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Gorgonnash-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ethiq CoreGorgonnash-EU2227
2Glôria InceptionGorgonnash-EU2212
3Feral Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU2141
4Ethiqq CoreGorgonnash-EU2090
5Sticki Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU2059
6Talshîar CoreGorgonnash-EU2054
7Jaybabe CoreGorgonnash-EU2040
8Nishi Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU2033
9Blurri UnicGorgonnash-EU2029
10Xordias Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU2026
11Myristicà Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU2008
12Booky CoreGorgonnash-EU2003
12Druína CoreGorgonnash-EU2003
14Nasonex Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU2000
15Jaheìra MorgukaiGorgonnash-EU1971
16Seyfera Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU1966
17Mitnal CoreGorgonnash-EU1960Not updated
18Æøø Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU1955
19Tiasia Serious BusinessGorgonnash-EU1952
19Shaderlol Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU1952
21Helcatron Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU1948
22Shockz CoreGorgonnash-EU1942
23Inazea CoreGorgonnash-EU1931
24Morphèus Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU1928
25Naniyo  Gorgonnash-EU1909
26Scheuch Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU1907
27Sheevra Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU1904
28Gernbot Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1893
29Xaphor UnicGorgonnash-EU1890
30Fillson HonoluluGorgonnash-EU1882
31Blightpodge ParamountGorgonnash-EU1871
32Yousane HonoluluGorgonnash-EU1870
33Zerfetzor Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1865
34Azalor Tourists of TerrorGorgonnash-EU1863Not updated
35Infineon New Orca YankeesGorgonnash-EU1860
36Shanyen Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU1850
37Noxí Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU1838
38Noxl HonoluluGorgonnash-EU1830
39Prämortem Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1825
40Eléon UnicGorgonnash-EU1815
41Kazui  Gorgonnash-EU1812Not updated
42Gallynox DeaThGorgonnash-EU1806
43Shirkhan Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1801
43Rayzen Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU1801
45Zenjaa CoreGorgonnash-EU1800
46Terrorbyte Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1797
47Zalegi Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1789
48Zote Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU1786
49Bøømm Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU1774
50Litschisaft Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1765
51Reshid HTFGorgonnash-EU1754
52Kitey HonoluluGorgonnash-EU1749Not updated
53Dèfénder TøxicGorgonnash-EU1745
54Lyri Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1731
55Niuksama UnicGorgonnash-EU1726
56Caty Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1714
56Vinayâ InceptionGorgonnash-EU1714
58Gorgonnasher AdrenalínGorgonnash-EU1713
58Paldori HonoluluGorgonnash-EU1713
60Lollekk HonoluluGorgonnash-EU1655
61Swaffel Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU1653
62Jinfu Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU1651
63Kalisara Serious BusinessGorgonnash-EU1646
64Mysticlady InceptionGorgonnash-EU1640
64Vaiòn Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU1640Not updated
66Gniifail UnicGorgonnash-EU1623
67Qpa Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU1620
68Vikingdeath InceptionGorgonnash-EU1616
69Saigen Reign of ChaøsGorgonnash-EU1607
70Joliná Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1592Not updated
71Dáichi Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1580
72Zornbringer Lords of OwnageGorgonnash-EU1579
73Öhriyo UnicGorgonnash-EU1541
74Metalslug Old TimesGorgonnash-EU1536
75Xordia Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU1523
76Beahren empíreGorgonnash-EU1510
77Villosa UnicGorgonnash-EU1509
78Brolak Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1506
79Liantar TøxicGorgonnash-EU1502
80Zwiedaborsti Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1501
81Gaine Lords of OwnageGorgonnash-EU1500
81Behold Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1500
83Tunî HTFGorgonnash-EU1448
84Nikrommodus Circle of DeathGorgonnash-EU1434
85Otix HonoluluGorgonnash-EU1334
85Crailin Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU1334
87Mârtok CoreGorgonnash-EU1323
88Undeàth Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU1317
89Saád UnicGorgonnash-EU1278
90Barlegar Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU1149
90Zizzyy SturmbringerGorgonnash-EU1149
92Ikari empíreGorgonnash-EU1141Not updated
93Boblox CoreGorgonnash-EU1133
94Daok Brothers in IronGorgonnash-EU959
94Blasswieme mgdiGorgonnash-EU959
94Ailora Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU959
94Noxx HonoluluGorgonnash-EU959
98Snàke Delfine braucht das LandGorgonnash-EU956
99Tschurbi HonoluluGorgonnash-EU768
99Shamantix HonoluluGorgonnash-EU768

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