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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hellfire-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Hedas gucciHellfire-EU2165Not updated
2Note Tre LowenHellfire-EU2162Not updated
3Lazerchicken DefiniumHellfire-EU2121Not updated
4Zajkowski Limes InferiorHellfire-EU2086Not updated
5Janiakqt GodmodeHellfire-EU2027Not updated
6Margepimpson The Death TribeHellfire-EU2018Not updated
7Zed DefiniumHellfire-EU2014Not updated
8Nazpally The Death TribeHellfire-EU1981Not updated
9Snóoki U MAD BROHellfire-EU1970Not updated
10Frozie DefiniumHellfire-EU1955Not updated
11Soulpriést The Death TribeHellfire-EU1948Not updated
12Kxy The Death TribeHellfire-EU1947Not updated
13Mightypower The Death TribeHellfire-EU1942Not updated
13Zetherion RektHellfire-EU1942Not updated
15Bárbíe The Death TribeHellfire-EU1926Not updated
16Drelfinwar The Death TribeHellfire-EU1925Not updated
17Zekur A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU1924Not updated
18Aspiré The Death TribeHellfire-EU1923Not updated
19Gainsborough A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU1921Not updated
19Dotcóm The Death TribeHellfire-EU1921Not updated
21Staycool It Burns When I PVPHellfire-EU1920Not updated
21Rathhal A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU1920Not updated
23Noco The Death TribeHellfire-EU1914Not updated
24Papaap Tre LowenHellfire-EU1907Not updated
25Grigøri A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU1901Not updated
25Fluffýý GodmodeHellfire-EU1901Not updated
27Collash The Death TribeHellfire-EU1900Not updated
27Demrior The Death TribeHellfire-EU1900Not updated
29Nexendia RektHellfire-EU1895Not updated
30Murjak Total AnnihilationHellfire-EU1891Not updated
31Iluvcookiez Alea iacta estHellfire-EU1888Not updated
32Seonaidh The Death TribeHellfire-EU1877Not updated
32Scobe The Death TribeHellfire-EU1877Not updated
34Majz A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU1876Not updated
35Vilandra Blades Of MightHellfire-EU1875Not updated
36Sóúl The Death TribeHellfire-EU1862Not updated
37Tom The Death TribeHellfire-EU1857Not updated
38Azoek Masters of MayhemHellfire-EU1841Not updated
39Pomonolo  Hellfire-EU1839Not updated
40Bärkõ The Death TribeHellfire-EU1836Not updated
41Eliarith DefiniumHellfire-EU1834Not updated
42Catlikespoop The Death TribeHellfire-EU1828Not updated
43Lïly The Death TribeHellfire-EU1826Not updated
44Nyot The Death TribeHellfire-EU1812Not updated
45Droopy The Death TribeHellfire-EU1807Not updated
46Exbloder A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU1805Not updated
47Vallesses The Death TribeHellfire-EU1798Not updated
48Jyngbro Tre LowenHellfire-EU1796Not updated
49Nef Tre LowenHellfire-EU1782Not updated
50Affiance The Death TribeHellfire-EU1780Not updated
51Karanthir InsomniaHellfire-EU1743Not updated
52Víolation The Death TribeHellfire-EU1738Not updated
53Grosslylusty EuphoriaHellfire-EU1731Not updated
54Kyzar Blades Of MightHellfire-EU1728Not updated
55Xetorp Tre LowenHellfire-EU1725Not updated
56Carbon Tre LowenHellfire-EU1719Not updated
57Blured RektHellfire-EU1714Not updated
58Tommytotts The Death TribeHellfire-EU1711Not updated
59Jamlightning A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU1706Not updated
60Mofire Tre LowenHellfire-EU1702Not updated
61Pereza GodmodeHellfire-EU1696Not updated
62Bagzi InsomniaHellfire-EU1680Not updated
63Klopfgeister The Death TribeHellfire-EU1676Not updated
64Hullulehmä A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU1675Not updated
65Tanaka InsomniaHellfire-EU1674Not updated
66Lakma Tre LowenHellfire-EU1664Not updated
67Judgémént And FriendsHellfire-EU1663Not updated
68Icecreamed Tre LowenHellfire-EU1661Not updated
69Dolf The Death TribeHellfire-EU1653Not updated
70Watchmeclone RektHellfire-EU1648Not updated
71Hajime Tre LowenHellfire-EU1643Not updated
72Imadumbass InsomniaHellfire-EU1631Not updated
73Forgiven The Death TribeHellfire-EU1615Not updated
74Locklouis Masters of MayhemHellfire-EU1598Not updated
75Warrant Rebels and RevolutionsHellfire-EU1593Not updated
76Primetime InsomniaHellfire-EU1506Not updated
77Fikomikrip It Burns When I PVPHellfire-EU1497Not updated
78Ilmortovivo Creme Egg ProtectorsHellfire-EU1474Not updated
79Catsoulis BerserkHellfire-EU1468Not updated
80Ryüh The Death TribeHellfire-EU1336Not updated
81Jins Tre LowenHellfire-EU1327Not updated
82Áimx RektHellfire-EU1322Not updated
83Sarthariel BerserkHellfire-EU1320Not updated
84Suikkerspinn Tre LowenHellfire-EU1313Not updated
85Hellchicken Tre LowenHellfire-EU1311Not updated
86Hawtlock InsomniaHellfire-EU1289Not updated
87Jabbathehunt RektHellfire-EU1150Not updated
88Warthief RektHellfire-EU1148Not updated
89Level Total AnnihilationHellfire-EU1140Not updated
90Niuzao Tre LowenHellfire-EU1134Not updated
91Damomage InsomniaHellfire-EU1132Not updated
92Badboy The Death TribeHellfire-EU1094Not updated
93Embera The Death TribeHellfire-EU960Not updated
94Munro Boogie KnightsHellfire-EU959Not updated
94Vordermann The Death TribeHellfire-EU959Not updated
94Evilchick The Death TribeHellfire-EU959Not updated
94Alesána GodmodeHellfire-EU959Not updated
98Zeldabeau The Death TribeHellfire-EU958Not updated
99Elíasblack A Necessary EvilHellfire-EU957Not updated
100Damonei InsomniaHellfire-EU956Not updated

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