not updated
52Kiaya IndependanceKael'thas-EU1910Not updated
53Serbittar PrøphétieKael'thas-EU1909Not updated
53Guaroloup bestialeKael'thas-EU1909Not updated
55Erizu The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU1905Not updated
56Isùwen  Kael'thas-EU1904Not updated
57Reiiz MystKael'thas-EU1902Not updated
58Wyzn EternalisKael'thas-EU1901Not updated
58Nahuu FreaksKael'thas-EU1901Not updated
60Kaaza WrathKael'thas-EU1898Not updated
61Bàka Les LycansKael'thas-EU1897Not updated
62Yxiéme EternalisKael'thas-EU1896Not updated
63Mälträz Les LycansKael'thas-EU1890Not updated
64Golovtchiner  Kael'thas-EU1888Not updated
65Ayàta Les LycansKael'thas-EU1887Not updated
66Nemsìs IndependanceKael'thas-EU1877Not updated
66Aérìs CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU1877Not updated
66Wîzz ØlympeKael'thas-EU1877Not updated
69Aérïs CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU1874Not updated
70Hightländ IndependanceKael'thas-EU1873Not updated
71Tartelance Les LycansKael'thas-EU1871Not updated
72Akha WrathKael'thas-EU1870Not updated
73Baliz STFUKael'thas-EU1865Not updated
74Lubo Les LycansKael'thas-EU1864Not updated
75Shanice Les LycansKael'thas-EU1863Not updated
76Droomy MyrthKael'thas-EU1862Not updated
77Sàkurä Les LycansKael'thas-EU1860Not updated
78Brûmes EternalisKael'thas-EU1857Not updated
79Jerrykhan Les LycansKael'thas-EU1855Not updated
80Nillillilli Les LycansKael'thas-EU1854Not updated
81Khardya Earth Guilde and FireKael'thas-EU1853Not updated
81Kàmä Les LycansKael'thas-EU1853Not updated
83Tanigyka Les LycansKael'thas-EU1851Not updated
83Kaasaa WrathKael'thas-EU1851Not updated
85Tuamallou Les LycansKael'thas-EU1849Not updated
86Hightlând IndependanceKael'thas-EU1846Not updated
87Neksa CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU1844Not updated
88Mojica Earth Guilde and FireKael'thas-EU1842Not updated
88Nimy CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU1842Not updated
90Ådle MyrthKael'thas-EU1840Not updated
91Tomilfine IndependanceKael'thas-EU1838Not updated
92Mamms ParadøxKael'thas-EU1836Not updated
93Neksý CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU1835Not updated
94Hylia Les LycansKael'thas-EU1834Not updated
94Cdixsept Les LycansKael'thas-EU1834Not updated
96Lìnøa CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU1830Not updated
97Twinsen MyrthKael'thas-EU1829Not updated
98Marss MyrthKael'thas-EU1825Not updated
99Moulay ØlympeKael'thas-EU1822Not updated
100Vaelae Les LycansKael'thas-EU1819Not updated

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