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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Zulpish GoodGameFrostmane-EU2500Not updated
2Coldgrave Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU2479Not updated
3Onetwothreè  Frostmane-EU2458Not updated
4Doomsån tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2434Not updated
5Alaridei Brush ControlFrostmane-EU2418Not updated
6Hayzabona Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU2414Not updated
7Doomsenkin tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2412Not updated
8Zulpmejty MoralityFrostmane-EU2405Not updated
9Zelara ImmersionFrostmane-EU2400Not updated
10Umrai Godz Of WarFrostmane-EU2399Not updated
11Sylvestrah Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU2378Not updated
12Saaky Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU2374Not updated
13Doomsæn tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2349Not updated
14Raidex GodsFrostmane-EU2335Not updated
15Hayzabono Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU2334Not updated
16Ireheart The Drunken SailorsFrostmane-EU2312Not updated
17Botoxlady tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2304Not updated
18Évilhoney High OverlordsFrostmane-EU2298Not updated
19Zynalra ImmersionFrostmane-EU2288Not updated
20Noscore Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU2281Not updated
21Zocq CahootsFrostmane-EU2274Not updated
22Arelí CollusionFrostmane-EU2273Not updated
23Ångvält GodlîkeFrostmane-EU2262Not updated
24Nathiz GoodGameFrostmane-EU2258Not updated
25Sevrelol GodsFrostmane-EU2255Not updated
26Eevee tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2253Not updated
27Frankietee Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU2239Not updated
28Lilsmash Pantheon GuardFrostmane-EU2230Not updated
29Quickhoney GodsFrostmane-EU2218Not updated
30Elitelock MystFrostmane-EU2217Not updated
31Jonteßabe tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2215Not updated
32Statictide Dèath and DecayFrostmane-EU2195Not updated
33Ðøts High OverlordsFrostmane-EU2183Not updated
34Ichida CollusionFrostmane-EU2174Not updated
35Lsdamp High OverlordsFrostmane-EU2163Not updated
36Twaffles GodsFrostmane-EU2158Not updated
37Wyrus EkipaFrostmane-EU2148Not updated
37Päw  Frostmane-EU2148Not updated
39Pibby Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU2145Not updated
40Sputnikfy GodlîkeFrostmane-EU2141Not updated
40Témplàr RevolutionFrostmane-EU2141Not updated
42Lyalei GodlîkeFrostmane-EU2140Not updated
43Marwin IneptFrostmane-EU2139Not updated
44Holysickness EkipaFrostmane-EU2135Not updated
45Ellyssa De Vlaamse BorstelFrostmane-EU2132Not updated
46Aleyaha Morose DelectationFrostmane-EU2130Not updated
47Hayleypoo tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2126Not updated
48Fakelord EkipaFrostmane-EU2125Not updated
49Ábygaíl SadisticFrostmane-EU2122Not updated
49Ilúvâtar EkipaFrostmane-EU2122Not updated
51Bobbybrown DerelictionFrostmane-EU2121Not updated
52Polimorfos DestinyFrostmane-EU2120Not updated
53Torlackus EkipaFrostmane-EU2118Not updated
54Davoor EkipaFrostmane-EU2117Not updated
55Dialéctt HavøkFrostmane-EU2115Not updated
56Lukss EkipaFrostmane-EU2114Not updated
56Zyxziz GoodGameFrostmane-EU2114Not updated
58Radannical Definition of InsanityFrostmane-EU2110Not updated
59Catieà BadCrewFrostmane-EU2108Not updated
59Trullah GodsFrostmane-EU2108Not updated
61Doomsan tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2107Not updated
62Fádge GodsFrostmane-EU2106Not updated
63Ennai IneptFrostmane-EU2105Not updated
64Blu tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2104Not updated
65Narcotïca GodsFrostmane-EU2103Not updated
66Ceilingkat Ex NihiloFrostmane-EU2097Not updated
67Happiness Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU2096Not updated
67Finidi SynergyFrostmane-EU2096Not updated
69Haylelol SecurityFrostmane-EU2095Not updated
70Namey tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2094Not updated
71Reeka IneptFrostmane-EU2090Not updated
72Pránx tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2086Not updated
73Imbehind Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU2081Not updated
73Kwstäkis Expensive OccupationFrostmane-EU2081Not updated
73Ichída CollusionFrostmane-EU2081Not updated
76Haylex Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU2080Not updated
77Celesteh MazeFrostmane-EU2079Not updated
78Nyvhjr tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2077Not updated
79Blightrise IneptFrostmane-EU2075Not updated
80Rickion Shatarian AllstarsFrostmane-EU2073Not updated
81Fînwe Banished LegionFrostmane-EU2070Not updated
82Kollektive msi GAMINGFrostmane-EU2061Not updated
83Folix GodlîkeFrostmane-EU2059Not updated
84Eksorcisten Banished LegionFrostmane-EU2058Not updated
85Dontjudgemé HavøkFrostmane-EU2057Not updated
86Blookaos NazgulFrostmane-EU2053Not updated
87Gamectrl Alla talar svenskaFrostmane-EU2052Not updated
88Olpa GodlîkeFrostmane-EU2050Not updated
88Strawßerrý tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2050Not updated
90Kyöku SadisticFrostmane-EU2048Not updated
90Huskay GodlîkeFrostmane-EU2048Not updated
92Dayleron MutinyFrostmane-EU2045Not updated
93Råttmördaren InfernoFrostmane-EU2044Not updated
94Hubbabubblan GodlîkeFrostmane-EU2043Not updated
94Solsagan tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2043Not updated
96Invictuslól tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2041Not updated
97Hachßerrý tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2040Not updated
98Menzies tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU2037Not updated
98Shákrà VeoFrostmane-EU2037Not updated
100Reäch msi GAMINGFrostmane-EU2036Not updated

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