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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-KR Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1방탕아 패기Hyjal-KR2264Not updated
2Superzod 패기Hyjal-KR2231Not updated
3회드왕  Hyjal-KR2221Not updated
4영도잼 DropletHyjal-KR2207Not updated
5Shooter 패기Hyjal-KR2197Not updated
6Superzods CriminalzHyjal-KR2190Not updated
7롸져님 우리가 남이가Hyjal-KR2134Not updated
8죠스타 ColosseumHyjal-KR2079Not updated
9쳐맞고뒤지기전문  Hyjal-KR2072Not updated
10백피 SINABROHyjal-KR2036Not updated
11조사삘라 불멸호드Hyjal-KR2003Not updated
12블랙캔들  Hyjal-KR1943Not updated
13예쓰터 El GalacticoHyjal-KR1930Not updated
14Kansiny  Hyjal-KR1923Not updated
15Kansinx ColosseumHyjal-KR1894Not updated
16Xeize  Hyjal-KR1856Not updated
17Gomchi 우리가 남이가Hyjal-KR1831Not updated
18드루한이 INFINITE JUSTICEHyjal-KR1813Not updated
19Dlack MaD FoRHyjal-KR1812Not updated
20Neviros PEOPLE ARE AWESOMEHyjal-KR1806Not updated
21페블퍼플 ColosseumHyjal-KR1803Not updated
22Kansin  Hyjal-KR1801Not updated
23Gannicuz MurlocHyjal-KR1795Not updated
24참이슬바리스타 Are U ReadyHyjal-KR1788Not updated
25배신자변신소 ColosseumHyjal-KR1773Not updated
26레옹리 깃 클 러Hyjal-KR1770Not updated
27곤팡 우리가 남이가Hyjal-KR1759Not updated
28Deyonce 개쎈놈들Hyjal-KR1751Not updated
29왕파닭 CriminalzHyjal-KR1748Not updated
30홍우상 스톰윈드로 가는 마지막 그리핀Hyjal-KR1743Not updated
30놀러왔소  Hyjal-KR1743Not updated
32사랑스런우렌 불멸호드Hyjal-KR1739Not updated
33Coltaction ColosseumHyjal-KR1735Not updated
33오빠나해도되  Hyjal-KR1735Not updated
35Paranomia 쑤네빠야 꿀라 빠야느조스 빠야꾸니 노까야Hyjal-KR1734Not updated
36꽃지혜 CriminalzHyjal-KR1726Not updated
37얼킹 CriminalzHyjal-KR1723Not updated
38양변잼 DropletHyjal-KR1710Not updated
38정복자 CriminalzHyjal-KR1710Not updated
40물딩 SashaHyjal-KR1709Not updated
41전국구법사 CriminalzHyjal-KR1708Not updated
42지휘관 쑤네빠야 꿀라 빠야느조스 빠야꾸니 노까야Hyjal-KR1707Not updated
43Magicway MurlocHyjal-KR1699Not updated
44강철전쟁기계 비오는날 밀크티 한잔Hyjal-KR1697Not updated
45무사시 DavidofFHyjal-KR1690Not updated
46Blackpool Veni Vidi ViciHyjal-KR1687Not updated
47육포킹 FeralHyjal-KR1686Not updated
47역린지화 MurlocHyjal-KR1686Not updated
49솜방구 CriminalzHyjal-KR1685Not updated
49Kansinz ColosseumHyjal-KR1685Not updated
51안녕코비 Polaris RhapsodyHyjal-KR1683Not updated
51쥐포킹 FeralHyjal-KR1683Not updated
53위근성 ColosseumHyjal-KR1682Not updated
54차은진 스톰윈드로 가는 마지막 그리핀Hyjal-KR1681Not updated
55활제 난 장 판Hyjal-KR1680Not updated
55Sixhundred  Hyjal-KR1680Not updated
57국가안전기획부장 힘세고 강한 아침Hyjal-KR1672Not updated
58페렝 쑤네빠야 꿀라 빠야느조스 빠야꾸니 노까야Hyjal-KR1671Not updated
59진선향 우리가 남이가Hyjal-KR1667Not updated
60로즈남편 SINABROHyjal-KR1666Not updated
61마녀뽕 횡 포Hyjal-KR1662Not updated
62태연태연해 깃 클 러Hyjal-KR1656Not updated
63니가치우라고 MurlocHyjal-KR1653Not updated
64죽빡맹이  Hyjal-KR1652Not updated
65패러디독스 파삭파삭한 거미고기Hyjal-KR1650Not updated
66Emperer PEOPLE ARE AWESOMEHyjal-KR1647Not updated
67Loraine 쑤네빠야 꿀라 빠야느조스 빠야꾸니 노까야Hyjal-KR1646Not updated
67위험성 ColosseumHyjal-KR1646Not updated
69Choiyoonah 객기Hyjal-KR1642Not updated
69자연의신비함 Hennessy XOHyjal-KR1642Not updated
71뉴잇 MurlocHyjal-KR1641Not updated
71Ravager 패기Hyjal-KR1641Not updated
73Sorrowsword MurlocHyjal-KR1640Not updated
74적혈랑마 T I M I N GHyjal-KR1639Not updated
75Catform FeralHyjal-KR1638Not updated
75Pkteri MurlocHyjal-KR1638Not updated
75Xigh CriminalzHyjal-KR1638Not updated
78러브걸 반 지 원 정 대Hyjal-KR1634Not updated
79Snackerz ColosseumHyjal-KR1632Not updated
80Leedmax 객기Hyjal-KR1628Not updated
80검의대가 SinAGeHyjal-KR1628Not updated
80초남 This is WarCraftHyjal-KR1628Not updated
80투스크렙 호 드 상 조Hyjal-KR1628Not updated
84Iceblaze  Hyjal-KR1627Not updated
85소심한걸 궁디Hyjal-KR1626Not updated
86Kathania New HeartHyjal-KR1625Not updated
87블쏭 까칠한형들Hyjal-KR1624Not updated
88단디하그라잉 DavidofFHyjal-KR1623Not updated
88도펠 MurlocHyjal-KR1623Not updated
90컨빨 엉아가 너 생긴거 때문에 때리는거 아니다Hyjal-KR1621Not updated
90나배신 MurlocHyjal-KR1621Not updated
90Danielbryan MurlocHyjal-KR1621Not updated
90상냥한드루이드 Are U ReadyHyjal-KR1621Not updated
94짠발  Hyjal-KR1619Not updated
94쎄게 쌈꾼Hyjal-KR1619Not updated
96빌어먹을세리 Hunters HHyjal-KR1617Not updated
97신민아 CriminalzHyjal-KR1616Not updated
98공포마왕  Hyjal-KR1615Not updated
99Mongoos 정무문Hyjal-KR1614Not updated
100조핑구 War CodeHyjal-KR1613Not updated

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