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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Galakrond-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Iggyy  Galakrond-US2304Not updated
2Flêx WE ARE FARMERSGalakrond-US2074Not updated
3Lindoras Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US2024Not updated
4Bellotapuff Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1892Not updated
5Eldonovan kings of WoWGalakrond-US1837Not updated
6Këlick SolemnGalakrond-US1828Not updated
7Starheal Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US1817Not updated
8Jiza SovereignGalakrond-US1808Not updated
9Nedra Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1796Not updated
10Miramar Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1783Not updated
11Rellëck SolemnGalakrond-US1742Not updated
12Bizcochituz Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1720Not updated
13Jøka Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1709Not updated
14Peperecha Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1703Not updated
15Starkills Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US1682Not updated
16Yeomonk VILLANSGalakrond-US1680Not updated
17Tørmenta Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1677Not updated
18Mamachichima Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1674Not updated
19Darkavenger  Galakrond-US1649Not updated
20Caima Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US1635Not updated
21Tuladran AegisGalakrond-US1632Not updated
22Vanardiir EndgameGalakrond-US1629Not updated
23Mytheriir Dark Lords of LightGalakrond-US1625Not updated
24Verschworung Shut up and PullGalakrond-US1615Not updated
25Terolaina  Galakrond-US1545Not updated
26Pandamøníum Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US1479Not updated
27Deneva SolemnGalakrond-US1470Not updated
28Jallad kings of WoWGalakrond-US1440Not updated
29Lilfuzz  Galakrond-US1328Not updated
30Drzy WE ARE FARMERSGalakrond-US1147Not updated
31Varavin kings of WoWGalakrond-US960Not updated
32Piico Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US959Not updated
33Bufnub Get In Our VanGalakrond-US956Not updated
34Armageddøn Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US955Not updated
35Jocelen SolemnGalakrond-US576Not updated
35Nalaos Flame TalonGalakrond-US576Not updated
37Powerofpries EndgameGalakrond-US384Not updated
37Mohini EndgameGalakrond-US384Not updated
37Starknight Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US384Not updated
37Braumonk  Galakrond-US384Not updated
41Shadowdrago The Blood SaintsGalakrond-US192Not updated
41Kharmagas SolemnGalakrond-US192Not updated
41Apocalyps Simple DirectionsGalakrond-US192Not updated
41Nastty kings of WoWGalakrond-US192Not updated
41Dragonedge Kings CrossGalakrond-US192Not updated
41Verladra Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US192Not updated
41Archadin  Galakrond-US192Not updated
48Londonparis Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Sekkel Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Mendugud WaywardGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Crixo Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Stoshalutz  Galakrond-US0Not updated
48Anacleto Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Enok WaywardGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Tellsaket BATTLE of KINGSGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Thundernerd Army of LightGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Macha BATTLE of KINGSGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Casius Knights Of CamelotGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Darkeyes AegisGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Akeeta DOAGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Crippled Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Graedyn LETHALGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Samthesham kings of WoWGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Tekillya Simple DirectionsGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Kreals Ancient LegionGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Tinley Dirty Little HordeGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Jaxxbarr Shut up and PullGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Ravensnight AegisGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Drathan rez plsGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Vonraiden Dark Lords of LightGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Gardak Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Adeenah Knights Of CamelotGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Deathdealing Shut up and PullGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Eaglesreach Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Cenairius  Galakrond-US0Not updated
48Fluidic Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Stupidname Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Assessino Muerte A La AlianzaGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Hunzantire THORS GUILD OF WARGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Shatter Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Terolane The Templar OrderGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Mormra Fallen LegendsGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Huntrod Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Zosann Shut up and PullGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Lumindenen BATTLE of KINGSGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Pulverise EndgameGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Chrønyk EnigmáGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Mýthiçal Alliance VanguardGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Abuse AegisGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Kealan Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Mercedès EnigmáGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Thinkweizm  Galakrond-US0Not updated
48Shotka DOAGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Zyzy AegisGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Pedrarus Magnificent SeventyGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Tamarins EntropyGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Kennenlee ExcaliburGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Noobadin Raiding RainbowsGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Beebee Holy AllianceGalakrond-US0Not updated
48Blackhook Final SalvationGalakrond-US0Not updated

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