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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gul'dan-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Edelstier PredictedGul'dan-EU2487Not updated
2Ðnkl PredictedGul'dan-EU2424Not updated
3Dnkl PredictedGul'dan-EU2281Not updated
4Gorroth PeonsGul'dan-EU2195Not updated
5Ðjðürçßlãstx PredictedGul'dan-EU2174Not updated
6Awakê PredictedGul'dan-EU2126Not updated
7Awokn PredictedGul'dan-EU2005Not updated
8Awokên PredictedGul'dan-EU1975Not updated
9Massiva UnholyGul'dan-EU1974Not updated
10Nazh PredictedGul'dan-EU1940Not updated
11Rojgar Rofl meine ItemsGul'dan-EU1869Not updated
12Chaosinside Battle RoyaleGul'dan-EU1848Not updated
13Merlino myogaGul'dan-EU1827Not updated
14Aywah PredictedGul'dan-EU1799Not updated
15Eralinghi oRkGul'dan-EU1797Not updated
16Gorbasch oRkGul'dan-EU1779Not updated
17Divarious UnholyGul'dan-EU1742Not updated
18Nikkiya Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU1733Not updated
19Miesmuschel PredictedGul'dan-EU1675Not updated
19Nocta PredictedGul'dan-EU1675Not updated
19Thew PredictedGul'dan-EU1675Not updated
19Bagle PredictedGul'dan-EU1675Not updated
23Karamelka  Gul'dan-EU1671Not updated
24Kãmikaze oRkGul'dan-EU1663Not updated
25Corkiy PredictedGul'dan-EU1521Not updated
26Dünkel PredictedGul'dan-EU1517Not updated
27Meliân IPhönixIGul'dan-EU1505Not updated
28Whyski oRkGul'dan-EU1338Not updated
29Pulc Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU1335Not updated
30Faihnt  Gul'dan-EU1334Not updated
31Kamêhameha PredictedGul'dan-EU1333Not updated
32Djangorr Rofl meine ItemsGul'dan-EU1151Not updated
33Antidoté oRkGul'dan-EU1147Not updated
34Inkura World Fire of the HordeGul'dan-EU1137Not updated
35Sthon PredictedGul'dan-EU960Not updated
36Bigwòn myogaGul'dan-EU959Not updated
36Strave PredictedGul'dan-EU959Not updated
38Fenfires Rofl meine ItemsGul'dan-EU952Not updated
39Tÿrel Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU768Not updated
39Blackhêll myogaGul'dan-EU768Not updated
39Muhk oRkGul'dan-EU768Not updated
39Tyrjr Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU768Not updated
39Sebbolon oRkGul'dan-EU768Not updated
44Holystrike Die SchattenpantherGul'dan-EU767Not updated
45Sûnshíne TraumschmiereGul'dan-EU576Not updated
45Gromgosh oRkGul'dan-EU576Not updated
45Bloodytears DestinyGul'dan-EU576Not updated
48Wenti IPhönixIGul'dan-EU575Not updated
49Dragõn oRkGul'dan-EU384Not updated
49Holyshadow IPhönixIGul'dan-EU384Not updated
49Endtime Battle RoyaleGul'dan-EU384Not updated
49Affliction Futura AureaGul'dan-EU384Not updated
49Yakaroo oRkGul'dan-EU384Not updated
49Bigwon myogaGul'dan-EU384Not updated
49Gecco UnholyGul'dan-EU384Not updated
49Bigwón myogaGul'dan-EU384Not updated
57Seradane PredictedGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Redhet PredictedGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Raaboria IPhönixIGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Senseidünkel PredictedGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Vugrishnak oRkGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Nightfáll Battle RoyaleGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Sayenné UnholyGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Rolgarik oRkGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Tenma Futura AureaGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Jerone ShamelessGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Trûffel ExîtusGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Pythonism oRkGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Xíaoyu PredictedGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Krasuc PredictedGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Yubirtus Futura AureaGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Orctastisch myogaGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Norther Battle RoyaleGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Kogma Rofl meine ItemsGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Unragasa myogaGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Rediox PredictedGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Bìgwòn myogaGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Cørktu PredictedGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Drachenzahn Ultio SanguineusGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Xuansan ShamelessGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Skillbill IPhönixIGul'dan-EU192Not updated
57Bigwøn myogaGul'dan-EU192Not updated
83Leeon Die Ritter der KokosnussGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Exforca IPhönixIGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Gneki IPhönixIGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Buccinator oRkGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Alessanj Pain and PleasureGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83 Kwik E DeathGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Gib oRkGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Gutahoo BRIGADA ADAGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Xephyron Elements of CrimeGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Phônix myogaGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Mojodoll PredictedGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Taski PredictedGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Kalec PredictedGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Zenker wipe toursGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Tightowl PredictedGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Gamber PredictedGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Shereon fadeGul'dan-EU0Not updated
83Galiador myogaGul'dan-EU0Not updated

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