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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hellscream-KR Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1랑꼬취  Hellscream-KR2213Not updated
2Nosx AwesomeHellscream-KR2045Not updated
3이게멍미 AwesomeHellscream-KR1979Not updated
4깨풍  Hellscream-KR1964Not updated
5빪훑앎맑핥굻앎뚫 DCinsideHellscream-KR1938Not updated
6Lridescent Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR1924Not updated
7해아린 Age of thirtyHellscream-KR1915Not updated
8꺄만호랭이 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR1897Not updated
9께발  Hellscream-KR1894Not updated
10지옥 In FlamesHellscream-KR1832Not updated
11이탄 AwesomeHellscream-KR1827Not updated
12민중 D o o mHellscream-KR1821Not updated
13스테가마리 아지트Hellscream-KR1815Not updated
14Xham 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR1806Not updated
15괴충 AwesomeHellscream-KR1805Not updated
16Nosfella AwesomeHellscream-KR1804Not updated
17떡방앗간떡춘배 긁적긁적Hellscream-KR1801Not updated
18Funkypurple D o o mHellscream-KR1785Not updated
19Urr 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR1774Not updated
20Xaryu AwesomeHellscream-KR1771Not updated
21핑크뽕 까고 패고 죽이고 지키고Hellscream-KR1761Not updated
22천신이 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR1743Not updated
23튀김회드  Hellscream-KR1742Not updated
24세부전사 In FlamesHellscream-KR1741Not updated
25뚜욱  Hellscream-KR1735Not updated
26안티풋볼  Hellscream-KR1731Not updated
27술치고 원양어선Hellscream-KR1730Not updated
28Mendy AwesomeHellscream-KR1727Not updated
29할렘쉐이크 AwesomeHellscream-KR1721Not updated
30재판관님 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR1706Not updated
31마녀뽕 까고 패고 죽이고 지키고Hellscream-KR1697Not updated
32안늉염 AwesomeHellscream-KR1693Not updated
33Herbart Niabuji MohasinoHellscream-KR1688Not updated
34천신지한 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR1687Not updated
35Niggxxv Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR1683Not updated
36께멧 In FlamesHellscream-KR1678Not updated
37이런멍미 AwesomeHellscream-KR1671Not updated
38Aun 까고 패고 죽이고 지키고Hellscream-KR1662Not updated
39Whitecup A r e n aHellscream-KR1661Not updated
40Angeleyes 부릉 부릉Hellscream-KR1651Not updated
41Parkurr 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR1648Not updated
42뇌멸 자연인Hellscream-KR1645Not updated
43Mulnimism  Hellscream-KR1643Not updated
43욱소 주사위는 내 운명Hellscream-KR1643Not updated
45샌애긔 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR1637Not updated
46Xandy In FlamesHellscream-KR1636Not updated
47천신지환 AwesomeHellscream-KR1633Not updated
48죽기홍우상  Hellscream-KR1632Not updated
49Nosya AwesomeHellscream-KR1618Not updated
49야근멍미 AwesomeHellscream-KR1618Not updated
51Crain 일월삼일Hellscream-KR1613Not updated
52운애 U N I O NHellscream-KR1611Not updated
53Dealdo S E X YHellscream-KR1608Not updated
54Anko 기여어Hellscream-KR1607Not updated
55Xnos AwesomeHellscream-KR1601Not updated
55Decembersix 까고 패고 죽이고 지키고Hellscream-KR1601Not updated
57안뇽염 AwesomeHellscream-KR1600Not updated
58잠자는숲속의조춘 효과빠른 진통소염제Hellscream-KR1599Not updated
59루비체리 나비섬Hellscream-KR1595Not updated
59얼라수장 아지트Hellscream-KR1595Not updated
61Lamia 마 격Hellscream-KR1592Not updated
62성혼 사 악 한Hellscream-KR1590Not updated
63카울팽  Hellscream-KR1589Not updated
63Burden AwesomeHellscream-KR1589Not updated
65티리리라 나비섬Hellscream-KR1586Not updated
66홍우상 Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR1585Not updated
67켄타우로스 keep the FaithHellscream-KR1583Not updated
68언더브레이션 김정남 곤잘레스 게레로Hellscream-KR1582Not updated
69인자한누님 For GeneSisHellscream-KR1581Not updated
70라르크엔실 구타 및 가혹행위Hellscream-KR1575Not updated
71Deric Stay Hungry Stay FoolishHellscream-KR1574Not updated
71Westfield MomentumHellscream-KR1574Not updated
71Mbush  Hellscream-KR1574Not updated
74피케이킬러 Cross CronosHellscream-KR1573Not updated
75도적르크 구타 및 가혹행위Hellscream-KR1571Not updated
75Falaise AwesomeHellscream-KR1571Not updated
77사제구나 효과빠른 진통소염제Hellscream-KR1569Not updated
78Freaker In FlamesHellscream-KR1567Not updated
78하야토쥬베이 새로고침Hellscream-KR1567Not updated
80우루뉨 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR1564Not updated
81누나때리지마 AwesomeHellscream-KR1563Not updated
82Bystander 원양어선Hellscream-KR1562Not updated
83우릉님 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR1560Not updated
83악령자객 새로고침Hellscream-KR1560Not updated
85폭격님 For GeneSisHellscream-KR1559Not updated
86짐승같은카볼킹 THE AHellscream-KR1558Not updated
86민효린 센 스Hellscream-KR1558Not updated
88고소한빵 달리다쿵해쪄Hellscream-KR1556Not updated
88Himmler 자연인Hellscream-KR1556Not updated
90강특 Team ShadowwingHellscream-KR1555Not updated
91Destroy Pornsta iz DeadHellscream-KR1551Not updated
92Disorderly Lord Of SlaughterHellscream-KR1547Not updated
93밀림의왕호랭 킁킁 뒷마당 시궁창 쓰레기냄새Hellscream-KR1546Not updated
94꽃뱀띱새 새로고침Hellscream-KR1544Not updated
95영쐐  Hellscream-KR1542Not updated
95Thinktank 전기세 십팔만원Hellscream-KR1542Not updated
97Redbrireos  Hellscream-KR1540Not updated
98리샤오롱 효과빠른 진통소염제Hellscream-KR1535Not updated
99쌈닥님 마 격Hellscream-KR1531Not updated
100꽃협  Hellscream-KR1521Not updated

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