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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Jaedenar-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Tuskó Silk RoadJaedenar-EU2380Not updated
2Rastgele Zylos HandJaedenar-EU2098
3Panderoo Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU2072
4Quinthalyn Silk RoadJaedenar-EU2050Not updated
5Kinkylie InvinciblesJaedenar-EU2038
6Bowacha Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU2028
7Kallelol OMGJaedenar-EU2017Not updated
8Prästenvettu Team Rocket ScienceJaedenar-EU1988Not updated
9Dantaras Knights Of YouranùsJaedenar-EU1956
10Nasqad FullmoonJaedenar-EU1922
11Mclóvin The BloodpactJaedenar-EU1903Not updated
12Rickkert  Jaedenar-EU1888Not updated
13Gío FullmoonJaedenar-EU1862
14Onemind The BloodpactJaedenar-EU1861Not updated
15Paffydin red AngelsJaedenar-EU1798
16Leotar The BloodpactJaedenar-EU1797
17Paffyhun red AngelsJaedenar-EU1772
18Anulf Bloodwolf TribeJaedenar-EU1746Not updated
19Sycophant FullmoonJaedenar-EU1715
20Bloodx ClaymoreJaedenar-EU1682Not updated
21Pucholek Dark and StormyJaedenar-EU1673Not updated
22Omgitschucky  Jaedenar-EU1667Not updated
23Labuk Silk RoadJaedenar-EU1651Not updated
24Palasvin  Jaedenar-EU1613Not updated
25Paffydk red AngelsJaedenar-EU1593
26Archonei Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU1566Not updated
27Kjelke Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU1525
28Soulswap Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU1514
29Gadnjar TyphoonJaedenar-EU1499Not updated
30Lâncelot Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU1322Not updated
31Neverfear SIDE EFFECTSJaedenar-EU1150
32Tessai BlackRavensJaedenar-EU1147
33Emgé OMGJaedenar-EU959Not updated
33Cataclysmer The BloodpactJaedenar-EU959Not updated
35Bouncyboy Silk RoadJaedenar-EU957Not updated
36Deadlaserman ClaymoreJaedenar-EU944Not updated
37Pullero  Jaedenar-EU768Not updated
37Ampörthus PhobaphobiaJaedenar-EU768
37Noobkiler Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU768
40Adhaara Collateral DamageJaedenar-EU767Not updated
40Theodret Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU767
40Sharpadin Immortal GuardiansJaedenar-EU767Not updated
40Shamiga Collateral DamageJaedenar-EU767Not updated
40Cecel Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU767
40Apur MDKJaedenar-EU767Not updated
40Lolmord ClaymoreJaedenar-EU767Not updated
47Bigowl InfirmorumJaedenar-EU766Not updated
47Nïsch Turnip CrewJaedenar-EU766Not updated
49Mádmax Team Rocket ScienceJaedenar-EU576
49Chãos Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU576
49Darkpetal DeathchargeJaedenar-EU576Not updated
49Maxxitup  Jaedenar-EU576Not updated
49Bearmaster Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU576Not updated
49Tumetzu Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU576Not updated
49Billybobby Knights Of YouranùsJaedenar-EU576
56Talespin Silk RoadJaedenar-EU575Not updated
57Oszlózombi Silk RoadJaedenar-EU384Not updated
57Vermíllion CONCORDIAJaedenar-EU384Not updated
57Shadowlord  Jaedenar-EU384Not updated
57Chicaloca FullmoonJaedenar-EU384
57Grendyzer ClaymoreJaedenar-EU384Not updated
57Sookíe Disciples of HonorJaedenar-EU384
57Demenciusz BlackRavensJaedenar-EU384Not updated
57Bonniebunny BlackRavensJaedenar-EU384Not updated
57Treesum ProfoundJaedenar-EU384Not updated
57Selphi Disciples of HonorJaedenar-EU384Not updated
57Anemodarmeni FullmoonJaedenar-EU384
57Niho Silk RoadJaedenar-EU384Not updated
69Zolas  Jaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Sinestraza  Jaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Bnagwigc red AngelsJaedenar-EU192
69Selphine Silk RoadJaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Pastorkristi Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU192
69Originella With HonorJaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Plusle The BloodpactJaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Dió Silk RoadJaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Zaratustra Beasty LizardsJaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Battyboi Knights Of YouranùsJaedenar-EU192
69Thugnificent  Jaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Trampface Knights Of YouranùsJaedenar-EU192
69Beaterblade FullmoonJaedenar-EU192
69Nastyarrow Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Hotnseksi Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU192
69Hawkhunter FullmoonJaedenar-EU192
69Avdima Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU192
69Queizor Led By A GirlJaedenar-EU192Not updated
69Rachnak  Jaedenar-EU192
88Kramers ClarityJaedenar-EU0Not updated
88Yertraped Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU0
88Exora Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU0
88Beatriks ImbalancedJaedenar-EU0Not updated
88Zabusa Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU0
88Xerth Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU0Not updated
88Shárkie ClaymoreJaedenar-EU0
88Nif ImbalancedJaedenar-EU0Not updated
88Oyasuminasai ProphecyJaedenar-EU0
88Hreatless War Of The WorldJaedenar-EU0Not updated
88Vvraak ImbalancedJaedenar-EU0Not updated
88Makzt Guild of RamoxJaedenar-EU0
88Herrod TyphoonJaedenar-EU0Not updated

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