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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Hyjal-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Foozelol Antisocial ClubHyjal-US2523Not updated
2Majinfooze Antisocial ClubHyjal-US2429Not updated
3Tigerbaby TFHyjal-US2231Not updated
4Goodlockbro I can do thatHyjal-US2230Not updated
5Garhia Immortal AssassinsHyjal-US2229Not updated
6Toxicomania TFHyjal-US2210Not updated
7Koopa I can do thatHyjal-US2202Not updated
8Rawrschach TFHyjal-US2141Not updated
9Glows TFHyjal-US2130Not updated
10Lazybum TFHyjal-US2120Not updated
11Thovalina Immortal AssassinsHyjal-US2117Not updated
12Faustheiler AwakenedHyjal-US2109Not updated
13Billanon ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US2108Not updated
14Takaoni Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US2103Not updated
15Lunakoi NephilimHyjal-US2097Not updated
16Magiked  Hyjal-US2087Not updated
17Patrón  Hyjal-US2085Not updated
18Peelmethat Neon KnightsHyjal-US2066
19Foste TFHyjal-US2057Not updated
20Vodoomask  Hyjal-US2043Not updated
21Spectrals TFHyjal-US2039Not updated
22Rawbeast ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US2024Not updated
22Katorina ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US2024Not updated
22Pågåñ ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US2024Not updated
22Kriegsherr ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US2024Not updated
22Kcðlråw ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US2024Not updated
22Hoodratheals The HollowHyjal-US2024Not updated
28ßùßù ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US2022Not updated
28Bigtimerush Chill PillHyjal-US2022Not updated
30Retpal Pavlovs CatHyjal-US2021Not updated
31Virulentus AsylumHyjal-US2018Not updated
32Creàmy PrætorianHyjal-US2015
33Skýe Power Word DrunkHyjal-US2005Not updated
34Lynnsanity SeaghynHyjal-US1993
35Bubbashifts ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1992
36Savnok BasedHyjal-US1988Not updated
36Tealseeker UndauntedHyjal-US1988Not updated
36Avium UndauntedHyjal-US1988Not updated
39Reign TFHyjal-US1985
40Epixhealtime TrialandErrorHyjal-US1983Not updated
41Zeenaka TFHyjal-US1982Not updated
42Malvenia TFHyjal-US1981Not updated
43Senseï ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1980Not updated
44Healofsteel  Hyjal-US1978Not updated
45Mykz ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1976Not updated
46Scissorz Antisocial ClubHyjal-US1975Not updated
47Wimpz ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1974Not updated
48Misirlou TFHyjal-US1972Not updated
49Tirk L E G E N DHyjal-US1971
49Wike I can do thatHyjal-US1971Not updated
51Phurry ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1970
52Silentchris ResilientHyjal-US1969Not updated
53Catåclysmic Paying it ForwardHyjal-US1963Not updated
54Ødîñ ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1961Not updated
55Kiotsu ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1960Not updated
56Dropded ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1955Not updated
57Naudeea Vindictive BrotherhoodHyjal-US1953Not updated
57Yamiyuki Legion of NekuraHyjal-US1953Not updated
59Kiaransalee SeaghynHyjal-US1951
59Galeine Dragons Of The NightHyjal-US1951Not updated
61Machã ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1948Not updated
62Rawhex ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1947Not updated
63Hanska Built Horde ToughHyjal-US1944Not updated
63Rothandria VikingsHyjal-US1944Not updated
65Anesthetics RegulatørsHyjal-US1938Not updated
66Komodo ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1937Not updated
67Brannius Sic Finit NoctemHyjal-US1936Not updated
68Aronisith Touch of ChaosHyjal-US1935Not updated
68Averton ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1935Not updated
70Astroth ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1934Not updated
71Haladi ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1933Not updated
72Halfbag Advent FuryHyjal-US1931Not updated
73Lightenup ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1929
74Tikktok Paying it ForwardHyjal-US1928Not updated
75Medpac ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1927Not updated
75Tênzin BonepileHyjal-US1927Not updated
77Magnify ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1923Not updated
78Aerecura  Hyjal-US1921Not updated
79Klerisa ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1919
80Chavy Vicious and DeliciousHyjal-US1917Not updated
81Seadawg UrsidaeHyjal-US1913Not updated
82Streetlight TFHyjal-US1910Not updated
83Athenaleigh Knights of the DragonHyjal-US1908
83Ozland Cutting EdgeHyjal-US1908Not updated
85Psellia MomentiHyjal-US1906Not updated
85Lemorta Reign of DarknessHyjal-US1906Not updated
87Drbadas xLRHyjal-US1902Not updated
88Leria DrivenHyjal-US1901Not updated
88Truck Nightmare of DecemvirateHyjal-US1901Not updated
90Unmain Last CallHyjal-US1900Not updated
91Besniper SeaghynHyjal-US1898Not updated
92Salsa Naughty PastriesHyjal-US1897Not updated
92Nèith Ironclad GuardiansHyjal-US1897
94Spoonlord Dark SkiesHyjal-US1896
95Shotzfired NerdsHyjal-US1891Not updated
96Asassinsbow Gnomes Shall ServeHyjal-US1889Not updated
97Malvqt TFHyjal-US1885Not updated
98Hoist Echo Isles Trading CoHyjal-US1883Not updated
99Rawburst ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US1881Not updated
100Cybersaur  Hyjal-US1880Not updated

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