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Hydraxis-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Dacaster  Hydraxis-US2060
2Misuteri The StonecuttersHydraxis-US2010
3Fatalimit Out of ExileHydraxis-US1957
4Iknoufail MaliceHydraxis-US1951
5Skitlez Realms BestHydraxis-US1901Not updated
6Biologic  Hydraxis-US1887
7Tecspriest Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US1879Not updated
8Dreadlöre MaliceHydraxis-US1870
9Elvato Days EndHydraxis-US1865
10Durlbirt Is a Apple Crisp HeroHydraxis-US1853
11Dooknook Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US1840Not updated
12Gankanator Is a Apple Crisp HeroHydraxis-US1834
13Squatinpanda Soulfire TribeHydraxis-US1821
14Braynz WE ARE LEGIONHydraxis-US1812
15Datagrams Out of ExileHydraxis-US1808
16Gumo Unemployed FelonsHydraxis-US1804
17Ctp The ExpendablesHydraxis-US1794Not updated
17Cosmicat The ConquerorsHydraxis-US1794
19Møroni MaliceHydraxis-US1784
20Stormshifter Deus ex MachinaHydraxis-US1780Not updated
20Lenivan Is a Apple Crisp HeroHydraxis-US1780
22Bäbÿ MaliceHydraxis-US1777
23Swipul Unified FightersHydraxis-US1774
24Bba Log HorizonHydraxis-US1766
25Akatsuki Log HorizonHydraxis-US1759
26Scott The UnionHydraxis-US1753
27Coondog Will work for foodHydraxis-US1740
28Frostyshards Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US1738
29Lilslong Will work for foodHydraxis-US1735
30Vindor Knights of the ObliviousHydraxis-US1730
31Taluss Unemployed FelonsHydraxis-US1728
32Justdone Peon CultureHydraxis-US1719
33Thejjf Realms BestHydraxis-US1717Not updated
34Dreadfoot Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US1715
35Weegee Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US1704Not updated
36Deepfriar Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US1688
37Drquinn  Hydraxis-US1686
38Swiftshott Is a Apple Crisp HeroHydraxis-US1685
39Pandapowa HypnoticHydraxis-US1683
40Zultan Out of ExileHydraxis-US1670
41Shinova Realms BestHydraxis-US1669
42Lucifèr Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US1654
43Smokinaces  Hydraxis-US1648
44Gruyere Out of ExileHydraxis-US1640
45Chickenbomb Out of ExileHydraxis-US1639
45Shalumpkins  Hydraxis-US1639
47Veraasin Realms BestHydraxis-US1637
48Deathspecter Out of ExileHydraxis-US1633
49Myzeria Out of ExileHydraxis-US1617
50Mistrogers Out of ExileHydraxis-US1607
51Littlebub Children of the GraveHydraxis-US1564Not updated
52Heåvenswrath WE ARE LEGIONHydraxis-US1559
53Rancher Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US1538Not updated
54Ratso Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US1527
55Django Caught in a GlobalHydraxis-US1514
56Crimsonkairu Triat BankHydraxis-US1473
57Barvey Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US1460
58Mfslug AscentHydraxis-US1408
59Héavenly The ConquerorsHydraxis-US1336
60Diedhard Unified FightersHydraxis-US1334
61Hyaca Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US1328
62Lonelysoul Triat BankHydraxis-US1149
63Ranum  Hydraxis-US1147
63Enias Knights of the ObliviousHydraxis-US1147
65Bigbub Children of the GraveHydraxis-US1144
66Tacobull Is a Apple Crisp HeroHydraxis-US958
66Qag Avoiding RealityHydraxis-US958
66Harima Out of ExileHydraxis-US958
66Crimsondêath Crimson Death DealersHydraxis-US958
70Killfreak Unified FightersHydraxis-US957
70Zero Caught in a GlobalHydraxis-US957
70Gazruk Last SalvationHydraxis-US957
73Screwhát HypnoticHydraxis-US956
73Claddinox Off Brand GuildHydraxis-US956
75Uthád RESURRECTEDHydraxis-US952Not updated
76Zxdarksoulxz BloodCrestHydraxis-US768Not updated
76Aalyà  Hydraxis-US768
76Shufflehard WE ARE LEGIONHydraxis-US768
79Zulzaku UnityHydraxis-US766
80Deviljin Out of ExileHydraxis-US576
80Pootz Children of the GraveHydraxis-US576Not updated
80Shockazuulu  Hydraxis-US576Not updated
80Bfg Caught in a GlobalHydraxis-US576
80Incognitus MaliceHydraxis-US576
80Yay Children of the GraveHydraxis-US576
80Parmizan Red ShirtsHydraxis-US576
80Fabiolanzoni Is LostHydraxis-US576Not updated
80Sakuraharuno Triat BankHydraxis-US576
80Blackarrowz Guardians Of ValhallaHydraxis-US576Not updated
80Hulksbrother WE ARE LEGIONHydraxis-US576
91Trygar Out of ExileHydraxis-US384
91Masantol The UnionHydraxis-US384
91Homegron The Red ArmyHydraxis-US384
91Coldhandz Out of ExileHydraxis-US384
91Kicknwing AscentHydraxis-US384
91Soakin Caught in a GlobalHydraxis-US384
91Ojdidit Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US384Not updated
91Sobee Out of ExileHydraxis-US384
91Kibbie WE ARE LEGIONHydraxis-US384
91Nedkk IN THE RAGEHydraxis-US384

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