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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Frostmourne-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Jillian Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU2134Not updated
2Kearney Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU2129
3Muskel SynesysFrostmourne-EU2127Not updated
4Athâs SynesysFrostmourne-EU2109Not updated
5Unglèsh Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU2107Not updated
6Femuralis SalvationFrostmourne-EU2049Not updated
7Mahalo Last SénseFrostmourne-EU2040
8Shrodrazel  Frostmourne-EU2037
9Shayliss Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU2027
10Pîâ Last SénseFrostmourne-EU2014
11Lycirell SynesysFrostmourne-EU2006Not updated
12Bubblestar Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU2005Not updated
13Vanina EXTREMAFrostmourne-EU2000Not updated
14Starfáll Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU1989Not updated
15Dirtysecret  Frostmourne-EU1985Not updated
16Revision SynesysFrostmourne-EU1976Not updated
17Laryn Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU1952Not updated
18Crope No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU1934
19Inaro Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU1911
20Dwaynâ No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU1908
21Bämdabär  Frostmourne-EU1906Not updated
22Zokichi No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU1897
23Leonîe SalvationFrostmourne-EU1895Not updated
24Bieneqq  Frostmourne-EU1881Not updated
25Tokko No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU1871
26Omnilux No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU1870
27Bumeluf WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU1866
28Rulposter Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU1862Not updated
29Mafi Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU1849Not updated
30Plâzar No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU1848
31Kyó Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU1846
32Hítch EXTREMAFrostmourne-EU1835Not updated
33Vyana No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU1823
34Rumborack Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU1822
35Pewmel OomisFrostmourne-EU1795Not updated
36Tásha EXTREMAFrostmourne-EU1791Not updated
37Talek Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU1786
38Æleandra HordnungsamtFrostmourne-EU1764
39Postro Last SénseFrostmourne-EU1762
40Herakleon DreamcatcherFrostmourne-EU1757Not updated
41Ioxol Raging HordesFrostmourne-EU1752
42Samhawkens BierfreundeFrostmourne-EU1735Not updated
43Ramzek Krieger der AllîanzFrostmourne-EU1728
44Sêrîênkîllêr ChilledFrostmourne-EU1724
44Ôpus Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU1724
46Êismânn Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU1717
47Menusa Time to SecretFrostmourne-EU1707
48Analir Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU1697Not updated
49Hubsy EXTREMAFrostmourne-EU1694Not updated
50Sîmî  Frostmourne-EU1686
51Moneymaxx SalvationFrostmourne-EU1666Not updated
52Jadegrün Orden der ZeitFrostmourne-EU1655
53Quéntør HordnungsamtFrostmourne-EU1653Not updated
54Implorer Ludus MagnusFrostmourne-EU1643Not updated
55Jokyo Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU1637Not updated
56Eviolent Ludus MagnusFrostmourne-EU1605Not updated
57Sotie SynesysFrostmourne-EU1587
58Yuzuki Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU1579
59Namika MärtyrerFrostmourne-EU1571
60Häscherin Belthanes FeuerFrostmourne-EU1565
61Nyferra Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU1527
62Sûnn ChilledFrostmourne-EU1509Not updated
63Zokie No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU1508
63Wulfgarr Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU1508
63Killira Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU1508Not updated
66Kaptblaubär Time to SecretFrostmourne-EU1488
67Chopi Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU1484
68Nophrethâte Ludus MagnusFrostmourne-EU1476Not updated
69Willey Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU1339
69Monthypai  Frostmourne-EU1339Not updated
71Gremdulun Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU1300
72Lunatixx Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU1149Not updated
73Shesera WhiskasFrostmourne-EU1147
74Sycobob Last SénseFrostmourne-EU1145Not updated
75Adevil EXTREMAFrostmourne-EU960Not updated
76Waleasch  Frostmourne-EU959Not updated
76Tommytomsen MärtyrerFrostmourne-EU959
76Mietzekatz No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU959
79Dergeràt OomisFrostmourne-EU958Not updated
79Skylá EXTREMAFrostmourne-EU958Not updated
81Dotlocker EXTREMAFrostmourne-EU768Not updated
81Amalon Going To Be ImmortalFrostmourne-EU768Not updated
81Lindria WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU768Not updated
84Jamboo Last SénseFrostmourne-EU767Not updated
84Zenya SWAG MODE ENGAGEDFrostmourne-EU767
84Ianah SWAG MODE ENGAGEDFrostmourne-EU767
84Xavîer EXTREMAFrostmourne-EU767Not updated
84Ráz Leisure GamblerFrostmourne-EU767
89Myung Orden der ZeitFrostmourne-EU765Not updated
90Kaareh Last SénseFrostmourne-EU576
90Beastee Die NimmersattenFrostmourne-EU576
90Sinderoli SalvationFrostmourne-EU576Not updated
90Ondeen Belthanes FeuerFrostmourne-EU576Not updated
90Gevil The Resurrected LegendsFrostmourne-EU576Not updated
90Ljlu Kingdom of ParadiseFrostmourne-EU576Not updated
90Yorga OomisFrostmourne-EU576Not updated
90Genuinedraft No Luck Just SkillFrostmourne-EU576
90Yorîck Getsuga TenshouFrostmourne-EU576
90Elirium WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU576
90Noxlay In DeliriumFrostmourne-EU576

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