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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Galakrond-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Iggyy  Galakrond-US2304
2Jmy WE ARE FARMERSGalakrond-US2179Not updated
3Skillcoil WE ARE FARMERSGalakrond-US2137Not updated
4Flêx WE ARE FARMERSGalakrond-US2074Not updated
5Lindoras Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US2024
6Joker AbyssGalakrond-US2018Not updated
7Saelth The Death RidersGalakrond-US1903
8Separoth  Galakrond-US1901
9Papachichimo Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1894Not updated
10Bellotapuff Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1892Not updated
11Blakula kings of WoWGalakrond-US1880Not updated
12Shruumz  Galakrond-US1874Not updated
13Brimstonë SlipstreamGalakrond-US1857Not updated
14Doriangrey kings of WoWGalakrond-US1852Not updated
15Schlange kings of WoWGalakrond-US1846Not updated
16Spasmodeus Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1845Not updated
16Waluigi Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1845Not updated
18Seline  Galakrond-US1842Not updated
18Kevonse  Galakrond-US1842Not updated
20Taunt Soulz of ShadowGalakrond-US1840Not updated
21Eldonovan kings of WoWGalakrond-US1837Not updated
22Wildcowgirl kings of WoWGalakrond-US1835Not updated
22Jimmycorn WE ARE FARMERSGalakrond-US1835Not updated
24Totembringer  Galakrond-US1831Not updated
25Arimitillon SlipstreamGalakrond-US1828Not updated
25Këlick SolemnGalakrond-US1828Not updated
27Starheal Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US1817
28Bowtie Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1814Not updated
29Kelman Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1813Not updated
30Leggómyeggó Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1809Not updated
31Jiza SovereignGalakrond-US1808Not updated
32Killerlogo Damage IncGalakrond-US1806Not updated
32Drhide kings of WoWGalakrond-US1806Not updated
34Ursoulismine AegisGalakrond-US1801Not updated
34Bitters ElationGalakrond-US1801Not updated
36Jrpancho The Drunk MonksGalakrond-US1796
36Nedra Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1796
38Dathing Crimson GuardiansGalakrond-US1794Not updated
39Crystålize Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1788Not updated
40Miramar Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1783
41Patman Brute ForceGalakrond-US1779
42Benedictine Damage IncGalakrond-US1777Not updated
43Kuros Brute ForceGalakrond-US1768
44Hariuster  Galakrond-US1753Not updated
45Ercre Elestrial SpiritsGalakrond-US1745Not updated
46Rellëck SolemnGalakrond-US1742Not updated
47Killsenemy Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1740Not updated
48Fruitjoose  Galakrond-US1736Not updated
49Steathie AegisGalakrond-US1730Not updated
50Gartou  Galakrond-US1724Not updated
51Kittypie Deadly JestersGalakrond-US1721Not updated
52Bizcochituz Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1720Not updated
53Jøka Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1709Not updated
54Peperecha Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1703Not updated
54Apolles Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1703Not updated
56Shîft LëgacyGalakrond-US1702Not updated
57Synistress The Soul TradersGalakrond-US1701Not updated
58Starkills Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US1682
59Yeomonk VILLANSGalakrond-US1680Not updated
60Raechel kings of WoWGalakrond-US1679Not updated
61Tørmenta Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1677Not updated
62Mamachichima Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1674Not updated
63Dirkshadow  Galakrond-US1671Not updated
64Darkavenger  Galakrond-US1649
65Caima Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1635Not updated
66Tuladran AegisGalakrond-US1632
67Vanardiir EndgameGalakrond-US1629Not updated
68Prcharming Deadly JestersGalakrond-US1626Not updated
69Mytheriir Dark Lords of LightGalakrond-US1625Not updated
70Byrysh Hazardous DistractionGalakrond-US1620Not updated
71Verschworung Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1615
72Dreadalus Deadly JestersGalakrond-US1607Not updated
73Duroblandito Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1562Not updated
74Terolaina  Galakrond-US1545Not updated
75Yuliya Over PoweredGalakrond-US1518Not updated
76Tyrine  Galakrond-US1512Not updated
77Pandamøníum Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US1479Not updated
78Deneva SolemnGalakrond-US1470Not updated
79Lockstarz Dark Lords of LightGalakrond-US1449Not updated
80Jallad kings of WoWGalakrond-US1440
81Mysterpally Damage IncGalakrond-US1339Not updated
82Droolio kings of WoWGalakrond-US1332Not updated
83Lilfuzz  Galakrond-US1328
84Hermansader EndgameGalakrond-US1310Not updated
85Øuch WE ARE FARMERSGalakrond-US1150Not updated
86Mysterdruid The Blood SaintsGalakrond-US1148Not updated
87Cassteal Damage IncGalakrond-US1147Not updated
87Drzy WE ARE FARMERSGalakrond-US1147Not updated
87Flexecute Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1147Not updated
90Varavin kings of WoWGalakrond-US960Not updated
91Piico Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US959Not updated
91Goodfightbra WE ARE FARMERSGalakrond-US959Not updated
91Braujokoil  Galakrond-US959Not updated
94Kimri ExclusiveGalakrond-US958Not updated
95Bufnub Get In Our VanGalakrond-US956Not updated
95Eightballa But Mom Im Doing ArenaGalakrond-US956Not updated
97Armageddøn Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US955Not updated
98Definitive kings of WoWGalakrond-US953Not updated
99Ídntheal The Blood SaintsGalakrond-US768Not updated
100Brandonxz  Galakrond-US767Not updated

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