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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Jubei'Thos-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Fysh A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US2404Not updated
2Runeygrass Hornets NestJubei'Thos-US2402Not updated
2Grasswatcher  Jubei'Thos-US2402Not updated
4Legends voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2400Not updated
4Clique voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2400Not updated
6Capeman NiflheimJubei'Thos-US2381Not updated
7Doonx  Jubei'Thos-US2378Not updated
8Phabian  Jubei'Thos-US2373Not updated
9Doonmonk  Jubei'Thos-US2371Not updated
10Legendsz voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2363Not updated
11Coach voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2341Not updated
12Asheboyswag Jims MowingJubei'Thos-US2279Not updated
13Icedaddy  Jubei'Thos-US2268Not updated
14Owjin FrienDsMNJubei'Thos-US2264Not updated
15Mirrian voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2250Not updated
16Hoboface voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2244Not updated
17Shániqua Jims MowingJubei'Thos-US2212Not updated
18Wheeladeala  Jubei'Thos-US2189Not updated
19Iloveheidi Tear of the GodsJubei'Thos-US2185Not updated
19Speckle voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2185Not updated
21Damageforu voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2175Not updated
22Sotec voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2166Not updated
23Vamoo Dropbears of FunkJubei'Thos-US2161Not updated
24Magicmaniac  Jubei'Thos-US2149Not updated
25Lôkm  Jubei'Thos-US2122Not updated
25Jimmyrambo stay smashtJubei'Thos-US2122Not updated
27Phlanxx Target AcquiredJubei'Thos-US2120Not updated
28Departineva Adventure TimeJubei'Thos-US2119Not updated
29Sniperzz  Jubei'Thos-US2116Not updated
30Shamskis  Jubei'Thos-US2107Not updated
31Luckyui  Jubei'Thos-US2101Not updated
32Taithe stay smashtJubei'Thos-US2100Not updated
33Winkers The Bloodsoaked BrethrenJubei'Thos-US2085Not updated
34Lobus voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2083Not updated
35Yujii  Jubei'Thos-US2078Not updated
36Ohjah  Jubei'Thos-US2067Not updated
37Ratamacue Jims MowingJubei'Thos-US2066Not updated
37Idealize  Jubei'Thos-US2066Not updated
39Legendsx  Jubei'Thos-US2062Not updated
39Aussieluck Jims MowingJubei'Thos-US2062Not updated
41Djlegends voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2056Not updated
42Wotsfordinnr Jims MowingJubei'Thos-US2052Not updated
43Câss Tear of the GodsJubei'Thos-US2051Not updated
44Earthtide Makes me MoistJubei'Thos-US2046Not updated
44Shadowkíng  Jubei'Thos-US2046Not updated
46Goblinz  Jubei'Thos-US2045Not updated
47Dotdotfeared Dropbears of FunkJubei'Thos-US2044Not updated
48Maveralae Makes me MoistJubei'Thos-US2041Not updated
49Igotheals CrypticJubei'Thos-US2038Not updated
50Pwnned  Jubei'Thos-US2033Not updated
51Eucharist AcolytesJubei'Thos-US2031Not updated
51Ãvöé Creme FraicheJubei'Thos-US2031Not updated
53Rurutia NiflheimJubei'Thos-US2029Not updated
54Healskionner stay smashtJubei'Thos-US2024Not updated
55Trucidario Adventure TimeJubei'Thos-US2023Not updated
55Myxo Adventure TimeJubei'Thos-US2023Not updated
57Metalfist Makes me MoistJubei'Thos-US2021Not updated
57Azoura A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US2021Not updated
59Tutor  Jubei'Thos-US2017Not updated
59Iredirect Wizards IRLJubei'Thos-US2017Not updated
61Drxcoachxphd  Jubei'Thos-US2012Not updated
61Bullsack  Jubei'Thos-US2012Not updated
63Bârney Target AcquiredJubei'Thos-US2007Not updated
64Awarl Wizards IRLJubei'Thos-US2004Not updated
64Magdel ConquerorsJubei'Thos-US2004Not updated
66Fonny  Jubei'Thos-US2001Not updated
67Nemesix Tear of the GodsJubei'Thos-US1999Not updated
68Naturaldoom Target AcquiredJubei'Thos-US1997Not updated
69Venomms  Jubei'Thos-US1995Not updated
70Haive  Jubei'Thos-US1992Not updated
71Mullinup QuadrantJubei'Thos-US1991Not updated
72Carrma Rebirth of SoulJubei'Thos-US1984Not updated
73Chaiam Heretics of DuneJubei'Thos-US1981Not updated
73Cryphoonzx Jims MowingJubei'Thos-US1981Not updated
75Zeeró BANNEDJubei'Thos-US1977Not updated
76Abbarddon Makes me MoistJubei'Thos-US1974Not updated
77Kennection Jims MowingJubei'Thos-US1972Not updated
78Distruzione CenterlinkJubei'Thos-US1970Not updated
79Iceypete voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1966Not updated
80Freebeies  Jubei'Thos-US1963Not updated
81Pipsweak  Jubei'Thos-US1962Not updated
82Destruction Wizards IRLJubei'Thos-US1959Not updated
82Bearzhuzade PermanentJubei'Thos-US1959Not updated
84Ballastics You Are Not RepairedJubei'Thos-US1954Not updated
85Ransacker voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1950Not updated
86Knifestrife Jims MowingJubei'Thos-US1941Not updated
87Cleavebot GoatJubei'Thos-US1940Not updated
88Kpf Jims MowingJubei'Thos-US1936Not updated
88Paralytics Tear of the GodsJubei'Thos-US1936Not updated
90Twodadds voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1935Not updated
90Squirty The Bloodsoaked BrethrenJubei'Thos-US1935Not updated
92Hakunamatata voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1934Not updated
92Zqt  Jubei'Thos-US1934Not updated
94Fridgeface voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1930Not updated
95Geemunni voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1926Not updated
95Jadda Dropbears of FunkJubei'Thos-US1926Not updated
97Bruceleé WickedJubei'Thos-US1925Not updated
98Nouveau HyperKriticalJubei'Thos-US1920Not updated
99Preowned voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1919Not updated
100Yep voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1917Not updated

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