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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Peppä Burn my dreadHyjal-EU2479Not updated
2Kliss les chevaliers d argentHyjal-EU2304Not updated
2Praktis  Hyjal-EU2304Not updated
4Øxydem Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU2281Not updated
5Habusay Burn my dreadHyjal-EU2271Not updated
6Shisterz EmpyreanHyjal-EU2204Not updated
7Jeinnaqt HilliumHyjal-EU2198Not updated
8Kaillord PandemøniumHyjal-EU2193Not updated
9Brümeu IllusiumHyjal-EU2189Not updated
10Fksg ImpulZ EsportHyjal-EU2175Not updated
11Kojïma PandemøniumHyjal-EU2162Not updated
12Gewehr Feu VertHyjal-EU2161Not updated
13Atala The Strength Is UnionHyjal-EU2135Not updated
14Khàna Night HeavenHyjal-EU2132Not updated
15Taurêk PandemøniumHyjal-EU2117Not updated
16Neozia Achievement StoryHyjal-EU2109Not updated
17Lyricz The Strength Is UnionHyjal-EU2107Not updated
18Enaria EternallyHyjal-EU2106Not updated
19Zôôby EternallyHyjal-EU2103Not updated
20Osiy PurgatoireHyjal-EU2102Not updated
21Libstik  Hyjal-EU2101Not updated
22Zägö  Hyjal-EU2094Not updated
23Nounayà The Strength Is UnionHyjal-EU2088Not updated
24Sobeskiy Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU2083Not updated
25Lïbstïk  Hyjal-EU2071Not updated
26Energyzx  Hyjal-EU2070Not updated
27Frizizi NightstormHyjal-EU2067Not updated
28Dryzzi Sang RøyalHyjal-EU2064Not updated
29Makinaette  Hyjal-EU2060Not updated
30Rebuttal Les Gardiens Du WipeHyjal-EU2059Not updated
31Babbidi EternallyHyjal-EU2058Not updated
32Oøno PandemøniumHyjal-EU2055Not updated
33Tensess Feu VertHyjal-EU2047Not updated
34Azaríel OríonHyjal-EU2045Not updated
35Garell Feu VertHyjal-EU2043Not updated
36Lackito Feu VertHyjal-EU2042Not updated
37Haltorius AgressionHyjal-EU2041Not updated
38Kraalrak La Lune NøïreHyjal-EU2039Not updated
39Ashav VigilanceHyjal-EU2038Not updated
40Øse  Hyjal-EU2037Not updated
41Drëly EternallyHyjal-EU2036Not updated
42Ðextopnext TU NOUS CRØYAIS MØRTHyjal-EU2035Not updated
42Tange EternallyHyjal-EU2035Not updated
44Rektlol Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU2034Not updated
44Zeý  Hyjal-EU2034Not updated
46Zakylol Feu VertHyjal-EU2033Not updated
47Sâmus smøkeHyjal-EU2031Not updated
48Myraj MéphistophélèsHyjal-EU2030Not updated
48Zbôûby Feu VertHyjal-EU2030Not updated
50Pépittø FryzHyjal-EU2028Not updated
50Criksounet Feu VertHyjal-EU2028Not updated
52Heriiaclis Alter TimeHyjal-EU2027Not updated
53Looptroop Alter TimeHyjal-EU2024Not updated
54Laðæð smøkeHyjal-EU2023Not updated
54Hungover Feu VertHyjal-EU2023Not updated
56Jìng MeltdownHyjal-EU2022Not updated
56Esterbøt Feu VertHyjal-EU2022Not updated
58Mierana Feu VertHyjal-EU2019Not updated
59Mies EternallyHyjal-EU2018Not updated
60Eðualc union de la hordeHyjal-EU2015Not updated
60Makÿø smøkeHyjal-EU2015Not updated
60Skytirix Alter TimeHyjal-EU2015Not updated
63Naolool Alter TimeHyjal-EU2014Not updated
64Aykïn Feu VertHyjal-EU2013Not updated
65Kãydøu Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU2012Not updated
66Mojoon EternallyHyjal-EU2011Not updated
66Alfixx Alter TimeHyjal-EU2011Not updated
66Droodyie FaithHyjal-EU2011Not updated
69Lunax PrédîctîonHyjal-EU2010Not updated
69Kenzør The Strength Is UnionHyjal-EU2010Not updated
69Shirdark Chômeur raideurHyjal-EU2010Not updated
72Alina AvalonHyjal-EU2008Not updated
72Loznah The Strength Is UnionHyjal-EU2008Not updated
74Sèphîrä Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU2007Not updated
74Malmor Les chevaliers éternelsHyjal-EU2007Not updated
76Trìckzyó  Hyjal-EU2006Not updated
77Shinraï Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU2004Not updated
77Fèarless Pink Fluffy UnicornsHyjal-EU2004Not updated
77Elnøria Feu VertHyjal-EU2004Not updated
80Rhaënys Feu VertHyjal-EU2001Not updated
81Ciruelä Feu VertHyjal-EU2000Not updated
82Venture Feu VertHyjal-EU1999Not updated
83Distdeath Alter TimeHyjal-EU1998Not updated
83Miskel Feu VertHyjal-EU1998Not updated
85Sukejuro Alter TimeHyjal-EU1997Not updated
86Völkiro Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU1996Not updated
86Cøsínus MAGALIE A UN GROS CAMIONHyjal-EU1996Not updated
88Dëal Feu RougeHyjal-EU1994Not updated
89Coldstream MutinerieHyjal-EU1993Not updated
90Robyz Neko KawaiiHyjal-EU1992Not updated
90Mööñ Feu VertHyjal-EU1992Not updated
92Sniick Feu VertHyjal-EU1990Not updated
93Alake Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU1988Not updated
94Vaness Joyeux PourfendeursHyjal-EU1986Not updated
94Cràckpirâna Alter TimeHyjal-EU1986Not updated
96Xenøva Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU1982Not updated
97Mya ImpulZ EsportHyjal-EU1981Not updated
97Blûff La Garde PrétorienneHyjal-EU1981Not updated
99Désespéré Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU1980Not updated
99Øgraal Alter TimeHyjal-EU1980Not updated

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