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Gurubashi-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ògkush Dam NationGurubashi-US1665
2Awwman The PrideGurubashi-US1609
3Zeô Dam NationGurubashi-US1301
4Havinacow Sanctum ImperiumGurubashi-US1213
5Ôhshift Dam NationGurubashi-US1140
6Gdwillhuntin Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US1137
7Arkwendris ObliviousGurubashi-US957
8Xiahdohbass Man Bites DogGurubashi-US767
9Lithillia Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US766
9Wuhan  Gurubashi-US766
11Lifter NotoriousGurubashi-US576Not updated
12Happydrunk The PrideGurubashi-US384Not updated
12Elkg  Gurubashi-US384
14Aveeon NotoriousGurubashi-US192Not updated
14Shadowbass Man Bites DogGurubashi-US192
14Tzä Man Bites DogGurubashi-US192
14Peppes NotoriousGurubashi-US192Not updated
14Numbknutz AurochsGurubashi-US192
19Faeryl New World OrderGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Crul NotoriousGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Feorick Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Rayitos Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Trillium Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Mienfuhrer Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Kelbal Dam NationGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Dunkentong Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Maxxpayne Pure RageGurubashi-US0
19Xenneo Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Operator NotoriousGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Feenix Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Razzburry Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Chaud  Gurubashi-US0
19Hechizo  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
19Kapsaicin Dam NationGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Kurayaminote AurochsGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Habitz Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Cin Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Zorlastrian More bagsGurubashi-US0
19Lerly Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Saraphmael BloodBrothersGurubashi-US0
19Liquidtata Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Horrivel NotoriousGurubashi-US0
19Hellznah Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Darkbeastt VindicationGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Liquidamber Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Thanalos NotoriousGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Heckscream Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Ironongbak More bagsGurubashi-US0
19Forciano  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
19Shattermind NotoriousGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Celyna Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Cinten NotoriousGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Thehemroid CataclysmGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Aven Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Globber Dam NationGurubashi-US0
19Thagza Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Xiaoqianqian tokyohotGurubashi-US0
19Keysmith Sanctum ImperiumGurubashi-US0
19Chamuko Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Momentus Dam NationGurubashi-US0
19Legionella Dam NationGurubashi-US0
19Fàruq  Gurubashi-US0
19Zillah Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Immazoe The PrideGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Suixide I EGBT IGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Mestryhunter Golden DragonsGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Magebeauty Cobra KaiGurubashi-US0
19Franki PresenceGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Itchý Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Lazybone CataclysmGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Nastetete NotoriousGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Apolonio Golden DragonsGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Seraphím  Gurubashi-US0
19Secksibass Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Erictastic AestheticGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Luneaires Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Drhealth  Gurubashi-US0
19Stealhealz CataclysmGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Bearrgrylls Appetite for DistractionGurubashi-US0
19Rakorax ShortHandedGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Cideswipe Guild PerksGurubashi-US0
19Venth Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Hitame Knights of LeisureGurubashi-US0
19Mestrysham Golden DragonsGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Whillow STDSrBOPGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Löthe Illicit FuryGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Huntingrhino The FallénGurubashi-US0
19Holymöley Illicit FuryGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Casious Dam NationGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Ababycheetah Dispatch to OblivionGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Sodagurl Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Machzx VindicationGurubashi-US0
19Chiwong CataclysmGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Nandinho IntenseGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Guldann Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Ariolas Pokin SmotGurubashi-US0Not updated
19Grut The Last ExilesGurubashi-US0
19Kalyarix Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0
19Sapamato Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US0
19Vyktamus TrogdorGurubashi-US0

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