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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Boaty  Illidan-US2491Not updated
2Mattu Scripted PvPIllidan-US2453Not updated
3Arclited basement dwellersIllidan-US2447Not updated
4Shinafae Blood LegionIllidan-US2440Not updated
5Rekting Babe LegionIllidan-US2438Not updated
6Farmér  Illidan-US2429Not updated
7Skinney  Illidan-US2425Not updated
8Gotdro  Illidan-US2414Not updated
8Señorsquid Disrespect U DisconnectIllidan-US2414Not updated
8Go SanctumIllidan-US2414Not updated
11Malfunctiøn  Illidan-US2412Not updated
12Gödofbuda Not Quite ImmortalIllidan-US2403Not updated
13Lithane  Illidan-US2400Not updated
14Slappydelish Skill CappedIllidan-US2385Not updated
15Shroomzy RawRIllidan-US2375Not updated
16Piecez SolaceIllidan-US2374Not updated
17Behaved woke up solidIllidan-US2373Not updated
18Gads  Illidan-US2371Not updated
19Sappydelish  Illidan-US2369Not updated
20Madcusubad Eternal ThroneIllidan-US2366Not updated
21Harrydotters PopulationCTRLIllidan-US2364Not updated
22Yayoytyxyxyx Just GanIllidan-US2363Not updated
23Kaspir  Illidan-US2361Not updated
24Detoxxin  Illidan-US2356Not updated
25Lagmcbugdc  Illidan-US2338Not updated
26Devsx  Illidan-US2335Not updated
27Monstershaft  Illidan-US2324Not updated
28Sickomonk We Strictly PVP IIIllidan-US2323Not updated
29Faceless AvidIllidan-US2318Not updated
30Arigato on another levelIllidan-US2314Not updated
31Gediaobaole PvP PowerIllidan-US2312Not updated
32Garylolxx PvP PowerIllidan-US2309Not updated
32Redhawkx  Illidan-US2309Not updated
32Rekcuz PvP PowerIllidan-US2309Not updated
35Kiefs CannablissIllidan-US2308Not updated
36Midnightöker  Illidan-US2305Not updated
37Thelfx MOVIN OUR HIPS LIKE YEAAIllidan-US2302Not updated
38Yuriyumi dont careIllidan-US2301Not updated
39Cxbqtlol Just GanIllidan-US2300Not updated
40Coachlith  Illidan-US2296Not updated
41Lithayn  Illidan-US2291Not updated
42Gramike PvP PowerIllidan-US2289Not updated
43Redhawk Skill CappedIllidan-US2284Not updated
44Talad We Strictly PVPIllidan-US2281Not updated
44Theykillbuda Not Quite ImmortalIllidan-US2281Not updated
46Kapinaxd AcFunIllidan-US2280Not updated
47Yunglock This Game is SO HardIllidan-US2275Not updated
48Disturbias FantasiaIllidan-US2274Not updated
49Tarsius  Illidan-US2270Not updated
50Nnirvanaa PvP PowerIllidan-US2267Not updated
51Holyxiaode Blazing SunIllidan-US2266Not updated
52Blkswagdaddy Skill CappedIllidan-US2265Not updated
53Incestral This Game is SO HardIllidan-US2256Not updated
53Superabbitt PvP PowerIllidan-US2256Not updated
55Feralful Agile Blade CollegeIllidan-US2255Not updated
56Teal  Illidan-US2252Not updated
57Brbwackin  Illidan-US2247Not updated
58Ephermeral AcFunIllidan-US2246Not updated
59Buttermilkx CrunchIllidan-US2244Not updated
59Foresttank PvP PowerIllidan-US2244Not updated
59Gothizqt PvP PowerIllidan-US2244Not updated
62Yîzhii PvP PowerIllidan-US2243Not updated
63Gothios  Illidan-US2240Not updated
64Sickodk  Illidan-US2239Not updated
65Cecillian Shake MiracleIllidan-US2236Not updated
66Darkseth PvP PowerIllidan-US2235Not updated
67Danv PvP PowerIllidan-US2234Not updated
67Raidleader PvP PowerIllidan-US2234Not updated
67Garylolz Just GanIllidan-US2234Not updated
70Jord on another levelIllidan-US2233Not updated
71Validoz on another levelIllidan-US2232Not updated
72Foriertne PvP PowerIllidan-US2231Not updated
73Casketbasket Skill CappedIllidan-US2230Not updated
74Gazzle Falling LeavesIllidan-US2225Not updated
74Theyfearbuda Not Quite ImmortalIllidan-US2225Not updated
76Anniemonk PvP PowerIllidan-US2224Not updated
76Agnamius Skill CappedIllidan-US2224Not updated
78Gewudile StyleIllidan-US2223Not updated
78Grasscutter PvP PowerIllidan-US2223Not updated
80Antipoly PvP PowerIllidan-US2220Not updated
80Nigo SupremeIllidan-US2220Not updated
82Káboom  Illidan-US2219Not updated
82Shennai PvP PowerIllidan-US2219Not updated
82Alfha FusedIllidan-US2219Not updated
85Carmarce PvP PowerIllidan-US2218Not updated
86Diabétic We Strictly PVP IIIllidan-US2215Not updated
87Easondruidd PvP PowerIllidan-US2214Not updated
88Déathrio ATHENA EXCLAMATIONIllidan-US2213Not updated
88Roguesstatus We Strictly PVPIllidan-US2213Not updated
90Dinvincible PvP PowerIllidan-US2211Not updated
90Túska PvP PowerIllidan-US2211Not updated
90Dekelqt PvP PowerIllidan-US2211Not updated
93Yizhiî DAWNIllidan-US2210Not updated
94Jstorm Skill CappedIllidan-US2209Not updated
95Xbonè Clearly OutpIayedIllidan-US2208Not updated
95Magicpeace PvP PowerIllidan-US2208Not updated
95Eauch Shake MiracleIllidan-US2208Not updated
95Cxbx PvP PowerIllidan-US2208Not updated
99Fakeme Skill CappedIllidan-US2207Not updated
99Emuelm on another levelIllidan-US2207Not updated

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