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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hydraxis-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Dacaster  Hydraxis-US2085Not updated
2Healsuall Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1975Not updated
3Revolutions  Hydraxis-US1973Not updated
4Fatalimit Out of ExileHydraxis-US1951Not updated
5Morrigàn  Hydraxis-US1933Not updated
6Sicknazty AscentHydraxis-US1924Not updated
7Davishimself Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1920Not updated
8Mancard HypnoticHydraxis-US1919Not updated
9Brruce Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1905Not updated
10Thebeat Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1893Not updated
11Frozendude The ConquerorsHydraxis-US1877Not updated
12Gankanator Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1874Not updated
13Brucehimself Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1871Not updated
14Punkfreak Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1852Not updated
15Dasham HypnoticHydraxis-US1833Not updated
16Crazyxx MonsoonHydraxis-US1817Not updated
17Stabuall Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1813Not updated
18Allanreigns Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1809Not updated
19Datagrams Out of ExileHydraxis-US1808Not updated
20Troyali The ConquerorsHydraxis-US1805Not updated
21Cosmicat The ConquerorsHydraxis-US1794Not updated
22Taluss Unemployed FelonsHydraxis-US1785Not updated
23Gumo Unemployed FelonsHydraxis-US1767Not updated
24Kkaaboomm Riders of the RebellionHydraxis-US1758Not updated
25Frostyshards Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US1738Not updated
25Boneyes AscentHydraxis-US1738Not updated
27Starpowerx Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US1724Not updated
28Bruceisdead Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1723Not updated
29Tyranicpanic  Hydraxis-US1721Not updated
30Dolphinslove The Straw Hat PiratesHydraxis-US1717Not updated
31Deepfriar Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US1688Not updated
32Drquinn  Hydraxis-US1686Not updated
33Taskaa  Hydraxis-US1683Not updated
34Dynazty AscentHydraxis-US1673Not updated
35Zultan Out of ExileHydraxis-US1670Not updated
36Mõösè Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1641Not updated
37Gruyere Out of ExileHydraxis-US1640Not updated
38Deathspecter Out of ExileHydraxis-US1610Not updated
39Mistrogers Out of ExileHydraxis-US1607Not updated
40Myzeria Out of ExileHydraxis-US1601Not updated
41Illicit The StonecuttersHydraxis-US1596Not updated
42Turnandburn Suicidal TendenciesHydraxis-US1586Not updated
43Amarna Obsidian wingsHydraxis-US1547Not updated
44Pyroblasting AscentHydraxis-US1522Not updated
45Pegalexsus The Straw Hat PiratesHydraxis-US1518Not updated
46Tylerthesham  Hydraxis-US1503Not updated
47Barvey Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US1460Not updated
48Mfslug AscentHydraxis-US1408Not updated
49Infernoo Is My Geek ShowingHydraxis-US1338Not updated
50Héavenly The ConquerorsHydraxis-US1336Not updated
51Hyaca  Hydraxis-US1328Not updated
52Screwhát HypnoticHydraxis-US1147Not updated
53Bigbub Children of the GraveHydraxis-US1144Not updated
54Kikomo Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US1137Not updated
55Dwarfu PoWHydraxis-US1132Not updated
56Dagaz The Straw Hat PiratesHydraxis-US958Not updated
56Qag Avoiding RealityHydraxis-US958Not updated
56Crimsondêath Crimson Death DealersHydraxis-US958Not updated
59Ravnica AscentHydraxis-US956Not updated
60Dalamarus Out of ExileHydraxis-US768Not updated
60Scurvy  Hydraxis-US768Not updated
60Tyster  Hydraxis-US768Not updated
60Ðestroy  Hydraxis-US768Not updated
60Aionus Out of ExileHydraxis-US768Not updated
60Chawlee Soulfire TribeHydraxis-US768Not updated
66Saxxon Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US767Not updated
67Suplol Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US576Not updated
67Parmizan Red ShirtsHydraxis-US576Not updated
69Wargig Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US384Not updated
69Nativehydro Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US384Not updated
69Doommie RetributionHydraxis-US384Not updated
69Jakeh AscentHydraxis-US384Not updated
73Whiteraine Kalimdors LegionHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Aerossas WE ARE LEGIONHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Lucifersun WE ARE LEGIONHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Kreiss Under the Dark FlagHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Deathseekerx The ConquerorsHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Keytlele The DovahkiinHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Aja The Horde CrushersHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Tufguy Soulfire TribeHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Herunmir Out of ExileHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Kyary Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Rippedya Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Yoanna Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Diopter Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Cyphon Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Arroes Out of ExileHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Themetal Is My Geek ShowingHydraxis-US192Not updated
73Stumpie Immortal WrathHydraxis-US192Not updated
90Greenhornet The StonecuttersHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Reath KaizenHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Lmastr Devils BrigadeHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Smokeyhaze Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Stunpals The ConquerorsHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Cooler Make Me A SammichHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Weechuup Stryke ForceHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Drindae Royal Highland GuardHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Odgar Safe HavenHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Dutlerk The ConquerorsHydraxis-US0Not updated
90Ðmx AlcatrazHydraxis-US0Not updated

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