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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwolf-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Nezrael Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US2209Not updated
2Prødígy Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US2197Not updated
3Jeseay PrimarchFrostwolf-US2195Not updated
4Impression FrostFrostwolf-US2181Not updated
5Brett HordeLand SecurityFrostwolf-US2147Not updated
6Shadowpine Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US2121Not updated
7Lànce  Frostwolf-US2109Not updated
8Xenoqt Mistakes Were MadeFrostwolf-US2106Not updated
9Twigerjam HordeLand SecurityFrostwolf-US2096Not updated
10Pezdruid FrostFrostwolf-US2086Not updated
11Viralrush PrimarchFrostwolf-US2084Not updated
12Noriaa HordeLand SecurityFrostwolf-US2076Not updated
13Luna FrostFrostwolf-US2072Not updated
14Animilmutha FrostFrostwolf-US2071Not updated
15Streicher HordeLand SecurityFrostwolf-US2070Not updated
16Owlkapone Fated SuccessionFrostwolf-US2069Not updated
17Hessa ExclusiveFrostwolf-US2068Not updated
17Shammykillz Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US2068Not updated
19Fractal FrostFrostwolf-US2067Not updated
20Agilablanca Casual CorpsFrostwolf-US2065Not updated
20Féncy FrostFrostwolf-US2065Not updated
22Tøm FrostFrostwolf-US2062Not updated
23Daysi FrostFrostwolf-US2061Not updated
24Bâdger FrostFrostwolf-US2060Not updated
25Dotsweg If Looks Could KillFrostwolf-US2055Not updated
26Korlena LaHordeFrostwolf-US2051Not updated
26Argaia Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US2051Not updated
28Ziwipeak Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US2050Not updated
29Gnikh KowloonFrostwolf-US2048Not updated
30Manglë FrostFrostwolf-US2045Not updated
31Blitzedlock Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US2041Not updated
32Coltopi Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US2037Not updated
33Mcdiabetus The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US2028Not updated
33Kaysogrande FrostFrostwolf-US2028Not updated
35Vangulz Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US2024Not updated
35Animalsgirl FrostFrostwolf-US2024Not updated
37Pynis Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US2019Not updated
38Cenn Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US2017Not updated
39Mymelodi Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US2016Not updated
40Angris Charlie FoxtrotFrostwolf-US2014Not updated
41Darlington DespairFrostwolf-US2013Not updated
41Gavin Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US2013Not updated
43Ralkir The StruggleFrostwolf-US2010Not updated
44Smear BrotherHood Of SteelFrostwolf-US2003Not updated
44Birdly  Frostwolf-US2003Not updated
44Freecast PrimarchFrostwolf-US2003Not updated
44Deviousak Darkened ForcesFrostwolf-US2003Not updated
44Evirs FrostFrostwolf-US2003Not updated
49Leyss  Frostwolf-US2000Not updated
50Darknas Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US1989Not updated
51Acquiescence  Frostwolf-US1988Not updated
52Toeasy FrostFrostwolf-US1985Not updated
53Sheroar Moving ForwardFrostwolf-US1983Not updated
54Playdoh The StruggleFrostwolf-US1981Not updated
54Restofarrian  Frostwolf-US1981Not updated
56Gàndi FrostFrostwolf-US1972Not updated
57Pezlock FrostFrostwolf-US1971Not updated
58Thunderchub Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US1968Not updated
59Spacemonk Would You Look at ThatFrostwolf-US1967Not updated
60Bathsaltqt FrostFrostwolf-US1965Not updated
60Friedrye Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US1965Not updated
62Twinkèrz If Looks Could KillFrostwolf-US1964Not updated
63Animalmutha FrostFrostwolf-US1955Not updated
63Astraphobia Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US1955Not updated
65Lunacy FrostFrostwolf-US1953Not updated
66Drakthar Teufel HundenFrostwolf-US1951Not updated
67Petitprince KowloonFrostwolf-US1946Not updated
68Bowflèxin If Looks Could KillFrostwolf-US1943Not updated
69Skybound Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US1942Not updated
69Lolchopz Citi never sleepsFrostwolf-US1942Not updated
71Kudrîx The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US1941Not updated
72Fency FrostFrostwolf-US1932Not updated
72Hellatight Would You Look at ThatFrostwolf-US1932Not updated
74Peacefrog BrotherHood Of SteelFrostwolf-US1931Not updated
75Tickletrunk Boyz Gone WildFrostwolf-US1930Not updated
76Pearbears CastlevaniaFrostwolf-US1928Not updated
77Mesopunchy  Frostwolf-US1926Not updated
78ßüll Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US1925Not updated
78Pearbear CastlevaniaFrostwolf-US1925Not updated
80Merlynator FrostFrostwolf-US1922Not updated
81Lockzyup FrostFrostwolf-US1918Not updated
82Moostashride Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US1908Not updated
82Snipeftw RenegadesFrostwolf-US1908Not updated
84Duhk  Frostwolf-US1907Not updated
85Jàb FrostFrostwolf-US1905Not updated
86Desrook Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US1900Not updated
87Hellzyup FrostFrostwolf-US1898Not updated
88Hutch FrostFrostwolf-US1897Not updated
89Danyca Fated SuccessionFrostwolf-US1895Not updated
89Xeenu  Frostwolf-US1895Not updated
91Speedyburger UnheedingFrostwolf-US1894Not updated
92Prollykildme Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US1889Not updated
93Archalious FrostFrostwolf-US1887Not updated
94Màngy FrostFrostwolf-US1886Not updated
95Phylo Casual CorpsFrostwolf-US1884Not updated
96Mezzypoo Citi never sleepsFrostwolf-US1883Not updated
96Dustiest HordeLand SecurityFrostwolf-US1883Not updated
98Bewmy Thunderbluff SteakhouseFrostwolf-US1876Not updated
99Borealis Northern LightsFrostwolf-US1875Not updated
99Daddyboltz 1upFrostwolf-US1875Not updated

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