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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Grim Batol-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Imbajohn Sønner av NorgeGrim Batol-EU2584Not updated
2Cindylol Winters TaleGrim Batol-EU2582Not updated
3Athíla Nordic BrethrenGrim Batol-EU2563Not updated
4Heartbeatx Winters TaleGrim Batol-EU2535Not updated
5Mòq  Grim Batol-EU2485Not updated
6Imbajohny Sønner av NorgeGrim Batol-EU2472Not updated
7Imbajòn Sønner av NorgeGrim Batol-EU2463Not updated
8Jacklong The DivineGrim Batol-EU2419Not updated
9Nub Celestial InseminationGrim Batol-EU2404Not updated
10Eleazer Sønner av NorgeGrim Batol-EU2342Not updated
11Vareó The DambustersGrim Batol-EU2326Not updated
12Dèathrow Lookin for AlaskaGrim Batol-EU2317Not updated
12Ayaliana Lookin for AlaskaGrim Batol-EU2317Not updated
14Mistyretard the lions from the northGrim Batol-EU2308Not updated
15Minimoltser  Grim Batol-EU2304Not updated
15Strike Soul Sworn SevenGrim Batol-EU2304Not updated
17Mindtrainer Class TrainersGrim Batol-EU2298Not updated
18Wonkale Liian Helppo MiesGrim Batol-EU2272Not updated
19Tjibb ÇorruptGrim Batol-EU2257Not updated
20Saltyqt Mirin my wowstheticsGrim Batol-EU2221Not updated
21Praelia ggwpGrim Batol-EU2213Not updated
22Peterdkay Lookin for AlaskaGrim Batol-EU2207Not updated
23Souldraxx Unitas AeternoGrim Batol-EU2191Not updated
24Kxxe The DambustersGrim Batol-EU2180Not updated
25Hotfactory imbaGrim Batol-EU2172Not updated
26Darkicy imbaGrim Batol-EU2158Not updated
27Elis  Grim Batol-EU2140Not updated
28Uggis  Grim Batol-EU2129Not updated
29Guapalee GAMEHARDGrim Batol-EU2124Not updated
30Bomberz The DivineGrim Batol-EU2118Not updated
31Pwnjab  Grim Batol-EU2110Not updated
32Knave Liian Helppo MiesGrim Batol-EU2106Not updated
33Pummba FanaticGrim Batol-EU2103Not updated
34Pteradactyl  Grim Batol-EU2102Not updated
34Flaash  Grim Batol-EU2102Not updated
34Tharaya FanaticGrim Batol-EU2102Not updated
37Shamtrainer Class TrainersGrim Batol-EU2100Not updated
38Nøwuseeme GAMEHARDGrim Batol-EU2090Not updated
39Killitv Lookin for AlaskaGrim Batol-EU2089Not updated
40Moqìen Echo of WarGrim Batol-EU2086Not updated
41Batmân FanaticGrim Batol-EU2084Not updated
42Grimilia The DivineGrim Batol-EU2083Not updated
43Föxy  Grim Batol-EU2068Not updated
43Neberia PiecesGrim Batol-EU2068Not updated
43Swaggor Very PvPGrim Batol-EU2068Not updated
43Stormtides DreamGrim Batol-EU2068Not updated
47Höfmänn Unlikely HeroesGrim Batol-EU2066Not updated
48Makemebad PiecesGrim Batol-EU2064Not updated
48Verkkosukka Liian Helppo MiesGrim Batol-EU2064Not updated
50Luml PiecesGrim Batol-EU2063Not updated
51Morvin Echo of WarGrim Batol-EU2062Not updated
51Lazzon FanaticGrim Batol-EU2062Not updated
53Xen PiecesGrim Batol-EU2057Not updated
54Wírí Very PvPGrim Batol-EU2055Not updated
55Giefclaws SandGrim Batol-EU2050Not updated
56Kibito PrímeGrim Batol-EU2046Not updated
57Speedkills  Grim Batol-EU2043Not updated
58Korincan Spirit Of EldersGrim Batol-EU2040Not updated
59Statíc  Grim Batol-EU2039Not updated
59Ghukthan KicksGrim Batol-EU2039Not updated
61Johnfield KicksGrim Batol-EU2038Not updated
62Hylexó PiecesGrim Batol-EU2036Not updated
63Albatraòz  Grim Batol-EU2030Not updated
64Ðejected Soul Sworn SevenGrim Batol-EU2027Not updated
65Lörex FanaticGrim Batol-EU2022Not updated
66Undetected FanaticGrim Batol-EU2021Not updated
67Victoriacz ImperiusGrim Batol-EU2016Not updated
68Skogzturken Two Inches BuffedGrim Batol-EU2014Not updated
69Partylikedat Spirit Of EldersGrim Batol-EU2013Not updated
70Dôdaren Very PvPGrim Batol-EU2011Not updated
71Dèrpina HugGrim Batol-EU2007Not updated
72Pyydystäjä Liian Helppo MiesGrim Batol-EU2005Not updated
73Aeglaeca Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU2004Not updated
74Hùrrdurr KicksGrim Batol-EU2001Not updated
74Minielle WHATISLOVEBABYDONTHURTMEGrim Batol-EU2001Not updated
74Djdrùidgødex KicksGrim Batol-EU2001Not updated
77Droxi KicksGrim Batol-EU1999Not updated
78Grobbi Echo of WarGrim Batol-EU1997Not updated
79Leod KicksGrim Batol-EU1995Not updated
80Tìggle Vex ThalGrim Batol-EU1988Not updated
80Stimulate Liian Helppo MiesGrim Batol-EU1988Not updated
82Kaneltyven Echo of WarGrim Batol-EU1987Not updated
83Blackfan PiecesGrim Batol-EU1985Not updated
84Deathcrop Echo of WarGrim Batol-EU1977Not updated
85Irmeli Liian Helppo MiesGrim Batol-EU1973Not updated
85Magnacarta Echo of WarGrim Batol-EU1973Not updated
87Daso ggwpGrim Batol-EU1972Not updated
88Bugnaz The Drunken HoneybadgerGrim Batol-EU1971Not updated
89Danthor  Grim Batol-EU1969Not updated
89Chevere Liian Helppo MiesGrim Batol-EU1969Not updated
91Duffpawnder ØlhjørnetGrim Batol-EU1966Not updated
92Ferras  Grim Batol-EU1964Not updated
93Redóubt LabyrinthGrim Batol-EU1963Not updated
93Harrydötter GAMEHARDGrim Batol-EU1963Not updated
95Nølife Spirit Of EldersGrim Batol-EU1956Not updated
96ßetray Very PvPGrim Batol-EU1955Not updated
97Piroßlast BrainCubeGrim Batol-EU1954Not updated
97Dronash  Grim Batol-EU1954Not updated
99Fatales Liian Helppo MiesGrim Batol-EU1953Not updated
100Torlof KazbaGrim Batol-EU1949Not updated

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