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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gurubashi-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Savalannia NotoriousGurubashi-US2021Not updated
2Bleedbro Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US1917Not updated
3Shoremulis Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US1907Not updated
4Jbones  Gurubashi-US1903Not updated
5Risedemise Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US1854Not updated
6Amzy Dam NationGurubashi-US1827Not updated
7Butters Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US1807Not updated
8Missdead Dam NationGurubashi-US1766Not updated
9Snuggemz Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US1649Not updated
10Lithillia Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US1609Not updated
11Valtirion Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US1604Not updated
12Ascention Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US1562Not updated
13Havinacow  Gurubashi-US1558Not updated
14Gdwillhuntin Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US1528Not updated
15Ogbeast Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US1292Not updated
16Wormholes Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US1146Not updated
17Aveeon NotoriousGurubashi-US1141Not updated
18Stealhealz CataclysmGurubashi-US768Not updated
18Chiwong CataclysmGurubashi-US768Not updated
18Saltyblunt Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US768Not updated
21Mythic  Gurubashi-US576Not updated
21Swaggro CataclysmGurubashi-US576Not updated
21Ivanil  Gurubashi-US576Not updated
21Morningwoodd Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US576Not updated
25Impala Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US384Not updated
25Alexxia Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US384Not updated
25Imperiatus Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US384Not updated
25Buttersnips Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US384Not updated
25Phrasingboom Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US384Not updated
25Devolve Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US384Not updated
31Benboozled Dam NationGurubashi-US192Not updated
31Holymöley Illicit FuryGurubashi-US192Not updated
31Lightfox Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US192Not updated
31Snozberries Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US192Not updated
31Gôhän  Gurubashi-US192Not updated
31Discjockey Illicit FuryGurubashi-US192Not updated
31Sargereas Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US192Not updated
31Darkapophis Cru In ActionGurubashi-US192Not updated
31Numbknutz AurochsGurubashi-US192Not updated
31Astrella  Gurubashi-US192Not updated
41Faeryl New World OrderGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Melapelan New World OrderGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Rayitos Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Feorick  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
41Maxxpayne Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Dunkentong Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Feron Public EnemyGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Feenix Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Peiwei Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Hordee Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Megoash The FallénGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Darkbeastt VindicationGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Avalloc Virtual HitmenGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Thanalos NotoriousGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Dojo ViridianGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Alastair Angry DragonGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Thehemroid CataclysmGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Kuroh  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
41Etch Angry DragonGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Keaden Dam NationGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Imhot  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
41Zillah Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Vol ViridianGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Magebeauty Cobra KaiGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Franki PresenceGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Itchý Ðíabolíc ÐeítíesGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Imbehindyou Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Snurb Bucket ListGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Ihealthetank Unknown FathersGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Tiavaran Angry DragonGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Samjspits  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
41Lissiryan we HATE YOUGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Rhaenok Illicit FuryGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Passenger Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Schroelock Pokin SmotGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Cirrus Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Löthe Illicit FuryGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Zorola More bagsGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Hitame Knights of LeisureGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Karth  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
41Mammut Tough MuscleGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Zommgie Good MourningGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Lucromel Warriors of the WorldGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Casious Dam NationGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Republic AestheticGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Holyswaggy Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Skelli Dam NationGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Sodagurl Man Bites DogGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Machzx VindicationGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Ariolas Pokin SmotGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Purgedd Necessary BloodshedGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Despoiled Appetite for DistractionGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Cowjustice NotoriousGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Mightymite Illicit FuryGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Bites Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Mufster  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
41Grôss  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
41Sinadrin  Gurubashi-US0Not updated
41Zortlek More bagsGurubashi-US0Not updated
41Icedowned  Gurubashi-US0Not updated

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