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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Greymane-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Popebeasty Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US2152Not updated
2Anamoorphic AfterlifeGreymane-US2144Not updated
3Maddenus AfterlifeGreymane-US2114Not updated
4Undomiel AfterlifeGreymane-US2107Not updated
5Coachboxman AfterlifeGreymane-US2088Not updated
6Scrubkin All the Single LadiesGreymane-US2063Not updated
7Bulveye DespotismGreymane-US2057Not updated
8Taquito Endless StarlightGreymane-US2056Not updated
9Lappy  Greymane-US2050Not updated
10Peekabrew Team SevenGreymane-US2038Not updated
11Booagy SolutionGreymane-US2028Not updated
12Toobooqoo Council of NineGreymane-US2018Not updated
13Cabarett  Greymane-US2017Not updated
14Xelriel CoreGreymane-US2007Not updated
15Xert SolutionGreymane-US2002Not updated
16Schraderbrau All the Single LadiesGreymane-US2000Not updated
17Dex Fear and LoathingGreymane-US1969Not updated
18Sortinar Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1926Not updated
19Amorous Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1908Not updated
20Dìrtypillows Unfaìr AdvantageGreymane-US1905Not updated
21Boagwee SolutionGreymane-US1893Not updated
22Elizemy Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1889Not updated
23Lateef All the Single LadiesGreymane-US1879Not updated
24Donaldday Friends and FoesGreymane-US1872Not updated
25Hexic Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1866Not updated
26Pajanimal Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1856Not updated
27Frodoswagins ImperviousGreymane-US1837Not updated
28Vivesca Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1828Not updated
29Lifesaver All the Single LadiesGreymane-US1820Not updated
30Axetomouth JadedGreymane-US1819Not updated
31Minhêe All the Single LadiesGreymane-US1812Not updated
32Lothbrook CoreGreymane-US1808Not updated
33Hawakarn Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1803Not updated
34Acandrael Eternal AsylumGreymane-US1784Not updated
35Namkcah Council of NineGreymane-US1780Not updated
36Neomarix Just The TipGreymane-US1779Not updated
37Eyedoc Council of NineGreymane-US1772Not updated
38Orlord All the Single LadiesGreymane-US1767Not updated
39Alektophobia Council of NineGreymane-US1764Not updated
40Caprea  Greymane-US1757Not updated
41Firan Dark TempestGreymane-US1754Not updated
42Rentor Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1746Not updated
43Kharus Council of NineGreymane-US1727Not updated
43Agaliâ Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1727Not updated
45Flogger Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1707Not updated
46Rumbleweed Fear and LoathingGreymane-US1690Not updated
47Killerstorm All the Single LadiesGreymane-US1680Not updated
48Huflinpu The Evil WithinGreymane-US1667Not updated
49Cellindre Just The TipGreymane-US1665Not updated
50Sandrace ELWYNN FOREST WARRIORSGreymane-US1655Not updated
51Tvizz Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1650Not updated
52Hoatzin Fear and LoathingGreymane-US1639Not updated
53Burnice Uda UdaGreymane-US1611Not updated
54Thepainkillr Blackrock BrigadeGreymane-US1575Not updated
55Croaker El DiabloGreymane-US1532Not updated
56Panakeia Silver DragonsGreymane-US1514Not updated
57Warhavick  Greymane-US1511Not updated
58Yog Disassembly RequiredGreymane-US1504Not updated
59Sharea Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1453Not updated
60Hambrgrhelpr Eternal AsylumGreymane-US1353Not updated
61Pandamønía Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1330Not updated
62Martufe Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1323Not updated
63Åshelina Combat EvolvedGreymane-US1151Not updated
64Proctorsilex Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1149Not updated
65Kakaashi Team SevenGreymane-US1148Not updated
66Koehana Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US1144Not updated
66Aquilliès CoreGreymane-US1144Not updated
66Ícè Friends and FoesGreymane-US1144Not updated
69Achiliesheal Guild BillysGreymane-US1143Not updated
70Creatonn Disassembly RequiredGreymane-US1123Not updated
71Sacredbonz Azeroths BrotherhoodGreymane-US960Not updated
71Broelf Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US960Not updated
73Antanis Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US959Not updated
73Parchamama Azeroths BrotherhoodGreymane-US959Not updated
73Bonesoffury Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US959Not updated
76Hawkfist Guild BillysGreymane-US957Not updated
77Kaleredar TigersGreymane-US954Not updated
78Thorim  Greymane-US768Not updated
78Sneakez Disassembly RequiredGreymane-US768Not updated
78Chunwei Usual SuspectsGreymane-US768Not updated
78Wõrm Usual SuspectsGreymane-US768Not updated
78Shizknit Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US768Not updated
78Vdor Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US768Not updated
84Yapix SolutionGreymane-US767Not updated
85Hennyandcoke The Evil WithinGreymane-US766Not updated
86Clocker CoreGreymane-US576Not updated
86Oogyboogy Combat EvolvedGreymane-US576Not updated
86Auraliss Jesus got SoulstonedGreymane-US576Not updated
86Floggnaw  Greymane-US576Not updated
86Wrekonize Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US576Not updated
86Hëphàestus Friends and FoesGreymane-US576Not updated
86Sekzen Council of NineGreymane-US576Not updated
86Sheer ExousiaGreymane-US576Not updated
86Erodoriâ Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US576Not updated
86Heilena DespotismGreymane-US576Not updated
86Belvarin Critaholics AnonymousGreymane-US576Not updated
86Tolamonk Team SevenGreymane-US576Not updated
98Bluegrey LEGENDS OF THE FALLGreymane-US384Not updated
98Jacobmanors SolutionGreymane-US384Not updated
98Kryoknight  Greymane-US384Not updated

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