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Kael'thas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Badtwodabone JadedKael'thas-US1842
2Triçky Tier ZerÖKael'thas-US1737Not updated
3Duramax Neltharions FuryKael'thas-US1693
4Kuwl BlackLabelKael'thas-US1692
5Zerenaar  Kael'thas-US1653Not updated
6Taurs BlacklistedKael'thas-US1625
7Oxi The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US1623
8Zarmora  Kael'thas-US1609Not updated
9Cyrelia JadedKael'thas-US1597
10Evilmaniac  Kael'thas-US1585Not updated
11Sugaburga BlacklistedKael'thas-US1572
12Gati Military MindsKael'thas-US1557Not updated
13Darkener BlacklistedKael'thas-US1549
14Deathwhisp Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US1545
15Vzq  Kael'thas-US1539Not updated
16Twistedsha KarmaKael'thas-US1505
17Utholden BlackLabelKael'thas-US1494
18Johnivxx DysfunkionalKael'thas-US1450
19Shadowkillya JadedKael'thas-US1448
20Xtç JadedKael'thas-US1446
21Ooterrz  Kael'thas-US1428Not updated
22Drac Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US1417
23Tootifruitti Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US1408
24Korisin Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US1407Not updated
25Nikilya  Kael'thas-US1406
26Whatwasthat  Kael'thas-US1400
27Twistedangel KarmaKael'thas-US1370
28Spurs  Kael'thas-US1315
29Sèphala Carpe NoctumKael'thas-US1314
30Raiseup  Kael'thas-US1303
31Frôzône EchoKael'thas-US1143
31Kenshii EchoKael'thas-US1143
33Dedagain EchoKael'thas-US957
34Eatmohoney The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US954
35Underlife  Kael'thas-US767Not updated
35Shwack The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US767Not updated
37Blitzd  Kael'thas-US766
37Zæl Essence of WarKael'thas-US766Not updated
39Enix Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US576
39Kitchenqt  Kael'thas-US576Not updated
39Meepo California BoysKael'thas-US576
39Raybeames Citius Altius FortiusKael'thas-US576
39Elencia Thermonuclear CakeKael'thas-US576
39Ishoott EchoKael'thas-US576
45Stealthgen  Kael'thas-US575Not updated
45Riddlebox Scarlet BrotherhoodKael'thas-US575
45Shadowsoull EchoKael'thas-US575
45Captnpanda Titans of DeathKael'thas-US575
45Hellios Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US575
50Darkenshift JadedKael'thas-US384
50Vorce Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US384
50Deadliestdk EchoKael'thas-US384
50Derimathras The Boston ProjectKael'thas-US384
50Oxiclean JadedKael'thas-US384
50Jinxqt The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US384
50Mainson Titans of DeathKael'thas-US384
50Derithias The Boston ProjectKael'thas-US384Not updated
50Gorman  Kael'thas-US384Not updated
50Wòlfknight Titans of DeathKael'thas-US384
50Cesilia Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US384
50Zensphere OOBKael'thas-US384
50Omìnous UpheavalKael'thas-US384
50Demiise EchoKael'thas-US384
64Pernach OOBKael'thas-US192
64Bo EchoKael'thas-US192
64Ecilam OOBKael'thas-US192
64Ghontull Titans of DeathKael'thas-US192
64Darksbane Controlled ChaosKael'thas-US192
64Shortmedic Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US192Not updated
64Subgôd Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US192Not updated
64Vestalar OOBKael'thas-US192
64Corerotted DysfunkionalKael'thas-US192
64Itook DysfunkionalKael'thas-US192
64Daghagy Essence of WarKael'thas-US192Not updated
64Traydori PwnstarsKael'thas-US192Not updated
64Uff EchoKael'thas-US192
64Illix Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US192
64Gorgrum The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US192
64Stratan The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US192
64Huntingsouls Essence of WarKael'thas-US192Not updated
64Jorlin Essence of WarKael'thas-US192Not updated
64Iloveheals Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US192
64Chilly The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US192
64Kynro The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US192Not updated
64Lynthea Essence of WarKael'thas-US192Not updated
64Vorth DysfunkionalKael'thas-US192
64Pandaids BlacklistedKael'thas-US192Not updated
64Kadosh The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US192
64Kottle The Boston ProjectKael'thas-US192
64Lianlord SacredSoulsKael'thas-US192
64Daedälus The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US192
64Diåblo Citius Altius FortiusKael'thas-US192
93Panblanco HubrisKael'thas-US0
93Dandamajor PVP MAGEKael'thas-US0Not updated
93Rojamadnad PVP MAGEKael'thas-US0Not updated
93Ajordanadm PVP MAGEKael'thas-US0
93Xyd HubrisKael'thas-US0
93Raankain HubrisKael'thas-US0
93Roho  Kael'thas-US0
93Arrakeen Shadow EdgeKael'thas-US0

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