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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gnomeregan-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Skullhunterx KNIGHTS of ÄNARCHYGnomeregan-US2204Not updated
2Wija KNIGHTS of ÄNARCHYGnomeregan-US2131Not updated
3Sylvaeiardor ApotheosisGnomeregan-US2104Not updated
4Psyfìendx You Cant Sit With UsGnomeregan-US2041Not updated
5Pandammn ApotheosisGnomeregan-US2017Not updated
6Blargurface Ebay GladiatorsGnomeregan-US1972Not updated
7Grenyahh LITCHEbornBEASTSGnomeregan-US1945Not updated
8Deplorabledk We Dem BoyzGnomeregan-US1943Not updated
9Splind Ebay GladiatorsGnomeregan-US1931Not updated
10Alauth Dream TeamGnomeregan-US1920Not updated
11Sombrasangre Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US1908Not updated
12Wayoftheloc kaoticaGnomeregan-US1900Not updated
13Serjtankian VaporGnomeregan-US1874Not updated
14Mjwoodward Sword Art OnlineGnomeregan-US1873Not updated
15Mcguinness ExècutionGnomeregan-US1865Not updated
16Spiritmaster Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US1861Not updated
17Athènâ  Gnomeregan-US1854Not updated
18Wrëckless DissentionGnomeregan-US1853Not updated
19Dooggel Run with ScissorsGnomeregan-US1835Not updated
20Sangredeluna Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US1832Not updated
21Clent VaporGnomeregan-US1793Not updated
22Hotblonde VaporGnomeregan-US1791Not updated
23Darianar Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US1775Not updated
24Quickshift Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US1700Not updated
24Hoser PerditionGnomeregan-US1700Not updated
26Lozerien  Gnomeregan-US1688Not updated
27Moneygk Serious BusinessGnomeregan-US1626Not updated
28Belfkiller Serious BusinessGnomeregan-US1625Not updated
29Angelsaint The World Vs MeGnomeregan-US1574Not updated
30Knoctrnal kaoticaGnomeregan-US1540Not updated
31Tímberwolf Under the DomeGnomeregan-US1507Not updated
32Thrynir Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US1465Not updated
33Desdinova VaporGnomeregan-US1305Not updated
34Recruited The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US1300Not updated
35Wildtusks  Gnomeregan-US1151Not updated
35Zugluck Ebay GladiatorsGnomeregan-US1151Not updated
37Kaydaysneak kaoticaGnomeregan-US1145Not updated
38Vikê DissentionGnomeregan-US959Not updated
38Schmeegle kaoticaGnomeregan-US959Not updated
38Mjdeath dragonsfyreGnomeregan-US959Not updated
41Biletooth Dead WeightGnomeregan-US958Not updated
42 VaporGnomeregan-US955Not updated
43Lazybanks The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US768Not updated
43Tuby  Gnomeregan-US768Not updated
43Cowsgomoo Dream TeamGnomeregan-US768Not updated
43Crazzd Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US768Not updated
43Nægrødømus ApotheosisGnomeregan-US768Not updated
43Lerone The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US768Not updated
43Metalrage Run with ScissorsGnomeregan-US768Not updated
50Rb kaoticaGnomeregan-US576Not updated
50Ñÿx VaporGnomeregan-US576Not updated
50Ripvanwinkle VaporGnomeregan-US576Not updated
50Bloodspree Ebay GladiatorsGnomeregan-US576Not updated
50Axielia BattousaiGnomeregan-US576Not updated
50Padrui ApotheosisGnomeregan-US576Not updated
50Flexin You Cant Sit With UsGnomeregan-US576Not updated
57Klõl VaporGnomeregan-US575Not updated
58Âwshift Log HorizonGnomeregan-US384Not updated
58Slavic Dead WeightGnomeregan-US384Not updated
58Hermano The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US384Not updated
58Foodwizard The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US384Not updated
58Wýkkýt  Gnomeregan-US384Not updated
58Zarrey  Gnomeregan-US384Not updated
58Reäper We Dem BoyzGnomeregan-US384Not updated
58Boochum Saints and SinnersGnomeregan-US384Not updated
58Socks Ebay GladiatorsGnomeregan-US384Not updated
67Duck Ebay GladiatorsGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Shamanpower kaoticaGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Oakshanir VaporGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Elfwood kaoticaGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Harrlott Premature levitationGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Swordofblood Serious BusinessGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Poodlenoodle kaoticaGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Hetzerltraz We Dem BoyzGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Assassnsfear Mortem IncarnatumGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Jàmie The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Darkcreator The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US192Not updated
67Awesometank Run with ScissorsGnomeregan-US192Not updated
79Turbine ApotheosisGnomeregan-US32Not updated
80Nitewind The Shattered PathGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Exally Brotherhood of ShadowGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Rorhn ApotheosisGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Shambhalaa PerditionGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Pirloo ApotheosisGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Sixto  Gnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Nighthoundoo ApotheosisGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Trellion OMEGAGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Nouraloser The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Lareina ParadoxGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Oneggt The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Jea DissentionGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Drhades Super Adventure ClubGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Redmage KegeratorGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Sunshah DissentionGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Remix VaporGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Grenee The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Dcsoundlab PerditionGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Animøsity The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Geørge Ebay GladiatorsGnomeregan-US0Not updated
80Orionflame ParadoxGnomeregan-US0Not updated

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