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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garona-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Frayn Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU2236Not updated
2Antahka Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU2233Not updated
3Medlocke Yes We GankGarona-EU2222Not updated
4Minutemade Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU2157Not updated
5Infectiøns Yes We GankGarona-EU2155Not updated
6Kimlor Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU2153Not updated
7Smgb SKILL CAPGarona-EU2136Not updated
8Nofraysh Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU2135Not updated
9Cïgänää Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU2122Not updated
10Ksøss CohésionGarona-EU2111Not updated
11Nøøbz Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU2098Not updated
12Tistou CrusaderGarona-EU2093Not updated
13Kasuga Yes We GankGarona-EU2082Not updated
14Vpower Nø QuarterGarona-EU2077Not updated
15Lelamasticot CrusaderGarona-EU2072Not updated
16Mokko  Garona-EU2056Not updated
17Kénjii ZealotGarona-EU2049Not updated
17Incroyables Yes We GankGarona-EU2049Not updated
19Zämza Unreal DawnGarona-EU2037Not updated
20Kimën Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU2036Not updated
21Såyrøth Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU2009Not updated
22Seaz Yes We GankGarona-EU2003Not updated
23Gtuj SKILL CAPGarona-EU1999Not updated
24Moskita Yes We GankGarona-EU1996Not updated
25Antahkä Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU1991Not updated
26Tziå  Garona-EU1981Not updated
27Inchangables Yes We GankGarona-EU1971Not updated
28Mørkaî R Í PGarona-EU1954Not updated
29Johniss Yes We GankGarona-EU1951Not updated
30Kaïza Yes We GankGarona-EU1947Not updated
31Shalakhän Sang et HonneurGarona-EU1935Not updated
32Gustamanina One ErrorGarona-EU1928Not updated
33Jinsäw Yes We GankGarona-EU1927Not updated
34Zhelfa Yes We GankGarona-EU1916Not updated
35Deboiteally Yes We GankGarona-EU1905Not updated
36Mackcolerre Yes We GankGarona-EU1903Not updated
37Xfate LimitesGarona-EU1895Not updated
37Péfø Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU1895Not updated
39Fionçage  Garona-EU1894Not updated
40Agorwall ZealotGarona-EU1885Not updated
41Vickthor KatharsisGarona-EU1866Not updated
42Papynou Les PapyRoXXoRGarona-EU1859Not updated
43Azerane Chosen OnesGarona-EU1845Not updated
43Barkraye AnarchyGarona-EU1845Not updated
45Frëre Mist Of PorcGarona-EU1839Not updated
46Õpra Dogs Of WarGarona-EU1836Not updated
47Theokaz Bridøu VengeurGarona-EU1834Not updated
48Drowën Dernier Rang PartGarona-EU1831Not updated
49Jolaici Nø QuarterGarona-EU1819Not updated
50Ñova we met on eHarmonyGarona-EU1812Not updated
51Chúck Yes We GankGarona-EU1810Not updated
52Ðagriem darkfireGarona-EU1806Not updated
53Anihma  Garona-EU1802Not updated
54Hikà Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU1800Not updated
55Bückdïch Yes We GankGarona-EU1799Not updated
56Claracroft Joe Bar TeamGarona-EU1797Not updated
56Piroste CohésionGarona-EU1797Not updated
58Whard Les révoltésGarona-EU1793Not updated
59Sparadram Héro CorpGarona-EU1787Not updated
60Lîfê Dogs Of WarGarona-EU1775Not updated
61Éøwyn Vaë VictisGarona-EU1771Not updated
62Zënpø les guerriers de l aubeGarona-EU1769Not updated
63Lightning Aube EcarlateGarona-EU1757Not updated
64Mythwindl Aube EcarlateGarona-EU1747Not updated
65Mamynøu Les PapyRoXXoRGarona-EU1727Not updated
66Warlork Dernier Rang PartGarona-EU1719Not updated
67Fløp we met on eHarmonyGarona-EU1699Not updated
68Karlanx  Garona-EU1689Not updated
69Cacou Nø QuarterGarona-EU1680Not updated
70Criscrissto  Garona-EU1679Not updated
71Dedexx maitres de l illusionGarona-EU1673Not updated
72Anonymoos Nø QuarterGarona-EU1672Not updated
73Thrinity GaaïaGarona-EU1669Not updated
74Nounouty Prima LuceGarona-EU1664Not updated
75Dêmonica les guerriers de l aubeGarona-EU1663Not updated
76Firmara R Í PGarona-EU1662Not updated
77Misslu Vaë VictisGarona-EU1657Not updated
78Cairtaur CairnGarona-EU1646Not updated
79Niniss Joe Bar TeamGarona-EU1641Not updated
80Nynia Resurrection of ÐeusGarona-EU1632Not updated
81Comptîne Pantoufles prudentesGarona-EU1629Not updated
82Maiina Héro CorpGarona-EU1600Not updated
83Umbriel Vaë VictisGarona-EU1596Not updated
84Britley Vaë VictisGarona-EU1592Not updated
85Lollperffect CohésionGarona-EU1586Not updated
86Chocola Crazy about youGarona-EU1570Not updated
87Ðrùss R Í PGarona-EU1547Not updated
88Gayå Team FlanGarona-EU1513Not updated
89Tallywa CohésionGarona-EU1504Not updated
90ßlade ZealotGarona-EU1478Not updated
91Belzeburst ÂstralGarona-EU1451Not updated
92Lollperfect CohésionGarona-EU1442Not updated
93Defonceally Yes We GankGarona-EU1334Not updated
94Melkïor Back Da Fck up NiggaGarona-EU1330Not updated
95Sofraysh Nø Tïme To CryGarona-EU1329Not updated
96Tiewzgg DUMMIES SQUADGarona-EU1295Not updated
97Breator Crazy about youGarona-EU1294Not updated
98Zèra R Í PGarona-EU1152Not updated
98Raðvinshki Croque MitainesGarona-EU1152Not updated
100Malossi  Garona-EU1151Not updated

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