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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ghostlands-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Äbrams Artisans of DeathGhostlands-US2279Not updated
2Scareçrow rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US2162Not updated
3Rzk CohesionGhostlands-US2077Not updated
4Wintrader rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US2069Not updated
5Alexisgrace Game EnderGhostlands-US2035Not updated
6Zerkes Life is PäinGhostlands-US2029Not updated
7Fuel rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US2010Not updated
8Oriensmark Game EnderGhostlands-US2001Not updated
9Fizzlebang Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US2000Not updated
10Toretto Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1989Not updated
11Tankinfuzzy Artisans of DeathGhostlands-US1970Not updated
12Ironhydee Artisans of DeathGhostlands-US1940Not updated
13Malfeasis BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1934Not updated
14Osaw BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1929Not updated
15Ehdabull BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1926Not updated
16Fàera BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1919Not updated
17Bruceli Game EnderGhostlands-US1901Not updated
18Xmrfreeze BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1898Not updated
19Conân  Ghostlands-US1891Not updated
19Kwikset BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1891Not updated
21Helotes  Ghostlands-US1890Not updated
22Gameutoo BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1886Not updated
22Kimzey Perfect StormGhostlands-US1886Not updated
24Xilian Free AgentsGhostlands-US1881Not updated
25Champagnetwo Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1861Not updated
26Hädês Life is PäinGhostlands-US1860Not updated
27ßoomdoom BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1853Not updated
28Byakuuganmod BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1845Not updated
29Bloodgrail Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1835Not updated
30Obamacaré Free AgentsGhostlands-US1821Not updated
31Joliena Artisans of DeathGhostlands-US1819Not updated
32Lethalskillz BrothersOfDestructionGhostlands-US1818Not updated
33Hìtmonlee rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US1812Not updated
34Tonem CohesionGhostlands-US1810Not updated
35Örömis BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1809Not updated
36Ghettolious BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1806Not updated
37Kradashi Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1805Not updated
38Sqeeze Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1804Not updated
39Alahra InfernoGhostlands-US1802Not updated
40Ornament BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1800Not updated
41Shiftinonyou Perfect StormGhostlands-US1796Not updated
42Oathsworn BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1794Not updated
43Xxyoda BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1791Not updated
44Brêâkdown BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1778Not updated
44Warbound Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1778Not updated
46Zyzal BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1774Not updated
46Vallkim Perfect StormGhostlands-US1774Not updated
48Seversworn BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1772Not updated
49Hellsham Dark LordsGhostlands-US1764Not updated
50Brìsìngr BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1760Not updated
51Xxisos Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US1747Not updated
52Raydgen BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1745Not updated
53Jhuria Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1742Not updated
54Texzen BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1741Not updated
55Wrinklebeast Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1739Not updated
56Fearmachine Perfect StormGhostlands-US1735Not updated
57Valyindra Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US1732Not updated
58Platèhead Fumo ErbacciaGhostlands-US1721Not updated
59Vestige BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1712Not updated
60Tea rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US1704Not updated
61Rulie Perfect StormGhostlands-US1702Not updated
62Etherpimp DescendantsGhostlands-US1695Not updated
63Scót  Ghostlands-US1693Not updated
64Quite  Ghostlands-US1689Not updated
65Fyrebane Perfect StormGhostlands-US1687Not updated
66Codes rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US1684Not updated
67Smäsh Perfect StormGhostlands-US1680Not updated
68Mijito BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1669Not updated
69Boar  Ghostlands-US1662Not updated
70Jbauer Game EnderGhostlands-US1661Not updated
71Dayvan BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1647Not updated
72Ripìt Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US1642Not updated
73Yodasoul Perfect StormGhostlands-US1641Not updated
73Boohh BrothersOfDestructionGhostlands-US1641Not updated
75Ouija BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1636Not updated
76Zeoz Life is PäinGhostlands-US1616Not updated
77Scharaa Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1565Not updated
78Doctàgeorge rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US1561Not updated
79Vilemaster Dark LordsGhostlands-US1557Not updated
80Breakdowñ BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1545Not updated
81Chikinhok Free AgentsGhostlands-US1530Not updated
82Ragelol Free AgentsGhostlands-US1527Not updated
83Reformz BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1525Not updated
84Docdrood Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1518Not updated
85Chucknórris rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US1517Not updated
86Jesuz CohesionGhostlands-US1516Not updated
87Megadude Perfect StormGhostlands-US1505Not updated
88Sakai Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1493Not updated
89Zanziboar rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US1478Not updated
90Damdon Dark LordsGhostlands-US1388Not updated
91Mswerfwazkal Dark LordsGhostlands-US1373Not updated
92Hecäte Dark LordsGhostlands-US1352Not updated
93Héxappeal Free AgentsGhostlands-US1339Not updated
93Templeton Free AgentsGhostlands-US1339Not updated
95Rachel Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1338Not updated
96Mcniab BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1332Not updated
97Ruess rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US1319Not updated
98Gibbo InfernoGhostlands-US1318Not updated
99Hardcoretj BlackPlanet FTGGhostlands-US1317Not updated
100Zêùs Dark LordsGhostlands-US1282Not updated

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