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Gorefiend-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Hippyweed Killer InstinctsGorefiend-US2075
2ßasty VexGorefiend-US2043
3Aurius  Gorefiend-US2029
4Archur Alpha WolfGorefiend-US1995
5Porphyrius  Gorefiend-US1989
6Beyna VexGorefiend-US1946
7Wenglee Los Pollos HermanosGorefiend-US1940
8Ooberbandaid VexGorefiend-US1927
9Mavis Alpha WolfGorefiend-US1926
10Gonedhealing Love me harderGorefiend-US1910
11Gotardo Los Pollos HermanosGorefiend-US1909
12Bioniic VexGorefiend-US1904
13Alitharia l Pulse lGorefiend-US1903
14Vylon  Gorefiend-US1895
14Perkuno Purple LotusGorefiend-US1895
16Loupy  Gorefiend-US1878
17Infiltraitor  Gorefiend-US1873
18Kael Obama JuiceGorefiend-US1872
19Snapster ChaoticGorefiend-US1871
20Magulo l Pulse lGorefiend-US1869
21Jooeey Murlocs R UsGorefiend-US1850
22Zeolock OmenGorefiend-US1849
23Neeples VexGorefiend-US1848
24Borkly Ashes of GorefiendGorefiend-US1844Not updated
25Slashguffaw Ashes of GorefiendGorefiend-US1843Not updated
26Proaktive Purple LotusGorefiend-US1839
27Soulstone Cats GameGorefiend-US1832
28Holécow VexGorefiend-US1830
29Dontujabme Purple LotusGorefiend-US1829
30Haipuppy FacepalmGorefiend-US1818
31Bargina The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US1805
32Cower Hard CasualGorefiend-US1804
33Butterstoch The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US1799Not updated
34Ryomou The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US1798
35Zärlax The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US1793
36Trianuan VexGorefiend-US1786
36Pandaryn Hard CasualGorefiend-US1786
38Endanger FacepalmGorefiend-US1784
39Káze  Gorefiend-US1783Not updated
40Draidnor The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US1780
41Preserve Ashes of GorefiendGorefiend-US1778
42Jankum Obama JuiceGorefiend-US1776
43Podown  Gorefiend-US1771
43Wrc  Gorefiend-US1771
45Andromachie Love me harderGorefiend-US1769
46Lunaverra Alpha WolfGorefiend-US1759
47Pyrozen BootyBay Surf ClubGorefiend-US1753
47Gerù VexGorefiend-US1753Not updated
49Djfunky The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US1748
50Flabby  Gorefiend-US1739
51Supercist VexGorefiend-US1731
52Vinetu WarlordsGorefiend-US1728Not updated
52Nombies AsylumGorefiend-US1728
54Hojo AsylumGorefiend-US1724
55Djfunk The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US1722
55Scuzzy AsylumGorefiend-US1722
57Gilanger The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US1720
58Iwillgripu Purple LotusGorefiend-US1718
59Trapjob Hard CasualGorefiend-US1711
60Funkydj The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US1706
60Amuramie Deadmoon TribeGorefiend-US1706Not updated
62Reaktive Purple LotusGorefiend-US1703
63Sareal Obama JuiceGorefiend-US1702
64Snyped Red DevilsGorefiend-US1697
65Griffingold BlasphemyGorefiend-US1690
66Illanya Purple LotusGorefiend-US1689
67Giovanie The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US1681
68Cannonhand  Gorefiend-US1677Not updated
69Militiaorc Hard CasualGorefiend-US1676
70Elmy Purple LotusGorefiend-US1669
71Iwillrawru Purple LotusGorefiend-US1666
72Lannistur Purple LotusGorefiend-US1656
73Spamstringu  Gorefiend-US1640Not updated
74Killing VexGorefiend-US1630
75Wafaa Frostwolf BanditosGorefiend-US1622
76Blooddzz Will Gank For FoodGorefiend-US1621Not updated
77Wyssle Dark EnergyGorefiend-US1618
78Djfunkie The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US1606
79Spyeye Deadmoon TribeGorefiend-US1604
80Idontshock The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US1598
81Idontblink The Brothers DisgruntledGorefiend-US1588
82Léésin  Gorefiend-US1574Not updated
83Chiakra Alpha WolfGorefiend-US1562Not updated
84Namuu Hard CasualGorefiend-US1527
85Ackagw VexGorefiend-US1517
86Ezwider Ashes of GorefiendGorefiend-US1502Not updated
87Dontudotme Purple LotusGorefiend-US1499
88Jüdaspriest Cats GameGorefiend-US1498
88Ayvos VexGorefiend-US1498
90Murderfingie The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US1490
91Manatealeaf  Gorefiend-US1485Not updated
92Ashtonkusher FearlessGorefiend-US1480Not updated
93Zibit Azz KickerzGorefiend-US1469
94Johnmadden The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US1324
95Hold Love me harderGorefiend-US1321
95Dungmule Love me harderGorefiend-US1321
97Iwilljabu Purple LotusGorefiend-US1316
98Rolocke Azz KickerzGorefiend-US1310
99Bôommoon Hard CasualGorefiend-US1309
100Bårron Ashes of GorefiendGorefiend-US1302

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