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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmourne-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Grimdotterz AvastFrostmourne-US2557Not updated
2Zumoch ImmuteFrostmourne-US2521Not updated
3Grimshaman AvastFrostmourne-US2499Not updated
4Grimdrood AvastFrostmourne-US2462Not updated
5Goldílocks AvastFrostmourne-US2449Not updated
6Grimlïght AvastFrostmourne-US2441Not updated
7Peach ImmuteFrostmourne-US2440Not updated
8Luke lob a moronFrostmourne-US2438Not updated
9Varelea  Frostmourne-US2423Not updated
10Supuqtpie AvastFrostmourne-US2405Not updated
11Celio  Frostmourne-US2402Not updated
12Angelforcez Night SkyFrostmourne-US2400Not updated
12Cheoklatex United mNFrostmourne-US2400Not updated
14Grimdotter panorama barFrostmourne-US2392Not updated
15Ìmperius RuthlessFrostmourne-US2388Not updated
16Chrissy CentrelinkFrostmourne-US2384Not updated
17Vishalicious AvastFrostmourne-US2382Not updated
18Kimjongx LazySundayFrostmourne-US2379Not updated
19Fossi P R E D A T O RFrostmourne-US2374Not updated
20Visarianth ImmuteFrostmourne-US2373Not updated
21Paladinxo  Frostmourne-US2370Not updated
22Ilisone United mNFrostmourne-US2361Not updated
23Leakey  Frostmourne-US2359Not updated
24Druidkills panorama barFrostmourne-US2356Not updated
25Matridlez  Frostmourne-US2353Not updated
26Matridles AvastFrostmourne-US2347Not updated
27Cynalessa Vish and FriendsFrostmourne-US2329Not updated
28Elfnature  Frostmourne-US2328Not updated
29Verelea ElevationFrostmourne-US2325Not updated
30Killsya panorama barFrostmourne-US2324Not updated
30Nidale  Frostmourne-US2324Not updated
32Shòóter  Frostmourne-US2314Not updated
33Slugga  Frostmourne-US2308Not updated
34Nuff LazySundayFrostmourne-US2304Not updated
35Creepinbrah panorama barFrostmourne-US2296Not updated
36Ariuha  Frostmourne-US2294Not updated
37Makruger  Frostmourne-US2293Not updated
38Ezmocle  Frostmourne-US2290Not updated
38Ladisz United mNFrostmourne-US2290Not updated
38Xigz FaK ME iF YoU CaNFrostmourne-US2290Not updated
41Proc SerenityFrostmourne-US2288Not updated
42Genghis  Frostmourne-US2287Not updated
43Neverlinkx United mNFrostmourne-US2285Not updated
44Cyberfàng  Frostmourne-US2282Not updated
44Cêlio  Frostmourne-US2282Not updated
46Kumgetme VoyageFrostmourne-US2281Not updated
47Cheokolattex  Frostmourne-US2280Not updated
48Fosz P R E D A T O RFrostmourne-US2276Not updated
49Miniqt StormwindFrostmourne-US2268Not updated
50Smashpanda End GameFrostmourne-US2264Not updated
51Equixo panorama barFrostmourne-US2260Not updated
52Cleopatrea  Frostmourne-US2259Not updated
53Vèngèful Satanic WarlordsFrostmourne-US2258Not updated
54Lossa  Frostmourne-US2257Not updated
55Foreverbulkz PsycheFrostmourne-US2254Not updated
56Rilen Satanic WarlordsFrostmourne-US2251Not updated
56Elcius  Frostmourne-US2251Not updated
58Multimorph Satanic WarlordsFrostmourne-US2249Not updated
58Jolia S key BEST keyFrostmourne-US2249Not updated
60Dìckdohza AvastFrostmourne-US2245Not updated
61Limitz Barbershop QuartetFrostmourne-US2243Not updated
62Fedoraswag Barbershop QuartetFrostmourne-US2240Not updated
63Pandamoonk Wipest ElitesFrostmourne-US2232Not updated
63Ovjin FaK ME iF YoU CaNFrostmourne-US2232Not updated
65Míra  Frostmourne-US2225Not updated
66Madbullet  Frostmourne-US2224Not updated
67Sway Sitting ChallengerFrostmourne-US2223Not updated
68Sponkatron End GameFrostmourne-US2222Not updated
69Òò  Frostmourne-US2219Not updated
69Warloxz Gold ClassFrostmourne-US2219Not updated
71Seledi APABTFrostmourne-US2216Not updated
72Shearluck Kick a StickFrostmourne-US2215Not updated
72Blazedwizard  Frostmourne-US2215Not updated
72Mbra  Frostmourne-US2215Not updated
75Vish panorama barFrostmourne-US2214Not updated
76Naughtee DispøsedFrostmourne-US2213Not updated
77Haikusz ElevationFrostmourne-US2212Not updated
77Niteweaver Lads UnitedFrostmourne-US2212Not updated
79Nosferâtu End GameFrostmourne-US2211Not updated
79Fástñfurious  Frostmourne-US2211Not updated
81Dreadyo HentaìFrostmourne-US2210Not updated
82Mintíez Brutally HonestFrostmourne-US2209Not updated
82Murraycod Mirin My PVPFrostmourne-US2209Not updated
84Jadduxqt Final FormFrostmourne-US2208Not updated
84Lanceofice  Frostmourne-US2208Not updated
86Bustee LazySundayFrostmourne-US2206Not updated
86Kurtbucketx BattletoadsFrostmourne-US2206Not updated
88Dkoiz ImmuteFrostmourne-US2203Not updated
88Matridlesx AvastFrostmourne-US2203Not updated
90Jamesv panorama barFrostmourne-US2202Not updated
91Straykitty  Frostmourne-US2201Not updated
92Avalust P R E D A T O RFrostmourne-US2200Not updated
92Rix Supreme DefianceFrostmourne-US2200Not updated
94Neverkitez Wipest ElitesFrostmourne-US2199Not updated
95Slugger  Frostmourne-US2198Not updated
96Approximate Budgie SmugglersFrostmourne-US2197Not updated
97Brownbolt Yeah BuddyFrostmourne-US2195Not updated
98Haikoo ElevationFrostmourne-US2193Not updated
99Arteezy Lads UnitedFrostmourne-US2190Not updated
100Rezmasterx S key BEST keyFrostmourne-US2189Not updated

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